The Flatline is ANY negative symptom associated with the removal and recovery from pornography addiction.

When you are on your NoFap journey, one of the scariest phrases, words or term you will come across is “NoFap Flatline”. But, there is no need to be fearful – all you have to do is understand what the NoFap Flatline is, and what to do when it happens, and when to expect an end.

Flatline is the stage of NoFap when you will experience no sexual desire and will start to see all the negative sides of NoFap. Don’t worry, your brain is just going through a re-wiring process which just takes a bit of time. At the end, it will all be worth it.
First, let’s understand one thing: Your brain perceives sex and masturbation  as two different states of being. One is  about mating or spreading your seed and perceived is a high value action. The other is a low value aspect and is derived from desperation. There is ever increasing scientific evidence about the downside effects in the neuro-endocrine system regarding the over-consumption of porn and masturbation.  This is parallel to what is seen only in the traditional drug addicted brain. We all need to realize that porn addiction is a never before seen phenomena of the 21st century and further studies must be made. 

The Flatline is not something you should be overly concerned about – plus it happens to almost everyone on their journey. It’s just a short period that you have to go through before enjoying all the amazing NoFap benefits. Just remember to avoid pornography during your flatline period.

During your Flatline stage, you will not have any interest in girls, porn, and masturbation – simply because you have no Libido. You will start to lose interest in everything and you feel disengaged all the time.

An experienced masturbator may get scared  by this situation – they may think that their Libido is permanently gone. What you need to understand isthat your Libido is not gone permanently, only temporarily and will come back after a certain amount of time.

This is just one of the NoFap Stages that almost every Fapstronaut has to go through.


  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Numbness/desensitization
  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Feelings of depression
  • Low libido (low sexual desire)
  • Fatigue
  • PIED (Porn-induced erectile dysfunction)
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Muscle weakness
  • Strong urges: this can be positive but mostly are negative such as the over-use of alcohol or feeling the need to take street drugs.

Is having a NoFap Flatline normal?
Yes, having a Flatline is a normal process whether you are doing NoFap or Semen Retention. It is just part of the journey and is a tell tale sign of your brain healing/re-wiring from the excessive and sometimes prolonged release of dopamine due to pornography viewing and/or masturbation.

Why do we get a NoFap Flatline?
The Flatline indicates a mild to a moderate to a heavy addicted to PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm). The Flatline happens because your brain was used to excessive levels of dopamine. Now, since the porn watching and masturbation has ceased – your brain needs to remove the excessive dopamine, rewire, heal and reboot itself aka the NoFap Reboot Process.

If you are currently in the Flatline then your brain is re-balancing itself and that is what is causing the NoFap Flatline.

What are the stages of NoFap Flatline?

There are two main phases and are as follows:

1.Withdrawal Flatline PhaseIn this phase, you feel anxious, depressed, irritable, tired, lonely, and hopeless etc etc etc. These symptoms can last the whole day – each and everyday and is the hardest part of the Flatline. It is wise to keep calm and not watch porn since this is the phase that most NoFappers have the highest possibility of relapsing. You have to understand that this phase can last for 10 – 15 days or more. If you can pass this phase, you have shown that you can have control over yourself and your environment and will be able to have better control over yourself in the future.

2.Coasting Flatline PhaseOnce you have past the withdrawal phase and have entered into this phase then most of your withdrawals are over, your moods have stabilized and you feel better mentally as well as feeling less depressed.  Your main issue during this phase is boredom, insomnia and the inability to feel pleasure (anhedonia) since you do not have any libido; albeit temporarily. Some people will relapse during this phase thinking that their Libido is permanently gone – but what they don’t understand is that their libido is not gone permanently but only temporarily.

When will the NoFap Flatline happen?
Your NoFap journey is unique to you so your timeline is different from everyone else. Thus, when your Flatline occurs depends on how addicted you were to pornography and masturbation.

For most people, they experience the Flatline about  2-3 weeks into their journey after abstaining from PMO. But experiencing a Flatline even after a couple days is normal. 

Once again, the timeline is different for everyone, some may have it 3 or even 6 months after abstaining from porn and masturbation. The reason for this is linked to how aggressive your pornography and masturbation habits were. i.e. the more you fapped, the earlier you will experience a Flatline. Some have even expressed experiences multiple NoFap Flatline on your journey.

How long does the NoFap Flatline last?
Not everyone experiences the same length of Flatline, it all depends on factors such as your age, genetics and how addicted you were to PMO. The basic idea here is that – the more you fapped in your life, the longer the Flatline will last.

Some people have reported up to several years of Flatlining but I would consider that a very big outlier. Your flatline should end after a few days for some, a month for most or up to 3 months for the rest. My Flatline ended after 15 days.

Just make sure you stay away from pornography during your Flatline. Not only does it provokesyou to relapse but it also delays the reboot process of your brain. Most guys watch porn during the Flatline period mainly because they think their libido is permanently gone and will never come back. So they try to test themselves by getting hard.  This is a big no-no and the reason why many men relapse. We all fear the unknown, but you stopped PMO because you had to courage to try something different. Don’t let fear stop you now and swallow you whole by fear a small bump in your NoFap journey. Yes, it can be scary but this is a journey for self betterment.

Remember, when you are in a Flatline, your libido is not gone permanently and it will definitely come back after a certain amount of time. This happens because your brain is still healing from all those heavy sexual stimulations you were undergoing. The WORST thing to do is watch pornography at this moment in your journey – all it will do is slow down the healing process.

Does the NoFap Flatline affect your sleep and cause numbness?
Yes it does, but it shouldn’t be something to worry a lot about since worrying will only compound the effects. The Flatline can also cause numbness to your body, including your genitals for any specific amount of time. 

Yes, NoFap Flatline Numbness is a thing but your body will be back to normal when the Fatline ends.

All you have to do is let things happen. Numbness is because of the dopamine receptors rewiring themselves. just keep calm, let it happen and carry on.

Do you want to cure your low libido during your Flatline?
Low libido is a common negative effect during the typical NoFap journey – you will have low sexual desire for a short period of time. But, for some guys, this stage may last for a very long time such as 1 to 3 years which can be a really scary situation. From anecdotal evidence, such a long low libido is usually due to those that have had a severely strong attachment to porno and masturbation – the type of man or woman that has Porn Creep. The solution is to take a natural testosterone booster. This will gradually boost your low libido without having any side-effects. These can be found  over-the counter at many pharmacies/drug stores or even online on popular websites.

Don’t sweat the Flatline, that will only make the problem worse. Be strong and discerning – the NoFap Flatline stage is hard and for many they get disheartened but if you can get through this stage then you can get through pretty much anything. At the end this you will find enlightenment, a new sense of self, tonnes of vitality and the ability to manifest your hopes and dreams. You will be on a high vibrational plane and full of energy.