When dating, it is critical to work on yourself first. Dating should not be a priority when your life is not in order. Just as how a person should not have a luxury car if they can’t afford the repairs. You should not be dating anyone if you can’t afford to live. Once you are at a comfortable place in life where you have a good job, good savings, 3 to 6 months of rent for emergencies, great health insurance, and great life insurance then you may open yourself up to the dating market.Don’t take unless you can financial, physically and mentally afford to do so. Work on yourself first because dating is an option, not a necessity.

Remember, as men, dating women should compliment your life and lifestyle and should not take it over. The mistake most men make is to over-extend themselves in the dating world. They take women out on dates: lunches, dinners, day trips etc etc etc. And when they have over-extended themselves, these women leave!Why? Because the relationship ends how it starts. So if you start a relationship by doing things of which you cannot financially afford, then your relationship will end that way. And you will be broke, with no female companion.

There is something missing from “It’ll happen when you least expect it” when said about the dating lifestyle. It should be “It’ll happen when you least expect it as long as you keep working on yourself”.

If you work on yourself and make gains in life then people see the results and will want to partner with you. It can encompass everything, eating healthy, working out, starting a business, investing, getting a raise or a promotion at work. As long as you are making gains then you will be more attractive to more people and thus, a relationship will happen when you least expect it.