This is a follow-up to Single women are never single Part 1 and Part 2.

There are so many guys out there that don’t understand that the game has changed. They won’t listen to Uncle Montego when I say shit isn’t the same as it was years ago. This means that if you haven’t been in the dating atmosphere for a while then it is totally different from what it was 5 years ago.

Plus, I am NOT hating on women. I am explaining that TODAY, if ANY woman has any social media then there is at least one guy online talking to her with interest. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I am just explaining the reality of the matter. If she is single online, then there is a guy or guys hollering.

Now, I have dealt with many women who say they are single. In the past I would accept it as truth but I came to understand that I should be more specific when trying to understand their relationship status. Such as casually asking if they have FWBs or a friend that they casually have sex with. I do this because many women would have a guy or guys she sleeps with yet still attest herself to being SINGLE.

The unrealistic expectations of women.
A lot of women have some serious expectations for men that are only common in the top 3, 2 or 1 percent. Thus, their expectations are extremely unrealistic.

Many women want men that have the 6 sixes, a 6000 sq ft house, 6 pack abs, making 6 figures a year, 6 ft tall and over, drives a 6 figure or v6 car and have a 6inch plus schlong.

What isn’t understood is the percentage of men that make 6 figures in the USA is extremely low, being at only 9% of men. Then only 14.5% of men are 6-foot-tall and over in America. The idea here is that all of this coagulates into a very small percentage of men to choose from much-less having these men be single and available and attracted to said woman.


Negging the loser explained:
I am not concerned when a girl calls me “a loser” because I understand that she is only wanting to run her own game and manipulation on me. I know my self worth and I know what I need to do to survive and thrive in life. Dating is not my priority, my family is.

In fact, I just got called a loser again last week because I wouldn’t bend the knee to a female’s bullshit.

This is modern dating, the things from 5 years ago won’t work now but the fundamentals of cold approaching and choosing signals are still the same.

Furthermore, women will suck up your time for your attention. A woman will come over to your house, stay there until 6am and then just want to pick up and go home after you have fulfilled your role of making her feel special and important.

REMEMBER THIS: Words are used as a sword while understanding can be used as a shield.

Most girls are dealing with multiple guys all at the same time and every guy is in a hierarchy. Furthermore, an attractive woman will never run out of guys to talk to so by that understanding, there is less and less need for a woman to behave herself if she feels that you are expendable.

Her bad behaviour towards you is an extension of the affairs of modern-day dating, i.e. she doesn’t NEED to be nice. She can easily talk to another guy 5 seconds after she insults you.

That is why you will hear things such as “you’re a loser”, “you’re weird” “you’re creepy” etc etc etc. It all comes from an abundance mindset from a female POV and breeds disrespect to cull the amount of men she talks to that won’t bend the knee or fall in line. If she views you as an alpha then things are very different since she will always break rules for any man she views as an alpha and makes more rules for any man she perceives as a beta.

Reverse thinking.
You do not need to make a woman comfortable because a woman is automatically comfortable with a man she finds attractive. At the very least, she can be shy and nervous, but never uncomfortable.

Furthermore, objectively speaking, you can’t make a woman comfortable, because being comfortable is a mindset in the moment.

Make yourself comfortable as a man and those women that gravitate towards you will be automatically comfortable as well.

An alpha man exudes ease – he is comfortable in his own skin and it can be seen a mile away. Plus, an alpha male values emotional control and is seldom out of frame.

Exude heat, energy and a gravitational pull to attract not only want you want but what you need in life because everything you say and do conveys a story and a narrative to a woman.

Sex is an equalizer.
Sex is an equalizer because both of you will be making an exchange. Both people will be vulnerable, exchanging bodily fluids while both naked. This creates a situation where both people can be equal outside of the normal relationship dynamic. To some, this is why sex is so amazing, there is no race, no class, no socially enforced gender roles – just bonding.

This is the opposite to a one-way street where a man just takes a woman out for drinks and talking then she just takes off on him. So, be confident in yourself and be in a frame of strength.

A man will up a woman’s stock, as in, make her more valuable; since in public, a man being seen with her is social proof that she can have a man commit in some way or another to her. The same goes for men, a woman is social proof that he can form a relationship with a woman.

Furthermore, at Country Clubs, there are many spaces that are ‘couples only’, thus, a single man that cannot commit to a woman cannot go into these spaces for there is something to be said when two people can commit to each other.

The one-year rule.
Typically if I am dating a woman, I like to date her for at minimum a year before I even start getting serious with her. I do this because there is too much game playing when it comes to relationships, I won’t blame this solely on women because men do it as well.

I evoke this one year minimum especially when I am uncertain about a situation or a relationship dynamic. This way I have caught a few females that have been lying to me by casually steering a conversation to past situations in a very non-stand-off way. These women will give themselves away by offering a different answer than before or elaborating on a situation that explained what was actually happening.

For example, I was casually talking to this one chick. She lived about 20 minutes from me in the next city. But I wasn’t feeling her vibes because she would say some shady things that gave me red flags. Such as, she had to leave her place because her “room mate” started becoming violent with her. As a nice guy, I was concerned with her safety but really concerned about the safety of her kid because I didn’t want a child to go through all of that. So, I offered my place to temporarily stay there until she could find another place to rent. We began to talk more and during conversation I brought up that the guy sounds a lot more like a boyfriend that a room mate due to what she was saying – she went off on me. Telling me that the P.O.S. was only a room mate because her land lord decided to rent out a room to him and she didn’t like it and then had problems with him and was moving out.

She did not end up staying at my place in my two spare rooms, one for her and one her child. Instead, she decided to depend on local services and stay in a shelter until she could get an emergency place of her own. But she was a shit mother though – let me explain.

What she would do is stay out as late as possible before she enters the shelter so that all the beds would be full. If all the beds are full and a mother and child need beds then the government (the social worker(s)) puts them up in a hotel for the night; with complimentary food to whatever she wanted, so she kept on ordering steak every night and living the life. She told me about this and I got pissed, warned her to not keep doing this and to respect her child and safety. She scoffed me off and kept on doing the tactic until one night the social workers decided they would not longer put up with her shit, so she had to sleep outside overnight with her kid in tow.

This mother was bad and I learnt at a young age to avoid certain types of women because they ONLY bring drama into your life. Especially the ones that have a clear and safe choice but disregard those good choices for bad ones.

She contacted me a year later out of the blue and we talked for a bit. And as usual, she was in trouble again and trying to prey on my kindness. I was smart enough to steer the conversation – we talked about her boyfriend and her having a fall-out where she had to leave. Yup, she confirmed it, it was her boyfriend after-all that she was living with and lying to me about it only being a room mate. I wasn’t butt-hurt about the revelation; it was the fact that she thought she had to lie is the problem. I had no issues with a chick leaving her boyfriend to make sure her child was safe. I would have still let her stay at my house. But, I was done, I don’t tolerate the disrespect of a woman lying to me and ended the conversation and all contact with this chick.

I will repeat myself; I was intolerant of her lying. It showed she didn’t respect me as a man, and I need to be respected, especially when I have offered her harbour in my home.

Now, I didn’t learn this tactic out of the blue, in fact, I learnt it from my ex-girlfriend’s mother. She was a feisty Cuban woman who knew how to handle herself. She used to be smart when my ex and I went out certain places without her permission. She would ask my ex where she would be going and then ask about it 1, 2, 3, 4 or more months later and see if the answers match up. It was a brilliant tactic, since the truth is the truth and that can easily match up anytime. But when you tell a lie, you are hard pressed to remember what lie you told, so it always worked.

In conclusion.
In dating, you will make mistakes and from those mistakes you will or should learn something. What is best is that you recognize these mistakes, understand what went wrong, adjust your strategy and try again.

Men should value their time and themselves as a person and not let a woman manipulate and be rude to them. Furthermore, when you are dealing with people and you don’t hold yourself to a high standard then you will meet people with that same low standard(s) as yourself.

Remember this: For every guy that a woman flakes on, there will be a guy that she wouldn’t dare do that to because she has high interest in him. So, why tolerate the attitude? Have an abundance mindset and not a scarcity one.

Guys, you are never going to run out of women; have an abundance mindset, only deal with women who are respectful to you and hold you in high regard.