This is PART TWO to the original post of Single women are never single.

A woman will constantly gauge her options and move to the BEST CHOICE. Do I dislike women for this? Of course not! I UNDERSTAND WOMEN because I understand what is happening and thus, I can make the best decisions for myself as well.

Nothing is wrong with re-evaluating your choices and having options. Plus, can I stop it? No, people can do whatever they want. But, I can recognize what it is happening within a dating or relationship dynamic so I also make the best choice(s) for myself.

Let me expand on why it is a fact that single women are never single and why the woman who is always single is the LEAST single of them all.

In this digital media age where your social media presence is akin to clout and almost everyone in any first world country is online – there is always someone to interact with and talk to. For a single woman, you can have hundreds or even thousands of interactions per day and through these interactions you build relationships that sometimes end up as FWBs, and transactional relationships.

Some women form permanent long-term relationships, while others are in and out of relationships-  both short-term and long-term. Then, there are those that don’t form any type of commitment with any man because they are better served having loose transactional relationships. We will always choose the option(s) that we feel are best suited for us and if a single woman chooses to stay single, it is for a very good reason. That can be for school, life obligations or anything else – it isn’t always devious. But a small percentage will remain single because they are better served by men that are willing to exchange money for these women’s time, and attention

Remember, women generally seek commitments from men in one way or another, and this doesn’t always mean a relationship. While us men generally feel the need to spread our seed – a lot of men do this by sleeping around, having multiple girlfriends, one-night stands, partners, FWBs, concubines and mistresses.

Thus, a single woman can allow herself to be ruled by her choices, whether good or bad with some CHOOSING to remain single because it serves their end game better.

Independent versus dependent women.
A woman’s first choice will always be the need for independence. If a woman is dependent on someone else, then that dependence is out of need rather than a want – her options are limited.

A woman will always make the best decisions for her, or the seemingly best decision(s) – as would I. Once a dependent woman feels she can make the choice of becoming independent then she will.

Making a choice to be independent isn’t sex dependent though, any man would do the same. I know I would rather be independent rather than depending on someone.

No man or woman is an island, we are all dependent in some way, though some are more dependent than others.

What is cut-throat is how some women go from being dependent and cohabitating with a man to independent without a care for the bond, memories and loved shared with her now previous partner.

A woman can easily make the choice to transition from being dependent to independent with a sudden inhuman coldness.

Some women have no idea.
There are women in the world that have no idea of how to explain and handle a relationship properly. These women have been clamored at by men all their lives since maturity and have no real way of handling or navigating a relationship. Putting this a different way, they have been in relationships but have no idea how to give and take, compromise, be selfless, empathetic or comfort their partner.

If you ask them about relationships, they are clueless. They are the equivalent of a trust fund baby not knowing how it is like to struggle in life.              If you have been like me where you have had $0 in your bank account and no food in your fridge then you know the value of $5. You know what it is like to be hungry, you know what it is like to stress every night and you know the power of a dollar. Someone who hasn’t been through this cannot relate and this goes the same for relationships.

Women will usually take three distinct routes when advising a man on how to date another woman.

  • The first one usually involves telling you the wrong thing because she is clueless on how relationships really work.
  • The second involves her not being clueless but still will not tell you the right thing. She will tell you what you want to hear or at the very least some politically correct BS. This is wrong, very wrong. How can someone call you a friend, know what is up yet still keep the wool over your eyes?
  • The third would be, she knows what is going on, will tell you what is going on and it is up to you to believe it or not. This approach can be cold, sometimes upsetting for some men but at least she is being real and tells you why your girl isn’t calling you back or is making excuses.

Do I have to say this again?
I don’t hate women. I LOVE women. I am only giving advice to understand woman and date effectively. This advice will allow you to know when a girl has high interest for you compared to one that only wants to use you.

I only live in this world; I didn’t make it. Avoid the selfish woman, and  date the good ones. You can either use my advice or not use my advice – it is really up to you but it is a fact that SOME WOMEN WILL USE YOU. I am only telling you experiences I have garnered or witnessed from an anecdotal point of view in the hopes that you can learn from my experiences and apply them to your own life.

Dating is difficult, you meet person after person in the hopes that it all works out until it doesn’t then you will start the process all over again. This can be tedious and a lot of people can get angry because of the never ending cycle of wasting a lot of time on someone who isn’t who you thought they were.

So, why not date wisely? Why not understand the manipulation and protect yourself from it? This is what I am trying to bestow upon you.

Now, not all women will lie, manipulate, cheat and steal but if you have dated as I have, there seems to be more and more women open to negative behaviour as opposed to being a good human being.

Options are everything.
We are All ruled by our options. If we have a better option then we will take it and we are all the sum of our choices, good or bad. I am saying that if you as a man is dating a single woman be prepared that she has FWBs and orbiters, not that she has to have them but the probability of her having any or all of these is high due to the current toxic dating environment.

People are spoiled for choice when dating. For both men and women but more so for women since a woman can walk into a bar and say, “anyone that wants to have sex, meet me outside” and there will always be men that will follow her out. It doesn’t work this way for a guy unless you are rich and/or famous. As a normal guy, if you say anything of the former, you will be laughed at. But, if you are Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine or Chris Pratt then women will follow you out.

If your SMV is high enough then the world is your oyster, this is true for the top percentage of both men and women. Furthermore, money is the great equalizer – I have seen racist parents turn a new leaf when they realize their soon-to-be son in law is wealthy. With money, you can open almost all doors in life and when you have money, you have a lot more options. In fact, some men parallel their confidence levels to how much money they have in their bank accounts. They feel that if they don’t make much then they can’t attract a beautiful woman – but that is very far from the truth. If you can handle yourself well and exude confidence then your choices don’t change much if you are wearing a $400 dress shirt compared to a $40 one.

Options dictate our lives.
When growing up, I was poor – dirt poor actually. Picture zinc housing, no electricity and no running water. In fact, I remember the days of my mom bathing me in a bucket outside in the open public. Plus, we didn’t have a choice to live somewhere else, where we lived was our only option.

We eventually moved when my parents got better jobs, because now we had the OPTION. And of course, we decided to live somewhere nicer, then moved from that place to somewhere nicer, and then did the same thing over and over until I could eventually move out after college and got my own place and then my own home.

I would consider myself fairly successful in life since I have a nice home, nice cars and I work for myself. But success is always relative since some might ascribe a monetary value to it while others ascribe a feeling. Thus, many people may think I am successful while others might feel I have just started.

One thing I have learnt on my road to success is that there is never a loss of people trying to manipulate you or get one over on you. This is done many ways but the quickest and most effective method always has been negging.

Negging the loser.
You don’t know how many times I have been called “a loser” by women because they were negging me. Women can and will neg you to manipulate your thoughts, and actions to align with theirs.

Don’t fall for the manipulation – instead, be prepared for it.

“Don’t be a pussy”, “don’t be a loser”, “don’t be xxx” are all a manipulation tactic. She is trying to instantly undermine your manliness and befriend you while trying to access your trust. Don’t fall for it – ALWAYS MAINTAIN A MANLY FRAME.

“You’re creepy” or “you’re weird” are terms women use to disvalue you and invite social opinion to enforce her side and beliefs. Being creepy or weird are terms many women use when they don’t like the men that approach them or they want to put a guy down.

She will call you names, she will be hot then cold with you, or cold then hot. She will do guilt trips and shit tests. She will cry, yell, lie, play head games, deny you sex as a punishment, start jealousy ploys, and pity plays all because she wants you to align with her thoughts and actions.

Does this sound like a woman that has your best interests at heart?

Does a woman that constantly gives you ultimatums sounds like she wants to spend the rest of her life with you?


The girl right next to you.
I have seen this too many times, guy goes after girl, girl rejects guy and he keeps trying. What that guy needs to do is give up, move on and maybe date the pretty girl sitting (or standing) right next to him.

I was watching this dating show, this one guy was fixated on dating this one specific girl while another girl kept asking him question after question, with a smile and a dazzle in his eyes. But this man was clueless to all the choosing signals she was throwing at him. I couldn’t believe it, the girl he wasn’t paying any attention to was just as pretty as the girl he was after. Yet, he wouldn’t pay attention to her even though she was hurling herself at him. It puzzled me but I understood that HE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND. There was literally no difference in attractiveness between the girl that he wanted and the girl that wanted him. But, in his eyes and his perception of reality, he felt as though no other girl could match the girl he wanted. This type of thinking is dangerous because this is the start of oneitis (one-itis) and oneitis never ends well.

Everyone else but this one guy could see it. She wanted to date him – whenever he asked girl A something, she would answer. Whenever he said he liked anything, she would say she liked the same things. She was practically DTF for him and he didn’t care to pay attention to the signs.

You see guys, a woman like that may only come once, twice or at most three times in your life. You might just be the unlucky guy that only gets a woman like that to come around only once, so don’t blow your chance. Be open to reason and see when a woman enjoys your company and wants a relationship with you. If you accept, this can and will be one of the most amazing, genuine relationships you can have without the head games and bullshit.

When you date a girl that is infatuated with you, all the bullshit goes out the window. No more, “I am going out with my girls so I can’t see you”, or I have to do this or do that. She sees you as an alpha and will break all her rules just to be with you.

So, why not give the pretty girl right next to you a chance? Make sure to keep your eyes open to amazing women that are choosing you before you choose them.

In conclusion.
Don’t take this article the wrong way, it isn’t to bash women but to praise the ones that are looking for genuine relationships and are truly single – no FWBs, no on-off BFs and no bullshit.

There are good and bad women as much as there are good and bad men. Good or bad is not sex, race or gender dependent – what matters most is to find a good woman that wants to connect with you.

In dating, you need to have a good pattern of dating established where you can discern what types of women are a good match for you and what types of women are not a good match for you.

Your ability to navigate the dating landscape with your social intelligence does matter and will impact how your dates and relationships turn out.