It is true that you can transmute your thoughts and feelings from what is inside your head and manifest it into reality.

In order to manifest your thoughts into reality, some rules need to be followed, such as:

  • Don’t let pressure, anxiety, stressful situations and deadlines overwhelm you and bring you into a low vibrational state. Make yourself feel good and keep feeling good; let in positive energy and vibrations. Just plan your day and follow your schedule, it is okay if everything on your to-do list isn’t done, there is always tomorrow.  Think about it like this, every little thing you do and accomplish is an achievement even it that means just getting out of bed.
  • Affirm to the universe your needs and set  long-term goals by hand-writing them down and constantly updating them. Read them out loud every morning and night to the universe to affirm these goals. You can even keep a journal where I write goals and achievements every day.
  • Be grateful and thank the universe for the smallest things. Keeping a list of these micro-achievements helps you in time when you feel down and can reflect on all the manifestation that have happened in your life and this will make you feel good. So write down what you’re grateful for and keep track of any manifestation, no matter how small or trivial they are. It can even be anything such as having your favourite cola in stock at a soda machine to having a dress or shirt that you like in your size.
  • Have mantras such as “Hakuna Matata” or “Ho’oponopono”. Hakuna matata roughly translates to “there are no troubles” in Swahili and it means ‘no worries for the rest of your days’. A lot of people know what “Hakuna Matata” means; while the term “ho’oponopono” can be translated as “correct a mistake” or “make it right”. It is a practice that does not require much teaching, but it is powerful for purifying one’s body and getting rid of bad memories or feelings that hold the mind in a negative tune.  These mantras can act as prayers to the universe and contain powerful words and messages that channel pure, vibrant and joyful energy with good vibration and that’s exactly what Law Of Attraction is all about.
  • The universe is constantly communicating with you.  You are the main character of this complex and yet minutely organized TV series or movie; just like The Truman Show. The universe is watches and hoping the best for you, get in sync with the universe by maintaining positivity. Trust the universe to give you what you need, desires included.
  • Don’t stress over desires unfulfilled desires. The universe even has a way of sorting out what you want from what you need. Don’t obsess and remember you may want or need things of course but everything will come in time. Just forget the when; just keep channeling your positive, clean energy right there, believe it’s yours and you’ll get it right on time.

Follow these tenets and you will be able to manifest want you need in life, even things at a microscopic level.  Just remember that high vibrational energy is linked to positivity, compassion, peacefulness and love. While a low vibrational state  is linked to anxiety, sadness, fear and depression and even hopelessness. So, be on a high vibrational plane where  you manifest positivity and bring it into this world.

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