Tinder is a trendy and fashionable application to meet people from all over the world that continues to grow and cause a stir plus excitement. But it you should also hold caution when using the app because the world isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Is Tinder for sex? Yes and No.

One of the many myths about Tinder is that it is only for casual sex? Well, some of that is true if you are only wanting casual sex because the app is just that, an app. What you use it for determines its purpose.

It can be used for sex and many people do use it for casual hook-ups but it is primarily advertised as an application to bring people together to form a couple. So, there are all walks and types of people using the app, from those wanting casual fun to those looking for a seriously long-term relationship or lifetime commitment.

Are you going to find lout men or crazy girls? Yes, if you are only looking for them or you have a hard time navigating the dating landscape.

The reality about tinder is that most show their best photos and write bios to attract people. But we all do it, when you go out on dates you show the best of yourself and that is not lying, right? It can just be seen as putting your best foot forward.

Is it possible to find the love of your life on Tinder?

Yes, of course it is. But the real question should be, what is the likelihood of you finding love on Tinder? I keep hearing the same things said over and over again, Tinder is just all about hooking up and nothing else.

 But Tinder didn’t start out as that. It was a good app where likely minded people could find a good steady partner that could lead to a long-term relationship or lifetime commitment. I see it all the time, when an application becomes popular, it starts to draw it all types of people.

With Tinder, you can learn about the cultures of the different countries of the world by just having a conversation. You can meet amazing people and form long lasting bonds. And you can meet a good partner in the same city, state, country or on the other side of the world.

Tinder has progressed the long-distance dating dilemma to a whole new level. It is now a common occurrence for people to speak about their partners living in different countries and continents. What once was absurd to do yet even think of is now common place.

I even know a few people that are currently in long distance relationships and get to see each other 2 to 4 times a year. The way these acquaintances speak about it; if feels like commonplace.

So, to answer the question: Is it possible to find love on Tinder? Yes, and it is also possible to find many other things you may or may not want or things you may not know you need or are looking for.

But, beware of the phonies: the flakiness and phoniness, the vulnerability and unpredictability, despite slogans like “Designed to be deleted” as with Hinge. Tinder is a modern application that can lead to marriage if both people are serious enough.

Is Tinder for dating or flirting with someone?

There is a lot of confusion about what Tinder is used for, is it for real dates or just for casual encounters? People of all ages and from all walks of life go on Tinder to get attention or make friends, to simply flirt, seek casual encounters or to extend friendships.

How do you know why someone is on Tinder?

If you are a good enough social intelligence and an ample amount of back-and-forth banter, then you can pick up on why a person is on Tinder. Remember, Tinder has many different purposes, how do you know if the person who appears in the list of likes is looking for casual sex, a friendship or just a serious date?

 Someone hinting at casual sex or a one-night stand will likely use words like “no strings attached” or “just casual fun,” or less explicitly, with phrases like “just here for a good time.”

These are terms used by both men and women to display a hint that they don’t want anything too serious and just maybe looking for fun.

But, I didn’t have to explain all that to you right? A lot of people know what these phrases mean and go along with it because they really want DTF action and something very casually without brining along any shame of just searching for sexual pleasure and gratification. Especially since a women searching for casual sex is still stigmatized.

Is the profile picture important?
Pictures are of the utmost importance if you intend to appeal to a wide range of men and women. The number one factor when it comes to online dating is to have really good pictures.

This is the best way to optimize your online dating profile and compete with a large pool of men.  Remember, when dating online, the only metric a woman has to judge you by within a few seconds is your looks and you convey these looks through pictures. Beautiful women won’t have the time or patience to read a profile and fall madly in love with you because of what you wrote. They look at your physical looks as well as your lifestyle. yes, your lifestyle, the pics of you and how you portray yourself, as in pictures on boats, yachts, vacations, climbing Machu Picchu and your wardrobe. These are all signs of  physical beauty and success and you can display them through your PICTURES. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be rich, but it means you have to bring something to the table.

Whether you like it or not, choosing the correct Tinder images is the key to the success of your online appointments. Furthermore, it is always best to diversify your photos since your images are providing crucial information about you and not only about your appearance.

Your photos identify how you like to spend your time such as going to the gym, if you like to read, or if you like to try new foods or do new activities.

About the Tinder biography:
The biography is very optional, but can be an important missed step in anyone’s profile if you are looking to attract good people. It is typically best to add something short in order to sound interesting. The biography should speak only about you, be brief, friendly and simple and not extend so much so as not to bore the person who is interested in you.

Is Tinder still a good app to find people?
Yes it is, even if people find it to be a hook-up app – you can still find people that want a long term relationship.  Let’s face it, everybody is different and looking for different things but you can always pull a rabbit out of the hat and get an amazing person on your arm. So, why not take the chance? Even with all the advantages versus disadvantages of Tinder, it is the most widely used dating app in the world, so there is a huge pool of people that you can potentially get a partner from.

So, what are the advantages or disadvantages?


  • You can get the company of others, in person or just over the internet. Find a partner, or a fling.
  • You can find the love of your life (if you look hard enough)
  • You have the opportunity to choose the physical qualities that attract your attention. We know that the physical is not everything but everyone has a definition of beauty and it is important that you are attracted to the person.
  • By having a conversation with many different people, you get to know the way people interact when sex and sexuality are an option and how they express themselves. This way you gain more social intelligence and you are able to date better.


  • Tinder can be dark. There are predators on their and you DO NOT want to be their next sheep. Unfortunately, a good number of women fall prey to the male predators while good men fall prey to hustling women trying to turn a trick.
  • You can inadvertently match someone you wouldn’t necessarily bond with in real life. They may look good and you are attracted to them, their pictures speak to you. heir biography is interesting and you feel this is a solid match yet all of this just doesn’t translate when you meet them. There isn’t a connection or spark and you might even find them boring. But, isn’t that a chance we should all take or at least be willing to take?
  • You will meet many acquaintances. Maybe you will match with your ex? Maybe you will get stalked? These are all potential things that can happen but what why does it matter when it can still happen off of Tinder and anywhere else for that matter?

In Conclusion, Tinder can be used for anything. You can meet all types of people and make friends, lovers, wives, husbands and even enemies including scorned exes. It is really up to you how you use it and how you navigate the application. This is the age of modern dating, there will always be good and bad with any dating application. All you have to do is be positive and have some social intelligence.