During your journey, there are many practices you can use towards your goal of Semen Retention, such as Khundalini, Taoism, Meditation, Brahmacharya, Maithuna, cai Yin pu Yang and cai Yang pu Yin. Many people use different combinations of things during their own journey and it is up to you to know what worse best for you and what tenets you are able to use to help you improve each day.

For me, I have my own personal formula. I use meditation, cold showers and many semen retention elements of well-known religions and spiritualities. Every evening, I meditate, reflect on what I did during day in connection with the day before and the entire week. Did I make the right choices? If yes, great! If no, then could I have changed the outcome? If no, then don’t dwell on it. If yes then do better next time and think of actions that would supplement a better outcome.

For example, online trading – I can’t predict the future and I am betting on future outcomes, thus if I am winning more than I lose then over-all it is good if I boil it down simplistically. So dwelling on an outcome does me no good.

I would sometimes meditate for hours on my choices, decisions and beliefs to make sure I was on the right track and that my daily decisions were accurate.

During my first attempts at changing my life through S.R. I did fail because I was new and just didn’t know what I was doing. There was lots of information out there with a lot of it being anecdotal and was pretty much trial and error through-out the community.My first attempt I failed within 3 weeks. I can only say this was being due to being not knowledgeable on what to do with no prior experience. To do Semen Retention is to have a change in your way of life. I had the same questions that many of you are currently facing. The typical questions were: Can I do this? Am I able to accomplish this long term?

My second attempt didn’t go well either. But one thing I did do was stop counting days. The reason for this is because of this principle:
Why should you stop counting days? Let me ask you something. Why do you count the days in the first place? What difference does it make, if you really quit? You didn’t quit, you just count the days until your next “relapse” (aka excuse) so you can say how many days you got to.Let me put it to you this way. If you are not a smoker, you never smoked before and have no intention of smoking, you wouldn’t count the days you didn’t smoke. Why would you, it doesn’t make sense! If you quit PMO, it’s because your values changed. What I mean is YOU changed. The habit just went with it, so you don’t need to count. You are simply not focused on PMO anymore and you are thinking about other things in life.

My third attempt was a lot better and I got many realizations during the process. I was into tramsmutating and manifesting my energy into many other channels. I had a lot going for me, I was learning to trade and learning any and every idea to sustain myself and my family. I had clarity of mind, and was very motivated – I was brimming with energy and took on every task with a positive mindset. But alas, I did slip up and lasted about 6 months or 150 days.

My fourth attempt went a lot better and I gained so much. In fact, I am still on my fourth attempt right now. With this said, it was still difficult – some days are easy and some days are hard. Now, I have had my fair share of addictions – not anything crazy though. I have been addicted to video games, and addicted to energy drinks and that is it. In this world, it is hard to not have some sort of vice or addiction when advertising is so geared to having you get addicted and keeping you addicted to whatever they want. From my first 3 attempts I learned a lot and incorporated alot of principles such as stoicism, being productive, meditation and yoga and further betting myself.

Why did I switch to Semen Retention? Well, that is simple and complicated all at the same time. The simple answer is that I wanted to change my life.
The complicated answer is wanted a better life, I wanted to concentrate more on what matters than girls, porn, sex, clout and social media. I wanted to have my goals, dreams and desires realized and the way to do that is instead of spending hours a day chasing girls online, in person – running day game and night game – I could use all of that energy into creating a business and/or skills to better myself. Ultimately, I did not want my productivity being destroyed by any distraction.

How did I maintain course for 1500+ days? Staying away from anything negative – negative energy(ies) negative vibration(s), staying off of social media unless completely necessary and meditating to maintaining my positive vibrations, thoughts and feelings.

Is it hard? Yes, but you can maintain course everyday.


1. Your confidence will improve, your self image will be high and thus your eye contact will be that of an alpha

2. Your skin (the glow) and health will improve because of what you have done to stay on track on your S.R. journey

3. Success can be had, not in the material sense but success in having contentment and satisfaction

4. Your attitude towards life will undergo a complete 180

5. You will be indifferent to things that were previously distractions

6. Having courage to face difficult and scary situations

7. Have full thought clarity, a sharper mind and the ability to manage tough situations

8. You will have full energy and be very energetic

9. Bad habits are null since if you have made it this far those typically fall to the wayside

10. You will be more creative

11. You will be human enough to acknowledge mistakes and handle the consequences of your actions

12. The words confused and lazy will become alien to you13. You will be a gravitational pull for others due to your positive energy

14. Women will no longer be your vice but will be seen as human beings

15. Men will be seen as friends rather than competition

16. You will be able to build friendships where you thought you previously could not

17. You will be able to adjust to situations instantaneously

18. You will be funny without even knowing that you are funny

19. Your body language will change

20. Your way with words will change – better eloquence


1. I am able to manifest many things, sometimes even daily on a micro level.

2. A lot of synchronicity happens in my life

3. I am able to transmute my energy 

4. I vibrate in synchronicity with many other people hence I am a gravitational to for them

5. You will be overflowing with energy that can be absorbed by others

IN CONCLUSION: Some people do Semen Retention as a way to attract women with a glow, a gravitational pull from all the retained energy and a subtle or overt indifference towards things. But, SR can be more than that, it can be more than changing how women look at you, it can be more than healthier skin and if can be more than a subtle adjustment to your train of thought – It can be life changing.