The main question of dieting usually is “What do I eat?” This question is asked more often than “When to eat?” or “How much to eat?” which have as much importance as the original question.  Furthermore, most people will stop at “What do I eat?” and won’t explore any further. But, in making this guide, we will explore all aspects of the diet such as, What, When, How, Where and Who to eat with. Let’s rely on common sense for this dieting advice in a practical, realistic and sensible manner where simplicity and consistency is key.

In context, these are just pointers for a working diet that will do the job for you. It is up to you to do your research and optimize the diet further if you wish to.  Remember, this diet is for regenerative purposes and not for muscle building or for weight loss. 

Stop eating meat for 2 weeks. See how you feel. Do you feel better? Does it work for you? If so, then limit the eating of meat to 3 days a week, then once a week and then once every two weeks and see how you feel, and adjust accordingly. Eat foods that you consider “light” such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, eggs, semi-polished grains, cottage cheese and sweet potato or potato mash. You do not want to strain your stomach with “heavy” digestion during periods of healing and growth. So say no to heavy creams, meats, cakes, oatmeal, fish and all types fast food. Since if we eat heavy food such as meats or any type of fast food; it will be very burdensome on the body to break down and we will expend lots of energy along with wear and tear on our bodies during the process. This is why it is important to adhere to a simpler diet regiment, such as ones undertaken by monks.Consider with great care your intake of sugar. Sugar is known to increase inflammation, can cause weight gain, increase your risk of heart disease and has been linked to acne and diabetes. It may also increase your risk of cancer and depression. Can increase cellular aging and overall just drains your energy. Needless to say stick to natural sugar if you really need it such as pure honey.Consider your cultural roots since cultures often encompass a collective understanding of health that can be really effective and helpful on your journey. Avoid concentrated  drinks such as juices and sodas while limiting your coffee intake as well.  If you are well versed around herbal drinks, teas and remedies then add that to your dieting repertoire. Otherwise stick to simply drinking good, clean and pure water. Furthermore, all drinks should be room temperature, since cold temperatures puts a strain on the body.

Sperm increasing foods have an esoteric aspect of life force regeneration; these foods include seeds, nuts, eggs, yogurt, fruits, and sprouting seeds. Sprouting seeds are known to grow right through concrete which only ads to its mystery and ability for you to gain power. Even Yogurt, which is considered a controlled spoilage is filled with living bacteria (life energy) and is good for us. The aspect of life  lives in these foods, especially when they are raw/lightly cooked, take advantage of these aspects and retain life with-in you.  Furthermore, you should also drink lots of water. Start in the morning with a good amount and keep drinking throughout the day. But don’t try to overdo it since in certain situations, drinking lots of water can be dangerous.

WHEN, WHY AND HOW TO EAT: We humans are creatures of habit. It is important to adhere to well-established rhythms since they are the foundations of our health. Stick to your schedule and try to eat at the same time of day, everyday. You may stick to the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner routine with maybe a few snacks in between or make a routine of your own. But just remember to keep it simple. Intermittent fasting may also be explored if you are knowledgeable; otherwise, stick to the basics. Remember to not overeat since regenerative foods are packed with nutrients and it takes time to accumulate life force.  Be cautious, if you feel uncomfortable moving or are stuffed after eating, you should decrease the portions.

It is important to not eat at night since this is a very destructive habit.  Your last meal should be about 4 hours before you sleep. You should be half-hungry but not starving. In this state you achieve optimal sleep and decrease the probability of a wet dream while waking up hungry, as you should. It is okay to adjust this since you may be doing intermittent fasting or have a diet schedule tailor suited to you.

Remember to chew your food properly and not gulp it down. Some SR people feel there exists specific nutrients and life force in food and water which may only be absorbed by the mouth and tongue. Once you have swallowed the food, these specific nutrients will not be absorbed.  But what is really happening is that your mouth has lysozyme which actively helps in the breakdown of food so that it is better absorbed by the body. And thus, you get the nutrients out of it. For best results, just chew the food until the food loses it’s taste; this is called “extracting the taste”, which is related to life force absorption.

WHERE AND WHO TO EAT (WITH): It is best to eat in places where you are comfortable so that you are not tempted to break your diet habits. Temptations can be strong so avoid places where the sights, sounds, and aromas of fast food can be enticing.  Make sure to also eat with like minded individuals that can help you with diet tips ans tricks, share information and help you create a solid rhythm for your eating habits. There is much temptation when eating with someone that has a significantly different diet regiment than yours, so beware. This will keep you healthy and on track.  Furthermore, do not multitask when you eat; this is called mindful eating.

IN CONCLUSION: A man may be eating super-healthy food. However, if he is eating at the wrong times, for the wrong reasons and at the wrong amounts he will be doing a bad job overall. Consider the regenerative food list, keep regular eating patterns and avoid food at night time. Regular rhythm is one of the foundations of health. Practice mindful eating  and take this seriously; never hurry the eating process. The same goes for water, mindful drinking.

SOURCE:Through Reddit