Semen Retention (SR) can increase your motivation and give you greater vitality. SR also gives you better memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function. 

More confidence and self control: Sexual continence has given me confidence due to the mastery of my own self and has allowed me the ability to advance my life in ways I never imagined

Less anxiety and depression: If you are the restless sleeper or you are a very anxious person then try semen retention for less anxiety and depressive episodes. Sperm retention gives you the results of increased confidence, removal of depression, anxiety, and fear coupled with less social awkwardness.

Increased motivation: Those that have done sperm retention have reported receiving huge increases in motivation for life and success, they suddenly want to do more than lay on the couch and watch television all day. So, get the motivation you need in life whether it is to get a better job, getting into better shape or finding a better mental place.

After I increase my mental state with Semen Retention then I looked to be more productive. I was accustomed to things such as multi-tasking, doing two and sometimes three things at once. I would mow my lawn while watching YouTube to learn new information. and when driving I would put on information that I could absorb rather than listening to music.

I got really good at it and always kept certain productivity realizations close to my chest.


1. Keep ticking and tackling!
Make a checklist every day, you won’t forget, you won’t avoid, you won’t ignore, keep ticking task after task.

2. Salt and water don’t mix!
Never think about work when home, never think about home when at work or all you will do is drink the blend and throw up.

3. Do it one at a time!
Focus your mind on one task at a time or you will keep switching at every other complication and would end up at square one.

4. Start early or end late – you choose!
Early morning and late night are the heavens of concentration, who works during days?

5. Be dead on bed!
Good sleep is an energy booster which deletes bad data and unnecessary complications off your mind.

6. Break your concentration to boost it!
Take timely intervals and do something you love, like eating, playing a game, chatting, online shopping etc, this will reset your mind.

7. Start simple, end simple, fit complications in between!
First task of the day must not be complicated (unless it’s the most urgent one), an easy task gives you proper rhythm and motivation for complications. Last task of the day should not be more than a part of the winding down process.

8. Supplement logic with gut feeling!
Use your gut feeling more often, I know you are increasing chances of error but you can’t afford to get stuck at every other cross road.

9. Release frustration!
Do this by eating your favourite foods, meditating, playing videos or just relaxing – just free your mind from anything which has the capacity to control it.

10. Reward your mind!
Associate completion of your task with a satisfying event or a nice treat.

11. Pressure is for toilets!
Don’t keep thinking about deadlines, warnings, EMI’s -When you work, you should just work!

12. No work holidays!
Sleep, travel, romance, cook, watch television, lie down – don’t think about work for even a second.

13. Eat like a bird to fly high!
Heavy meals during work make you dull and lazy, thus ruining your productivity, eat a whole mountain but after working hours.

14. Stretching evaporates tiredness!
Stretch your hands after every half an hour or so, it is a natural process of releasing low energy.

15. Wash your face to wipe your mind!
A washed face is the most accessible source of divine energy.

16. Don’t avoid the urgent!
Schedule tasks on the basis of urgency or you will keep thinking about the urgent tasks while working on the non urgent ones.

17. Throw it out, don’t keep doubt!
Read, search, explore, ask, but keep your mind free from doubts.