How do you text a girl you just met?

The first thing you should ask yourself is, “How did you get her number?”

You need to establish a connection and intent first with any woman. Most men make the mistake of getting a number without clarifying your intentions and what you want and to see if she wants the same thing.

A connection needs to be established with a girl – this is done best face to face for the best results or if this is long distance then be upfront and wise about it. Some women like men that are straightforward while other like men that have tact. What you need to do is know the type of woman you are texting.

You don’t want to have a girl waste your time through text or any other medium. I would say this…  Don’t text her – YET

Instead develop rapport first face to face.

If you’re attracted to her then approach her in a way where she feels safe, the interaction is fun or light hearted while building rapport with her and escalating appropriately. Find out if there is mutual attraction – if there isn’t then it is best to not waste your time or energy and move on. Yes, you can have a girl change her mind in time but the chances of that happening is slim to none.  If the attraction is mutual, then let her know you’ll text her to go out this week with something fun and interesting.

If your intent is friendship, then again, do the same thing. Approach her face to face and have a good interaction(s) or discussion(s). But it is best not to be coy and pretend you want to be a friend when you want more.

Over-all, know what you want, make your intentions clear in your mind and then translate that into reality by establishing a connection with her face-to-face. Once that is done then texting becomes a whole lot easier.

How to develop that connection since you just met her:

Tip 1: Stop trying to make girls like you.
Doing this will change the way you think about girls. Reality is – you can’t make a girl like you. She either likes you or she doesn’t so don’t waste your time trying to change her mind. The only thing you can control is who you are. All you can do is show her that you’re the type of person who is definitely worth paying attention to and being in a relationship with.

Tip 2: Make her feel interesting
If you are genuinely interested in a girl then make her feel special.People love to feel interesting and you don’t even have to do much – just listen, understand and be there when she needs you. Think about how you behave with something else you’re interested in such as an upcoming movie or a new viral musical artist – you ask questions and you listen so that you can satisfy your curiosity. Let your curiosity be your guide. Also remember to be consistent and interesting yourself. Furthermore, don’t fake it, she would be able to tell a million miles away. Why? Because she would on average have better social skills that yourself. Read more about that here.

Tip 3: Relate to her (be empathetic)
If you want her to feel connected to you, then relate to her. You will make her feel like you understand her. When she tells you something about her tell her a little story or say something to let her see that you know exactly how she is feeling. She is going to love talking to you if she feels like you understand.

Tip 4: Communicate effectively
Effective communication is the ability to communicate well with others. This is a very important social skills since communication is a cornerstone of understanding. If you have strong communication skills, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and ideas clearly with others. Doing this with a girl is no different since it is essential you can understand each other.

Tip 5: Be a challenge aka don’t be a Beta
This one is very important because you have to maintain frame in a relationship. You can be masculine without it being negative. Maintain that masculine frame and be the type of guy she can respect and understand. Since the dawn of time, girls don’t like pushovers – thousands of years ago it was because of protection but that has not been completely wiped from our psyche and DNA. Furthermore, being strong willed, fair, and dependable will take you a lot more places when compared to being a SIMP. Simps just don’t get any respect. Sure you like her and you can show her that, but let her know that she has to do more than just show up to win you over and she has to show mutual respect as well.

Tip 6: Rejection is ok
Rejection happens to all us guys at some point in our lives. So, if you get rejected it really doesn’t matter. Its actually a good thing because now you know not to waste your time and energy. Look at it this way – she did you a favour and now you can move onto someone who will genuinely like you as a person.


Well, the bad boys have confidence. They want things their way and they are not afraid to leave if they don’t get it their way. They know what to say, when to say it, where to say it, how to say it and why they are saying it to women. They learn to get better at it and they see the world for what it is, not for what they want it to be and they find a way to make it happen.

There are many guys who complain about how they can’t get women to date them. But the jerk or bad boy will never do this.

Being a nice guy these days is synonymous with being a SIMP. You can be nice but being fair is more appropriate. Be the guy that is strong and fair – that demands respect.

The guy who has balls, and doesn’t supplicate to women is attractive to women. The guy who doesn’t give a damn if someone accepts him or not – the guy who does not fear if he approaches and a woman gets offended is the guy a lot of women want.

He will keep going until he gets better at it, filtering, screening out tons of women, many to find he gets dates.

The jerk gets it – he will do what many guys fear to do because he knows, it will make him stronger and he learns what so many will never learn.

Just look at the countless women who date bad boys. They complain about them but every generation of women will also like, date and be with the ‘bad boy’ or jerk. Look at how many women that complain about the bad boy – that they couldn’t change them, they couldn’t fix them and they couldn’t tame them. And that is just it, once you are tamed, you are no longer interesting and she is gone. The bad boy is never tamed and remains exciting and can put her on that emotional roller-coaster.


  1. With relationships that start as an LDR (especially through text) you won’t know much about the other person’s character other than what he or she tells you. You especially will not know if she or she is loyal. It is hard to judge a person solely over the internet since body language and facial cues speak volumes when discerning a person’s intentions, honesty, goals and merit.
  2. The human connection of touch is missing in lDRs and that is one of the main reasons people cheat. They can’t hold you, touch you, kiss you or just feel your presence in a room.
  3. There can be many paths and many options when it comes to an LDR. Thus over time many people stray from the relationship and choose a different path for themselves.
  4. We all have our daily interactions and because of this we can interact with someone new in our lives that may seem better than our current LDR partner. At this point it is up to you or your partner to decide to either stay together or go your separate ways.
  5. Chatting can become boring after doing it for weeks, months or even years. Video calls may also start to become boring and at this point you may drift apart with your partner. One partner may even start ignoring the other which can be a very painful experience.
  6. In a practical setting, if there is any fight in a relationship then things can be settle through mutual friends or just talking it out face to face. When in an LDR, the chances of any mutual friends helping to settle an argument is rare or not there at all thus it is harder to continue a relationship – there can be little to no social support.
  7. Surprises are easy when you are in a real relationship that is not solely based online. It is rather difficult to surprise a partner and be there emotionally for them when it is all based online.
  8. If you or your partner is faced with any serious situation in life such as depression or has been in an accident then it is hard to be there for them. They may avoid spending time on social media not because they dislike you or you did anything wrong but because they need time to heal mentally, physically or spiritually. Furthermore, how are you able to help in these life events? It will be hard and will seriously affect the LDR.
  9. The revelation of an LDR can be hard once both parties decide to tell their parental units about it. Most times, there are many questions asked to which some people don’t have the answers. In fact, one of the main questions would be about the practicality of the matter and how easier it is to date someone a lot closer.

Be a man that has a masculine frame – this is a man that is seen as strong, powerful and has the ability to handle his emotions. This is a man that is cool, calm and collected – stoic, sincere, fair and ambitious. This is a man where women can sense his presence and respond favourably to his aura. Other men will respect or hate this or sometimes both. This is a man that younger men look up to and admire.

You do not want to be a man that is without frame or any control over his life. A man without frame is a man that is passive or passive-aggressive and is never living his life to his truest potential. This ultimately leads to men transmuting their masculine energy into negativity that will ultimately lead to their downfall.

Be a man with a masculine frame and energy. Texting is a vice that SHOULD be used exclusively to communicate an in person meet only – not to carry on long-winded conversations. Remember, a lot of social cues will be missed through texting and thus an in-person meet is better to get an idea of the woman you are texting. Furthermore, you can’t communicate effectively through text and if you keep texting then you might have to constantly be on the defensive rather then offensive when it comes to dating and relationships.