Many people have a frame of mind that money is evil. They think of money as a thing that corrupts people and changes them.

I say money is neutral and a multiplier.

If you are a jerk, then a jerk with money is multiplied to a super jerk with money.

If you are a good person, then a good person with money is equivalent to a saint.


Money is not good or bad. Money can go to those who deserve it through merit. 




Not talking about money doesn’t make your money problems go away. You should speak about money and how to better your situation; which is drastically different from fighting about money. Find solutions and not fights.

Talk about money with your family. Learn from family members and friends that have made smart and successful investment ideas.

Once again, talk about money. Sometimes your family members might have great and reasonable idea that deserve some attention. Talk to them and not fight about it.

Talk about money to your friendsBack in 2009 I knew someone who talked about Bitcoin often but I never knew anything about it. It is a shame. If I knew what I know now; then I would be a multi-millionaire.

Your friends might have great ideas too. Try and talk to them about money and NOT complain to them about money. Ask about their investment ideas and their 5 or 10 year plans.



Not in terms of having a greed for money but a passion for it. You want and need money to provide a comfortable life for you and your family.

Loving money becomes toxic when:You have a greed for money

When you deceive others for money. You will resort to lying, cheating and stealing for money. Even resort to killing for money.

They say 9 out of 10 crimes are for money or passion and money is the root of all evil.



Do you really know how money works?

How is money made?Money is made by being able to effectively get into profitable situations/business deals.

How do people not make money?People do not make money because their concept of money and perceptions involving money are skewed.

Maybe they were told as a child that money is a bad thing and all people with money are bad or evil.

This concept is perpetuated in society through the influence of media; especially in TV shows and movies.

If you have a negative concept of money then how can you ever make any?



It is okay to have stress about money; we all do.

What needs to be worked on are the fundamental concepts involving money.

If I gave you $1000. what would you do? Spend it all shopping? Alot of people would.

For me, $1000 can pay off loans I got due to investments. Or start a new online business by buying a domain name, business cards and equipment to parlay into having a YouTube channel around my business.

The circulation of money doesn’t necessarily mean getting profit but in a back and forth sense.

Most people get into debt and money goes ONE WAY.

We need to learn how to make money go back and forth and from that, learn how to multiply money.



You have to know how to multiply money.

First, you need to know how to manage money properly, this includes managing rotating balances on loans and credit cards and the proper management of credit which will be reflected on your credit score.

A guy that makes $30K with a 800 credit score looks a lot better than a guy that makes $100K with a 550 credit score.
Once you can MANAGE MONEY then you can multiply it.

Through investments:Own part of a business through stocks or shares. Or through company or government bonds.
There is also the high volatility of Forex and Cryptocurrency.

You could have an investment fund where your money is invested alongside other investors in order to benefit from the inherent advantages of working as part of a group

Down the road: There is also venture capitalism for those with money and wanting to invest in business prospects and ideas. For this, i feel you need to be well established, have a mature and veteran understanding of money and the ability to manage your portfolio in terms of risks.

Through business deals: Once you understand how money, business and human nature work. Then have a try at business deals where you can invest privately into a business or loan your money to a business etc.

This is the type of dealing seen on shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Where investors get paid through equity, dividends, own part of the company for providing a loan and all sorts of wheeling and dealing.