People see relationships as dangerous.  Relationships are now just experiments to test if a marriage will work.Plus, many men are terrified of relationships because they see it as this, “men get the rough deal. A man can marry a woman, get a divorce, and the woman gets half his stuff. Women can screw men over with child support, not letting the father see their children, and get abortions even if the men want the child.” Furthermore, permanent relationships are considered dead and money as taken center stage in life and relationships.

Women worry about relationships, too. Many women are served divorce papers from their husband who found younger women and then refuse to pay child support or see their kids. It’s heart-breaking to see fathers acting so cold to their own children and choose to go jobless to avoid child support. Many of my generation say marriage is outdated and have no value because women don’t act like women used to and men don’t act like they should. Men no longer need to court a woman to get in her pants and women no longer have to act like they don’t like sex or want it. Women are free to be sexually open finally without shame or horror. Women and men are more open to having sex outside of relationships or marriage. There are too many choices available and relationships are rough. Everybody has this idea of how their partner should be like and nobody really can match the image. However, if you feel disappointment in your current partner, you can go to Tinder and find another one. You don’t need to work on the relationship because there are so many people searching for love.

Marriage is a contract of convenience rather than love. Most relationships have never known real love within them and only know lust. True love is never experienced.  Furthermore, marriages only last for as long as you can bring food on the table. Once that ability is gone, even temporarily then the marriage is lost. Relationships are now determined by the amount of money someone has and not by the amount of love. Even unfaithfulness is now a personal preference rather than a sin. No longer is a relationship bound by what you can contribute but is determined mostly or wholly by how much you earn.

A lack of communication. There is a blatant lack of communication amongst couples. We see this daily in our lives and even at restaurants where if you look around at ten tables, eight of them would have occupants that were glued to their phone. The only communication would be only to share a post. No relationship can last if there is no communication. Instagram is even giving a skewed perception of the world. Perfect videos and pictures of cute couples doing amazing things while you and your partner are sitting on the couch in pajamas and eating potato chips. These ‘perfect couples’ make people second-guess their relationship. After all, he could find somebody younger and thinner and she could find a rich guy with a six pack who is always showering her in gifts.

Feminism and misogyny. Men who think women should stay at home popping out kids and keeping them fed and his house clean and get mad when she wants to work or doesn’t want to be a housewife and refuse to help. Feminists who feel like they shouldn’t do any housework because of girl power. No, regardless of sex, both partners should work together to have a clean house. Both should raise children. Both should be adults and do what has to be done.