• I’ve never been able to go well with Tinder, but I always end up coming back to it. Many times I have endured unpleasant dates for education, but the succession of dire experiences reached its point the night I met a man who, never really, did not completely convince me in our conversations. When we approached the bar to order a beer, I told him I had to go. I made no excuse and saw his colored lenses glow sadly. I ran out and ran into a friend who was also curiously fleeing a blind date. Neither of us had sex that night, but at least we got drunk. “
  • I’ve been on many dates on Tinder, but this one had such a horrible ending that I finally decided to close the app. I matched with a guy who was quite compatible with me in terms of taste. I made the mistake of giving the yes even though in all the photos he came out with sunglasses indeed he was cross-eyed. But for me the physical is not so important … right? I decided to stay with him and try not to close myself to an opportunity because we were very compatible. We repeated a couple of times and despite telling me that he did not want anything serious, he insisted on introducing me to his parents and brothers, he invited me to his sister’s wedding and he sent me photos and videos of his entire family. He would show up where he knew I was going to be even though we hadn’t met months later. I ran into him and he told me that he liked it a lot. My heart softened and I stayed with him again. We had a drink, and as we left the bar, he seemed to be taking me home, so I told him I had no intention of sleeping with him. He told me that we were going to go to his house whether he wanted to or not. He grabbed my arm tightly and began to drag me. When I told him to let me go, he said I owed him. Yes: ¡he owed it! I took advantage of the proximity of a group of people to raise my voice and he ended up letting me go. I went home in tears and with all his fingers marked on my arm. This was my last Tinder experience.”
  • This was my second time with a man, this time at his house and knowing what we were up to. I come home with a bottle of wine, late at night, and he begins to wonder if I’m hungry. I answer that I don’t feel like eating. What I wanted was sex. He insists she eat something, but it was one in the morning and she wasn’t hungry. At some point I go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I open one of the cabinets, and I find many of the gluten-free products on the market, I must have frustrated him so much his plan to eat all night that he did not get excited and I left there hungry for everything”.
  • “I had been single for a long time, one night I came home a little drunk, enough to pry, and I opened Tinder. I found a man as beautiful as his face, I liked him and I spent a few days talking with him. He won me over by telling me about his life and how he worked as an advertising creative at Galería del Coleccionista. Such a great genius of the telemarketing! We met one winter afternoon-evening to meet, I questioned him about his work and he told me, quite enthusiastically, that his company highly valued him because he speaks English very well. In these we were when a group of tourists appeared asking for advice in English. he stay’s quiet. Some people realize that there was something strange about that table. They sat with us and he was quiet the whole time. In the end they got tired of the game and left. He stood up, and started yelling at me. ‘What, you’ve already hooked up, right? ¡shit! And in my face! ‘ I went home and as soon as I closed the door, I deleted myself from Tinder. ‘Are you sure?’ Asked the app. ‘Yes”.

My worst Tinder date

  • He stared at me and confessed that he had dated my brother for a while, but that my brother had behaved so badly with him that he was looking for revenge ever since. “
  • “I got a date with this man that I met on Tinder who seemed very nice. We met in a park and when I saw him I saw that he was carrying a rather large backpack. At the end of the appointment, I asked him about it. He told me it was a secret but which he would show me anyway. We hid behind a tree and he opened the backpack to reveal what looked like hundreds of really creepy monkey stuffed animals! I was very terrified, especially when he said, ‘Everyone sleeps in my bed. Every night Just like you can. ‘What’s even worse is that sometimes I still see him in the park with that giant backpack! “
  • “We went to the movies and he talked during the trailers, telling me about special effects. I told him I studied filmmaking and he interrupted me saying, ‘Film classes are just a joke, it was 15 minutes before the start of the film and he was trying to put His hand under my blouse. I told him to stop and he went out to get some popcorn. When I came back, he sat as far away from me as possible. After the movie he followed me to the car and wanted me to take him home because he had taken an Uber But there is no Uber in my small town! I said goodbye and sped off. “
  • “The man I met was not only the man I met, not the same person in his photos, but he told me I looked different than I expected and offered me gas money to leave.”
  • “I matched a man on Tinder and we had an ideal date, but I didn’t want to have a new date with him. For a long time this man kept texting me and asking me when I would be back. I let him know I didn’t want to see him again and this was the cause. for him to add me on all social media. He even sent me flowers at the school where I teach, which was very scary because I never told him where I worked. I blocked him and I haven’t talked to anyone on Tinder in a while. “

Love in time from Tinder, Love and Heartbreak

On Tinder my experience was not very exciting or romantic, I know it has not been like that for everyone. The app has also brought together people who, with difficulty, could have passed each other live and direct.

  • I had already dated Tinder guys long before, so it was nothing new to me. On the other hand, we were friends on Facebook and I had stalked it. We had mutual friends and good friends whom I asked about him and it was positive, so I went to the meeting “with faith”.

Besides, the idea was that we were just going to stay as friends, so not having those expectations of finding a “possible partner” made me feel more relaxed and “more me”.

I was a little late for our first meeting but he waited patiently for me. When I saw it, I was positively surprised. He was much cuter in person: tall and handsome, he looked a lot like one of my crush on televisión as a teenager.

He was waiting for me with two Heineken on the table and I had to lean over to greet him. We spent hours talking, we hit it off very well. He accompanied me to my house and in the taxi, on impulse, I leaned into it. He hugged me and a “I like this” escaped me and him a “me too”. There was no kiss on the first date, but the desire was not lacking.

We formalized at about 6 months, but that was, a matter of formalities, since we really began to act as a couple within two months of meeting. And we already have 5 and a half years together and a baby on the way!

  • Download the Tinder app when a cute relationship I had ended. I was very destroyed but ready to turna the page. One day I matched with a girl who seemed interesting to me. I was not looking to start a relationship, but to have a good time. When we started talking, everything flowed: she gained my trust and we had a lot in common.

The day came to meet us, she was quite insistent that what we had was not anything but something special. I, vulnerable, gave myself to the idea that they could love me again. A month passed and she insisted that we move in together. He succeeded and everything began to change. His true personality and psychological problems came to light and began to seriously affect me.

At last she showed herself as she was: manipulative, obsessive, physically, verbally and psychologically aggressive, she took charge of cutting off every important bond I had in my life. He even took me away from my family, of which I was very close. He made me feel insignificant: he said he was worthless if he didn’t have it and that everything he did was because he loved me. I went to the extreme of wanting to kill myself, but happily I was saved (or was saved).

It took me a lot to get out of there and recover. Hacking alone again. Trust me again. Since that experience I have not wanted to return to Tinder. I have a panic.