The Ultimate Guide To Passing Her Shit Tests:

When a woman throws a shit test at you, it usually means she is at the very least a bit interested. Therefore, shit tests should always be welcome.  It also gives you a chance t show how secure, grounded, quick-witted and self-confident you are.

Why do girls give shit tests?
Shit tests show a woman whether this confidence you’re portraying is the real deal. And since you don’t need to tell a woman you want to make love to her to be sexual, you can show your intentions more subtly – with your eye contact and the energy you project.

When some women are interested in you, they will take the time to be rude in order to stand out.

How to overcome shit tests

  • Disagree outrageously
  • Agree and exaggerate
  • Misinterpret sexually
  • Completely ignore her
  • Keeping your frame


SHIT TEST: “Oh my god, Why are you so pale?!”

  • ANSWER 1: I am prepping for a lead role in “Casper: The Musical”  (Agree and exaggerate)
  • ANSWER 2:  Whatchu talkin’ bout? I got that Seinfeld Kramer tan going on. It’s called burnt black (Disagree completely)
  • ANSWER 3: I knew you would love these washboard abs. My mom likes them too. (Misinterpret sexually)
  • ANSWER 4: Stare at her, get up and walk away or start talking to someone else. (Completely ignored)
  • ANSWER 5: Yeah, I’m actually part Scottish and Samoan. (Keeping frame)

How to become incredible at passing shit tests:

  • Go over some shit tests you have heard before and never knew how to reply
  • Pair up with a friend and randomly say shit tests to each other and gauge the replies
  • Keep practicing how to overcome the shit tests with quick and witty replies
  • You need to be able to give witty retort immediately in order to exude confidence and keep frame


  • “I have a boyfriend”
  •  “I don’t give my number out to strangers.”
  • “We’re lesbians.”
  • “I’m not looking to date”
  • “Its girls night.”
  • “Only if you buy me a drink.”
  • “You’re only looking for sex.”

You will need to have witty, creative, and intelligent answers to these and other common shit tests. If you fail at projecting confidence and stumble during your reply then it is over and you are done.