Money matters in both life in general and in the dating scene. If you genuinely want to have complete self-mastery of your life and have an amazing dating life then you need to get this area of your life mastered. You will need to work on your sexual marketplace value (SMV) and know how to effectively project sexual energy and desire as well as knowing who to escalate with as well as when to escalate in dating and a relationship.


1- There are various ways to use your income to enhance your life:
There is the beta bux who regularly pays ONE girl who is his monogamous girlfriend. He wants to negotiate her desire. Though, desire can never be negotiated. That woman will have desire for someone else, an alpha that gets everything for free while she makes rules for the beta bux. Since, the beta bux by definition is a man that bank rolls a woman’s lifestyle. Once he can no longer afford to do that, then the relationship ends. Do not get into the framework of paying for desire, it is a low value concept that will get you nowhere fast but broke and single.  If you truly want to optimize your life,  then optimize your SMV.

In what ways can money optimize your life? Your income may optimize your experience and your life in multiple ways, but the three main ones are Logistics, Access, and Looks. All of these are essential for you to compete consistently and effective in the ever changing dating landscape.

2-You don’t need to be rich to master the use of income in dating:
Money does matter, but what is not understood is that you don’t need to be rich to have an optimal experience.  Instead, if you are smart about your money then you can have a massive advantage over men who lack capital or those who don’t know how to use it effectively.
Here are two examples:Guy A does not have money: He can talk to girls effectively and can get them into a conversation. The problem is, he can’t buy drinks for the girl more can he Uber or Lyft himself and said girl or girls to another venue or back to his place. He is effectively broke. Moreover, he can’t go back to his place since he has roommates that will create a scene either directly or indirectly and they’ll make a fuss over him bringing girls home. Thus, the girls will bounce at any or all of these stages.

Guy B has money: He can talk to girls effectively and can get them into a conversation. This gentleman can get a girl and her friend(s) a drink and the drink buys him more time to non-verbally display desire and fill the female in question with good emotions and sexual desire. He can also Uber or Lyft the girls back to his place for a night cap or just to a different venue. he can also treat them to a meal after the club if he or they so choose. Moreover, since he doesn’t have roommates, he can bring whoever he wants to his place without any issues.

That is how MONEY makes a difference.

3- Master “Logistics Money” for you to become successful:

Clubbing Money: You need at least some money to spend in the club. This include the cover and money for drinks, for yourself as well as your buddies that are with you in the venue. You should even have money for drinks for any ladies that want to talk and conversation always goes a lot smoother if she has a drink in the hand.  Furthermore, after the club, you might get hungry along with your friends and any girls in tow; some cash to Uber or Lyft to get a bite to eat at a local restaurant, stand or truck is essential.

Transportation Money: Another essential depending on how far from the venue you live. You need money to transport yourself to the club and back from the club. You will also need money to get to an after-club eatery along with yourself and your friends and maybe some girls that found you interesting in the venue. Furthermore, you will need cash to get yourself and said girls back to your place if they are interested in hanging out further.

Solo Apartment: Another essential is to have a pad all for yourself. If you have room mates, and they are cool then that is another story. But living by yourself massively decreases the drama with other roommates who might be in a bad mood and ruin your night of entertainment with a lady that is interested in you. When you live by yourself, you can invite whoever you want any time you want. 

4- Have “Access Money” to achieve abundance and consistency:

If you are part of a good Social Circle, you will see the quality of dates reflected immediately. If you are part of an exclusive Social Circle, then the quality, and abundance of like minded people will be reflected immediately as well. Thus, this is a massively unexplored area in the whole seduction community. 

Regular Access: If you are used to going to free bars, you’ll notice the quality of girls is low. But if you start going to nicer venues then you’ll see that quality of both the men and women increase. As you increase your venue’s access, you’ll see more quality. In fact, if you are part of that venue’s Inner Circle, then you will see a significant increase of the quality of men and women that are part of that circle. 

Social Circle Access: A lot of men are missing out on social circle access.  This kind of access is important because it gains you access to many Inner Circles of many different venues, parties and events because you are part of an exclusive Social Circle. You can party with important people from your city to internationally famous stars along with Millionaires and Billionaires. Thus, if you don’t have a great Social Circle to gain access to events then you are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to being around an abundance of high quality and high value women.
Abundance Access:

 This access can come in on one end of the spectrum where you have the ability to fly out Instagram models to you and on the other end where  you have the reach and the funds to rent out hotels, parties, resorts and even islands for yourself and your Social Circle to party. 

5- The best way to optimize your fashion is “Appearance Money”:

Once you have Logistics and Access mastered, then you should focus on maximizing your SMV through self care, fashion  and photography. 

Self-Care Money: This would be all the money you need for grooming, the gym, and eating healthy. I would concentrate on being clean, well-groomed, and fit.

Fashion money: Another essential, you should at least be spending time and money on your clothing and developing your style. Fashion is critical and can honestly bump you up in the looks department if you know what you are doing.  Any guy can look good, but that guy can look better in a well made bespoke suit.
Professional Shoots:

This is game-changer in my opinion and is a huge boost  if you are competing with a large pool of guys. It is always good to refresh your photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tinder to stay ahead of the rest of the guys. Remember, when dating online, the only metric a woman has to judge you by within a few seconds is your looks and you convey these looks through pictures. So why not compete effectively and at least getting some semi professional pictures will place you notches higher than you would of if you had just regular pictures up.

IN CONCLUSION:Many men downplay money as vital. But, as you have read, money is an essential part of your dating repertoire. In fact, a lot of guys would say that cash and game compete to downplay the importance of finances but having money typically displays that you have your life and finances together.