Semen retention is (still) ridiculed in the general public. But semen retention isn’t what it used to be.

Semen retention has evolved over time and had new meaning and new purpose to the practice. The way I use Semen Retention is to structure my life in a way as to remove myself from concentrating on relationships as a primary goal and to concentrate on making an impact in society.

Everyone has goals, dreams, and desires. Let your desires be your priority and not secondary or tertiary to dating/relationships.

Don’t let your productivity be destroyed by any distraction – especially pornography which is now prevalent in modern day society along with Erectile Dysfunction. This is becoming an ever increasing problem that has spawned the “NoFap movement” which has men turning away from pornography and all of it’s vices for as long as they can muster. NoFap is a serious issue that has real world consequences for a lot of men (and women) that have been severely affected by pornography addiction. For many, this addiction has destroyed their work life, social life and family life. It has essentially crippled them. Many are now even living a life devoid of contact with their family members and loved ones. Furthermore, in today’s society – an addiction to anything these days will stop you from getting work completed and living your life to the fullest in one way or another.

 Social media is now destroying our self confidence. With constant comparison of celebrity and Instagram models, we are comparing professional touched up pictures to our normal selfies and that divide can have a huge impact on our mental well being. That erosion of self confidence has far reaching psychological as well a physical effects.

When you stop masturbating and start doing NoFap or Semen Retention –  your spiritual energy starts to increase. You begin to emerge on a high vibrational plane and you begin to have a high vibrational energy. There are a multitude of things you can do with this energy, such as manifest your aspirations, use it to help others or meditate/self reflect.

NOTE: Semen Retention and NoFap aren’t the same thing – read more about that here

Is semen retention real? Yes, if you take it literally then you can retain your semen.

How about the effects you get from girls? Well, the effects would be better skin, better hair, better train of thought and better priorities.

How does this affect your social interactions with women? That all comes down to your indifference; some men use Semen Retention as a way to attain women through looking better with smoother skin and thicker hair (having a glow) as well as  being indifferent. Does it work? YES, it can work. Have I done it? No, because my priorities have been set; life is my priority and dating/relationships to me are important but are secondary or even tertiary. As Sun Tzu has taught, “He who knows others is clever, He who knows himself has discernment”. Furthermore, Sun Tzu has said, “He who overcomes others has force, He who overcomes himself is strong”.

An important question is whether there exists actual scientific evidence that semen retention could be causing the above perceived benefits.

It turns out that there appear to be five scientifically-measurable areas of impact of semen retention and they are as follows:

• Increase in Testosterone levels

• Increase in brain androgen receptors [ARs]

• Increase in Serotonin levels• Decrease in Prolactin levels

• Decrease in Dopamine levels

Practitioners of Semen Retention often ascribe near-mystical superpower qualities to semen conservation, which include these benefits:

• Self-confidence and a notable boost in courage

• Attractiveness to the opposite sex• Energy and focus

• Mental clarity and awareness, including social situations

• Motivation, to do things that are good for you – gym, create, think, date, socialize.

• Groundedness, calmness, significantly reduced anxiety• Sex drive, including harder erections and loss of any erectile dysfunction (ED)

• Deeper voice

• Weight loss

• Increased muscle mass

• Better sleep

• Clearer skin / no acne

Semen Retention is no longer about an ancient superstition made up by illiterate farmers who had no idea how biology works. Semen retention and NoFap are now a way of life and a way to focus oneself. No more is Semen Retention about equating, “if semen is required to create a baby, that must mean semen possesses some kind of inherent, magical life-energy.”  There is life energy associated with Semen Retention but that life energy being spoken of is spirituality and manifestation. It is about placing yourself on a high vibrational plane and staying positive while manifesting your goals.No longer is Semen Retention about the laughable non-sense that “if you release semen, some of your life-energy must be leaving your body. And if you don’t release semen, you have more life-energy in your body.” 

Semen Retention is about motivation, indifference and aversion. The motivation to achieve desires, the indifference towards hook up culture and the aversion from pornography.

I have had my fair share of ridicule when it comes to the practice of Semen retention. In fact, whenever the topic comes up most people laugh. To me, they are understandably laughing because of their lack of knowledge on the subject and what the general media portrays. Once a conversation develops on the matter then people take the issue a bit more seriously once I explain valid points.


AFTER ONE MONTH:I noticed thicker hair on my body and a deeper voice. I attributed this to having more testosterone. I even had an increased motivation in my life. I wanted to do more than just watch TV. I got better in shape and was in a great mental place. I even had better focus and concentration towards tasks and felt I could accomplish anything. I created deeper bonds with my family and my over-all happiness was through the roof. I was on a high vibrational plane. My thoughts, actions, feelings and self worth coalesced and manifested into a state where I knew I could get my goals accomplished.

AFTER THREE MONTHS:I maintained the self control to resist the advances of unwanted attention. My well being and goals came first. I would date yes, but dating took a back seat to starting my business and learning new things. Dating and a relationship was the goal but not the priority. I started new streams of income and they started generating money for me. It was not a lot but it was substantial enough when compared to making nothing.

AFTER SIX MONTHS:I manifested the relationship of my dreams. I was going through life with hopes and dreams and my family backing me. I was high vibrational with a positive outlook. I was manifesting things at a micro-level as well as at large. I was in unison with the universe. My work life was (and still is) all positive. Just like a domino effect, all things were falling into place.

AFTER A YEAR:I had so much accomplishments. I always helped others but started to do this more. I reached out and shared more and more of my positivity. I shared the secrets to my life gains. I shared the secrets to overcoming all of life’s negative aspects and I shared the secrets of how I could press forward even if most things were going bad. Looking back, I wished I had started sooner.

Semen Retention is as far away from it’s roots of ridicule as Santa Claus is far away from it’s roots as a Coca Cola marketing ploy. There is a reason the jolly red giant is dressed in red and white – because of it’s invention as an idea to sell more colas during the holidays.
“In 1931, Coca-Cola commissioned illustrator Haddon Sundblom to paint Santa for Christmas advertisements. Those paintings established Santa as a warm, happy character with human features, including rosy cheeks, a white beard, twinkling eyes and laughter lines.”

It is just the same as how the need for an engagement and a wedding ring was a ploy by the DeBeers diamond company to sell diamonds and how they created such an effective marketing scheme where a man should buy a ring worth 4 months of his salary.
“In 1938, amid the ravages of the Depression and the rumblings of war, Harry Oppenheimer, the De Beers founder’s son, recruited the New York–based ad agency N.W. Ayer to burnish the image of diamonds in the United States, where the practice of giving diamond engagement rings had been unevenly gaining traction for years, but where the diamonds sold were increasingly small and low-quality.”

The meaning of things change in life and so did Semen Retention.  Remember that you are on a journey of enlightenment and of distancing from the pleasures of Eros. Too many people have had porn take over, manipulate and destroy their lives. Take back the control of your life through Semen Retention and be on a journey with purpose.


Greater vitality:With sexual continence you have greater vitality.The ability to create life flows through you so save it and change that life energy into vitality for yourself. You may even look 10 years younger.

Increased muscle growth:Semen retention helps in muscle building. Abstinence peaks testosterone levels and thus builds more muscle mass and strength.

Thicker hair and a deeper voice:The more testosterone you have from sexual continence, the thicker your hair is and the deeper your voice gets.

Improved sperm quality:There will be a significant improvement in sperm quality from your coitus reservatus.

More confidence and self control:Sexual continence has given me confidence due to the mastery of my own self and has allowed me the ability to advance my life in ways I never imagined. Be the person you want to be and see yourself as in the mirror. The first step towards more confidence and self control is the decision to change your life.

Less anxiety and depression:If you are the restless sleeper or you are a very anxious person then try semen retention for less anxiety and depressive episodes. Sperm retention gives you the results of increased confidence, removal of depression, anxiety, and fear coupled with less social awkwardness.

Increased motivation:Those that have done sperm retention have reported receiving huge increases in motivation for life and success, they suddenly want to do more than lay on the couch and watch television all day. So, get the motivation you need in life whether it is to get a better job, getting into better shape or finding a better mental place. Coitus reservatus will help you accomplish your goals.

Better memory and concentration:Get better focus, attention, concentration and memory through seminal conservation aka semen retention. Stop losing your load and use all that life energy towards mental alertness, superior memory and amazing concentration powers.

Deeper relationships:More thoughtful relationships await while you are abstinent. You will be more positive, be happy with yourself and learn to listen and understand.

Stronger life force:It takes a lot of energy to create sperm and is one of the main reasons men live shorter lives on average than women, It is said that when a man produces sperm in order to create life, that sperm production takes part of our life with it. Therefore, ceasing to ejaculate will result in you living longer, aging slower and looking better in appearance.

Better overall happiness:If you are a restless sleeper or you are a very anxious person then try semen retention for less anxiety and depressive episodes. Contribute to your over-all happiness by gaining focus towards your goals.

Some other names for semen retention are:

sexual continen

cecoitus reservatus

seminal conservation

Semen retention are part of some of these practices:



cai Yin pu Yang and cai Yang pu Yin

sexual transmutation



tantric sex

Practice healthy habits and enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. This lifestyle is not focused on taking away from you, your family or your friends but adding to your life as well as the life of your loved ones. The lifestyle is about being positive, having a positive outlook, removing negative aspects from your daily routine and adding things that make you feel good and fulfilled.

The hardest part of the journey is starting. But once you start, you will  feel the benefits after a week or for some, even after a day. Be part of a community that promotes manifestation, high vibrational energy and being on a high vibrational plane. Press the mental start button in your head and begin your journey – you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

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