There is a great divide between a woman that has no female friends for the right reasons compared to a woman having no female friends for the wrong reasons.

In fact, both of these types of women are on different ends of the spectrum. One has no female friends because she can’t stand the typical female bullshit while the other has been excommunicated from her social sphere because she exhibits negative behaviour. The latter can be anything from talking trash, backstabbing, and being promiscuous with her friends’ partners while the former doesn’t like hanging with females because she can’t stand the drama of cat fighting, mind-games and shit-talking.

What your job will be is to decipher between the girl that does not have girlfriends due to a preference versus the girl that does not have girlfriends because she is an outcast. They may look very similar but the basis for their unique situation are at polar ends of the spectrum.

Use your social intelligence.
This is where your social intelligence comes in because I can’t help you. Each situation and interaction is so nuanced that generalizations don’t do the situation any justice and I can only discern one from another based upon the situation itself.

Gather social skills by talking to people and get a feel for when someone is telling you the truth versus trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Understand that not everyone is here to look out for your best interests and you should be on the defensive when interacting with anyone that you do not know.

A girl’s social group is everything to most women, their social network is everything. That is why it is easier to date a woman when you are introduced to her by one of her friends since there is already a level of trust. It is much harder to cold approach a woman and exponentially harder to approach her when she is with a group of her friends. This is also why a typically promiscuous woman won’t sleep with you right away in fear of word getting back to her friends but will do it with a guy that has no ties to her social group. This is also why when two best friends break up, all hell breaks loose when they both start telling each others’ secrets and major revelations begin to come out. And this is also why some girls avoid this type of bullshit like the plague since everyone has secrets and as the saying goes, “two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should not date and have relationships, in fact I would say the best thing to do to help you date better is to cold approach women wherever you are. This can be at the grocery store, church, driving down the street, going out for drinks or when you are at the post office.

No friends are better than hoe friends.
Sometimes no friends are better than bad ones. This is the reason why some women steer clear of other women. The drama, backstabbing, sharing of secrets and spying are all games they despise. These types of women are seen as one of the boys and they are allergic to drama. 

Have you ever met a super cool chick that is chill and literally one of your cool friends? The type that tells you she can’t hang out with women because of the back stabbing and bad attitudes and feels more at home with the guys? She says that guys are cooler to hang with, more straightforward and think with logic more than emotion? This is the type of girl I am talking about.

Here is the crazy part. This chick might be cool and down to hang but when a guy and girl interact, there is always some sort of sexual tension. This has happened to me throughout my life, especially during the earlier parts of maturing where I admittedly didn’t handle certain situations well and got called out for it. Such as one of my ex-girlfriends bringing up a conversation that I had with her best friend because she was talking to me in a very sexual manner, I didn’t cheat but I will admit, looking back I should have shut the conversation down rather than entertain the back-and-forth banter.

In conclusion.
Don’t let a promiscuous woman into your life because she just might ruin it. A woman has the ability to enhance your life or make it a living nightmare with the backing of the law and the State. It is best to have a woman do the former and be her reward for it.

Don’t get caught up in drama because it can be very hard to disentangle yourself. Use your social skills to discern fact from fiction and make your life the best it can be by making the right daily decisions that reap short, medium and long term rewards.