When dating a woman, I typical throw out small tasks to gauge her level of interest and her ability to comply if an actual relationship develops. Not comply to any and all demands but comply and co-operate to building a strong relationship (if it ever develops). I do not want a woman when asked to pick up the kids to retort in back talk and refuse to contribute her fair share to a relationship for a relationship is about being a team and strengthening your family. When one person sits on the coach while the next person does all the work then that relationship is damaged and will just end in a train wreck.

Many modern women are becoming the wiser. They are acting as if they are truly co-operative to coax you into a relationship. I can’t even say this is a new thing because deception and manipulation has been around since human beings started communities but woman are getting better at it.

These days, online dating is a minefield with the popular dating apps (all owned by one company: Match Group Holdings II, LLC) having all sorts of people looking for all sorts of interactions. Furthermore, the apps themselves want to keep you on the program for as long as possible since the upgrades and premium services have to be paid. When dating online, I always looked at a woman’s longest relationship and even asked them verbally to see if their answer matches up with what is stated on their profile. A woman that is 25 and has only been in a relationship for 6 months as her longest is a big red flag. A woman that is 30 with her longest relationship as 1 year is a big red flag. While, a woman that is 18 years old and her longest relationship is 6 months is okay and normal since she is maturing and has years to sort out her dating life.

The 1st choice versus the best option.
The first choice for a woman is always about sexual attraction while the best option is always about relationship attraction. A woman will feign compliance to the man she feels is the best option for her on a long-term basis (aka relationship attraction) and then on the side, look for her first/best choice which would supplicate her sexual attraction.

Here is the feminists’ vision of equality: women get the authority of men, the privileges of women, and the accountability of children. This type of feminism is hurting women because it is an over-correction of the bad habits of past generations. Too many modern women are becoming single and staying alone because more men are not willing to settle down and marry due to current attitudes, views, opinions and behaviours of modern-day women. These men are opting to be successful with their destination with or without a female companion and it is working.

Lies of omission.
Women are emotionally seeking; they seek attention while men typically seek sex. So, when a woman gets attention from men that she does not know while in a committed relationship; she is cheating – because is so easy these days to turn on an app and have access to non-stop attention and gratification from simping men all over the world.

Furthermore, many women won’t tell a straightforward lie to a man but will intentionally leave out important details to foster a misconception or fail to correct pre-existing misconceptions about a person or topic. They will even do this in regards to where they are or what they were doing. Such as going out on dates and calling the men they are out on dates with “friends” and being ambiguous about their relationship status by putting up “it’s complicated”.

But, some women are now understanding the current dating market are finding success in their journey because they understand that thoughtfulness, understanding, co-operation, and a good attitude is essential when trying to couple with a man. Thus, they are finding success on their journeys.

Men are not being humanized.
Many times men are seen a just a number or a face, and not even by a name or what you like or dislike. This is because men can easily be replaced by another man in the current market.

Men are used to fund a woman’s lifestyle by patronizing them as sugar daddies to their sugar babies, paying to follow them on only fans, paying them through cash app, PayPaling them money because of an “emergency” as well as sending money through Venmo.

I see all too often the beta male plays of men through various dating apps and it is just sickening. I don’t even bother correcting these men because these apps are not the time and place and they just won’t listen. This is because it works every 1 in 1000 attempts, so to them, it is working. You can’t help these men or anyone for that matter unless they want to be helped.

In conclusion.
Know your worth and know what you are looking for in life. I recently ended an interaction with a woman that was feigning compliance in order to try and capture a man. Not get a man, but capture one. She would display herself as compliant with a great attitude but I started to see signs of the contradiction, tested my theory and was right. The best thing I did was to move on and look for someone else that would be a good honest match and I suggest you do the same.