Being young and broke isn’t fun. Especially when you apply apply apply to jobs and you get nothing.

There have been hours a day “in-between” jobs where I ponder away at how I can make some quick money fast.

And I would then google search that plan’s viability.

I will show you the sure fire way to make $300 in an hour. FAST.




A focus group is a small gathering of selected and demographically diverse group of people who participate in a planned discussion (guided or open). The discussion is intended to elicit consumer perceptions on a particular topic or area of interest and their reactions are studied especially in market research or political analysis. This is to determine the reactions that can be expected from a larger population.


 Focus groups are an excellent way to make money fast. In fact, some Focus Groups will be you $300 for an hour or two or even $400 for three or 4 hours in cash.


Many times I have done a focus group when short on rent or need a bill paid. I have searched Craigslist, Geebo, Kijiji and sites alike and have even got into groups that start the same day.


So if you are in need of some fast, quick or dire cash then a focus group is just a click and call away.