1. GO AND TAKE A PEE: There’s something about a bladder full of liquid that gets many men and women aroused. The next time you feel the itch coming on, try going to the bathroom and relieving yourself of any fluid that may be stored away.

2. TAKE A COLD SHOWER: Cold showers have many health benefits. Water therapy aka hydro-therapy has been used for centuries to take advantage of our body’s tendency to adapt to harsher conditions. And it can help you focus on other things rather than jacking off.  If you are teetering at the edge of your NoFap journey then try a cold shower to help you escape from relapsing.  Furthermore, cold showers can provide incredible benefits to the body and mind as well.
Here are some benefits of cold showers:

  • Increases willpower
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Increases endorphins
  • Helps improve metabolism
  • Improves circulation
  • Higher level of alertness
  • Helps fight off common illnesses

3. STOP COUNTING DAYS: Why should you stop counting days? Let me ask you something. Why do you count the days in the first place? What difference does it make, if you really quit? You didn’t quit, you just count the days until your next “relapse” (aka excuse) so you can say how many days you got to.
Let me put it to you this way. If you are not a smoker, you never smoked before and have no intention of smoking, you wouldn’t count the days you didn’t smoke. Why would you, it doesn’t make sense! If you quit PMO, it’s because your values changed. What I mean is YOU changed. The habit just went with it, so you don’t need to count. You are simply not focused on PMO anymore and you are thinking about other things in life.

4. BE ACTIVE, ATHLETIC AND PLAY SOME SPORTS: Go ahead and work out, be active, go to the gym, lift weights, run, jog and hike. Play some sports such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer or even swim. DO whatever it takes to distract your mind from PMO. In fact, playing sports and being active makes you physically and mentally strong which helps you stay focused on not relapsing – plus it improves your mood.

5. TRY MEDITATION AND YOGA: Yoga and meditation when practiced together reinforce the connection between mind and body, improving mainly health and well-being. There are several styles of yoga that merge meditation with the physical routines, which use controlled breathing throughout the poses of yoga. By simply unwinding, clearing the mind and concentrating on controlled breathing, one can meditate without practicing yoga as well. Both yoga and meditation have proven health benefits when practiced regularly. 

Here are some of the significant benefits of yoga and meditation:






6. LISTEN TO MUSIC: It has been proven that music dramatically helps improve people’s mental well-being and boost physical health. For example, music lessons can help raise our IQs and keep our minds sharper, particularly as we get older. Music can change our mood – listening to particularly sad or happy music can even change the way we see the world. Music and mood are closely interrelated – listening to a sad or happy song on the television or radio can make you feel more sad or happy.  When you are on NoFap try listening to uplifting, happy and positive music so that it reinforces your behavior to not relapse.

The benefits of listening to music:

Increases Happiness.

Improves Performance in Running.

Decreases Stress While Increasing Overall Health.

Improves Sleep.

Reduces Depression.

Helps You Eat Less.

Elevates Your Mood While Driving.

Strengthens Learning And Memory.

7. LIMIT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE(S): Don’t feel like a zombie scrolling through mindless drama. Every time I open Instagram or twitter I just get reminded how addicted as a society we are to instant gratification and quick fix dopamine hits. 
If you feel miserable seeing your ex-girlfriends posting with other guys, going on their rich vacations to the Caribbean and Europe and so on. Either that, or feeling melancholic over your crushes and seeing them post stuff with dozens of other people (seemingly) having incredibly interesting lives while you feel like shit. Or seeing these constant posts of other guys getting tons of likes, even more so from other girls you liked or other stuff and wondering why people don’t like you the same way. Sometimes wondering if you’re inadequate. Constantly comparing yourself, your circumstances and upbringings to those of others. Then it is time to limit or better yet shut down/off/out social media.
Just limit or better yet, turn off social media because it adds temptation/ triggers, that could interfere with your goal, which is NoFap.

8. GET MOTIVATED BY QUOTES OR VIDEOS: Getting motivated can provide you the strength to fight and achieve something in your life. Reading motivational quotes helps you to take action and also helps to shift your focus on achieving something and not just fapping all the time. Furthermore, YouTube is filled with motivational videos that can help you not only get out of bed but be successful in your day to day life along with accomplishing your long term goals.

9. JOIN A LIKE MINDED COMMUNITY: There are sites like NoFap.com ManvsFap.com yourbrainonporn.com mrmindblowing.com which are all dedicated to helping you through your NoFap and PMO journey. Engage in these communities where you will see a lot of people discussing how they relapse, their success stories, the benefits of NoFap, and cautionary tales.

10. TALK ABOUT IT TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY: It can be awkward but sometimes talking about your troubles is the best thing you can do with family and friends. In fact, isn’t that what friends are for? It is even better if they are on the same journey as you are and can share tips and tricks.

IN CONCLUSION:There is a whole world of resources available for anyone on there NoFap journey to help them stay grounded and in control.