Before we start, let’s say that there are amazing women out there. Women who are strong, fair, kind, beautiful and will not screw you over.

But, on the flip side, there are more and more women that are willing to screw you over. These women don’t love you, they only love what you can do for her.

If you have an amazing job, a nice sports car, a big house then you can attract all sorts of women. They call this the 6 sixes, a 6000 sq ft house, 6 pack abs, making 6 figures a year, 6 ft tall and over, drives a 6 figure or v6 car and have a 6inch plus schlong. But, sometimes, you can attract all the wrong kinds of women.

Women and men fall in love with different things.
You see, a man can truly fall in love with a woman and do anything for her, even commit crimes and kill for her. While a woman can truly fall in love with a man as well, but many will just fall in love with what you can do for them i.e. how you enhance their lives.

For example, if you have a good job, and nice car, then her lifestyle will change if she comes from a background of poverty. This is how she will love you; for what you can do for her and not necessarily truly love you.

Ever seen those crime documentaries where men are groomed, twisted and controlled by a woman to commit a heinous crime? Those men aren’t truly loved by the woman twisting their lives and turning it upside down. Those women loved what these men could do for her through her manipulation.

A man will be loyal.
A man can become bonded and loyal to a woman whether she is rich or poor, young and old. As long as there is a bond through shared experiences, trial and tribulations; he will stay committed.

A man can love a woman in a way a dog loves its master. A relationship where no matter what happens, no matter how skinny or fat you are, no matter what job you do or if you are homeless and/or jobless, a dog will still love you. That is how a man can love his parents, his siblings, his children and his wife.

She will wait at the finish line.
Women wait at the finish line of life and pick the winners. In est, she waits around for any and all the monetarily successful guys in life and then proceeds to choose from these men. She doesn’t care what you had to go through to get where you are, all that matters to her is that you are a winner and will proceed to plan your ‘future with her’.

Remember, for men, a women’s past matters to him, for the most part. While, for women, it’s a man’s future that matters to them, since the instant a rich man becomes broke, she is already out the door.

Look at what happened to Kim Dot Com and countless of other men.

For a woman, a man’s past does not matter so much. It is what he does and has in the present and how that will translate in the future.

Don’t be the Simp, Sucker or Beta Bux.
One of the most important things a man needs to understand is that you need to not be a simp, sucker or beta bux.

Having a woman that is trusting, courageous, sound-minded, strong and there for you through thick and thin is amazing. But, for many men, this is not the case.

There are countless men out there constantly being churned in and out of negative relationships where they are used and abused.

They are used as simpletons, beta buxes, emotional pillows, and free taxis. This isn’t solely resting on women as all their fault, many men orbit women in the hopes that one day, just one day that woman will realize they were the one true partner for her. And that is silly reasoning.

Furthermore, this type of culture just breeds toxicity and poison as well as resentment.

Wait for the right one.
Over-all, the best thing to do is not race into a relationship, this is never a good idea. Let a relationship present itself to you on amicable terms and at the right time.

Wait for a woman that not only loves what you can do for her, but actually loves, trusts and cherishes you.

Impatience has become a detriment to modern day society and is slowly destroying it. We all have seen people that crave that instant gratification and always want, want want. They can never wait and be patient. They fail to remember that patience is a skill and a very valuable one at that.

You will know the right one.
When you meet the girl that is right for you, you will know it. It will be a different feeling than when you met, dated and was in a relationship with the women of your past.

The feelings that will rise will tell you that you have found the right one. The one you can be with, trust and share the rest of your life with. The feeling will be indescribable.

The feeling is akin to synchronicity, it feels like the universe is speaking to you and giving you a gift. It is like the law of attraction has brought you both together and you are both vibrating at the same frequency.

Just remember.
A rich man will look at a poor woman and elevate her, while a rich woman won’t even lock eyes with a poor man.

Men can have unconditional loyalty to a woman but a woman’s loyalty will always carry conditions. As Briffault’s law states, a woman will only enter a relationship if she can gain something from it. And your relationship(s) are no different – if you fail to live up to a woman’s expectations then she will find a man that will, as long as she is able to find a man that she perceives is better than you.

The only way around this is to find a woman that is truly compatible with you, a woman that trusts and respects you and sees you as an alpha male.

Furthermore, just don’t let your romantic relationship end in a Shakespearean tragedy.