Edging is described as sexual stimulation that is stopped just before the climax of an orgasm. The biggest difference between edging and NEO is that you stop all stimulus on your penis but you actually do have an orgasm with no ejaculation after a prolonged period of time. People who practice edging can and will bring themselves to the brink of climax and then will back off for a few seconds or minutes. Then they bring themselves to the edge of climax again and then back off and keep repeating the procedure until they are satisfied. This prolonged experience towards an orgasm is thrilling for many that practice it. The goal of edging is to maintain masturbation or partner sex for a longer period of time and choosing to delay an orgasm until your partner or yourself is ready to climax.

NEO is non-ejaculatory orgasm and is synonymous with NES which is non-ejaculatory sex. Both terms are use interchangeably and are part of the Semen Retention philosophy.  As with edging, sexual energy is built up in NEO because the semen is not lost, so that when you finally decide to have an ejaculatory orgasm it’ll be way more intense than a normal orgasm (if you do decide to ejaculate). Though, many philosophers of SR that engage in NEO/NES do not ejaculate but do have an orgasm – they do this because they still want to transmutate the life energy that they have in their bodies. From anecdotal experiences, this orgasm can be very intense and even tantric. Furthermore, having an orgasm and not ejaculating is not an easy event; it takes sometimes months or even years of practice after strengthening and building up pelvic and perineum muscles.

Karezza is a type of gentle, affectionate sexual intercourse. The word “karezza” comes from the Italian word “carezza,” meaning “caress.” The goal of Karezza, unlike most kinds of sexual intercourse, is not orgasm but reaching a relaxed state of union with your sexual partner. There is emotional bonding as well as an intertwine of sexual energies. This is how you bond and/or heal if you have a partner – the emphasis of this interaction is on becoming one rather than getting off. This is where you remain at the plateau phase of intercourse for as long as possible, avoiding the seminal emission and where you embrace your partner and sooth them with touch.

Edging is a way for someone to make masturbation or partner sex last longer. But there is a dark side to edging that mainstream blogs and forums do not talk about. Partly because it is taboo and partly because the writers, editors and reviewers do not “practice what they preach” aka they have NEVER edged before and therefore have no idea what they are talking about. 

Many people who are new to NoFap feel that edging makes them not relapse or the potential to relapse is alot lower if they edge. But this is not true and the reality is completely different since edging stimulates dopamine even more than ordinary masturbation does.

Will you get blue balls?There are clinical studies that demonstrate that semen is actually reabsorbed by the body. Most importantly, the “blue balls” characterization happens because there is no release to the huge sexual tension and energy accumulated. This will not happen with NEO or Karezza but does happen with Edging. Thus, I would say edging is indeed an unhealthy task and is of great risk.

What are the benefits of having Non Ejaculatory / Tantric Sex?

  • Increased desire for your partner 
  • You’ll tend to be more faithful to her
  • Deeper emotional bonds
  • More sense of harmony and mutual understanding
  • Physical and mental rejuvenation (since you’re not losing sperm/energy)

What is better NEO or Karezza?Having NEO based sex to many people is way better and beneficial than Karezza. According to Taoism: during the coitus there is an exchange of huge amounts of energies that aren’t possible to attain with Karezza mostly due to the lack of penetration and the  huge sexual tension that comes along with that.

 Karezza is about slow sensuality; the bonding of two bodies in a slow and caressing fashion.  Practitioners of Karezza engage in sensual bonding activities such as smiling, hugging, grasping and any other skin-to-skin contact rather than the typical foreplay or pre-sex activities. When Karezza practitioners reach the act of sexual intercourse, it is often slow and relaxed since Karezza is more about bonding and reaching an interconnection between two human beings. It is about harmony, understanding and vibrating on the same energetic frequency.
With NEO, you can have rough, slow, hard or fast intercourse – just as you would in a typical sexual intercourse environment but without the ejaculation. As in Taoism, Jing is your essence, this is your semen, this is your life force – this is something that brings you to higher vibrational frequencies. So it is best to not waste it. If you want to have a girlfriend or wife or fiance or partner and still practice Semen Retention then NEO is best for you since you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

How to perform Karezza:
Performing Karezza has no set method. But there is an emphasis on the need for quiet, warmth, relaxation, and love instead of passion and a lot of physicality. It begins with caressing and verbal communication of the words “I love you” as well as affirmations of beauty and goodness. Touching moves into intercourse, which should be slow and, again, focused on love rather than passion. There should also be a focus on unity and becoming one with your sexual partner in feeling, energy, and thought. You know you’ve done Karezza successfully if you feel you’ve experienced a direct unifying connection to your lover.

Common Karezza positions are usually relaxed such as lying side by side or on top of one another. Penetration should be slow, deliberate, rhythmic and sensual to avoid orgasm as to prolong your sexual experience and increase your connection, closeness, magnetism and allure between yourself and your sexual partner.

During Karezza, try using some of the following bonding behaviors to enhance your sensual and sexual experience, without causing an orgasm:

  • Smile when you make eye contact and kepe smiling
  • make a lot of skin-to-skin contact especially with the hands and lips (kisses)
  • look into each other’s eyes when both your eyes meet
  • listen to your partner intently so you can be empathetic
  • synchronize your breathing with each other
  • cradle your partner, especially when the love-making is passionate and slow
  • hold or spoon your partner in stillness and even silence for a prolonged period or time (such as 30 minutes or more)
  • make sounds of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction in front of your partner
  • comfort your partner by stroking them and giving hugs
  • massage your partner on their feet, shoulders, or head
  • lie with one ear over your partner’s heart to hear their heartbeat

Here is what you need to know about Karezza:
The end goal of Karezza is increased closeness with your partner and not an orgasm with traditional sexual intercourse. The emphasis with Karezza is love, closeness, unity, togetherness, one-ness instead of passion and basal pleasure.

Sex where an orgasm is the goal can be stressful and performance anxiety can add to that toll. So why not try Karezza where bonding and sensuality is the goal. Try it for at least three weeks and see if it has an affect on your sexual life and well-being. Karezza is meant to be simple, and because of that, it can easily be over-thought. But the relaxing, bonding behaviors used in Karezza signal safety and closeness. It may also take a lot of practice to perfect and thus can become tedious but the end results are amazing. It may also feel frustrating trying to avoid an orgasm but remember to be patient and be sure to communicate with your partner while trying this and any other sexual practice since being on the same page and putting in effort is extremely important.