So you feel good to be able to attract the opposite sex. But it may be for all the WRONG REASONS.

You might be getting chicks but this might be due to your beta game and not your alpha game. In fact, maybe she called you off the bench. You may have been one of her beta orbiters,her free ride guy, her emotional tampon or even her betabux.

 What is a betabux? A betabux is a weak or unmanly man whose relationship with his girlfriend or wife hinges (though he may deny it) entirely on his ability to fund her preferred lifestyle. Sometimes it refers to the money accrued from such a man, but more generally it refers to him directly.

A betabux has the type of beta game where you compliment women, bow down to them, put them on a pedestal, and everything is always your fault. All the while she hooks up with who she really wants; Chad that comes in from out of town and pumps and dumps her, ignores her calls, until he needs servicing again. Who does she call in the meanwhile? Y-O-U.

So for all the blue pills out there being chivalrous; there are many GREAT WOMEN out there. But society has changed and there are many deceitful woman that will use you dry and taken take off. So you might actually be doing yourself a grave mistake. Now, there is nothing wrong with being chivalrous, but there is something wrong with an incorrect approach. With a bad approach, some women may say they like this but at a basal level, most women hate that you do these things, even though she may or may not even say it. Her actions will speak more than her words.

Now, giving her flowers isn’t weak. You just forgot to put her on an emotional roller-coaster and that was what made you look weak. It doesn’t mean you are actually weak. What it means is that in that specific woman’s head, you are perceived as weak. She has already placed you in the “beta box” and it is hard to get out of that role. In fact, it is best to pack up and just move on.

Just remember.