Yes, some men do blame the watching of porn to every negative in their lives but for many, this is actually TRUE. Their addiction may be so over-arching that it affects their work, their relationships and every single aspect of their lives.

Yes, NoFap is legit and is a serious movement to address the issue of porn addiction. Many of the men trying to adhere to NoFap have Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) and this causes a detriment to their lives.

The one thing that many NoFappers have in common is that they suffer from  a pornography addiction and compulsive masturbation habits albeit for various reasons.  Many feel that there is shame in this fact and as  such that they anonymously seek solace, help as well as acceptance in a like-minded online community which pursues abstinence of pornography and better relationships to porn-masturbation-orgasm [PMO] as the solution.

In general, NoFap actually wants you to have sex as long as its with someone you truly love! What masturbation does is the opposite, it just makes you lonely. That’s why NoFap is serious.

The over use of porn to the point that it ceases to excite oneself  has become a serious problem in society and more light needs to be shed on the issue.

How did NoFap come to be?
NoFap was coined from a 2011 Reddit forum conversation between people who had sworn off masturbation. The term NoFap is now a trademarked name and a business and came from the word “fap” – which meant to jerk off. What started as a casual discussion has blossomed into a well known website and an organization that promotes the quitting of not just masturbation, but also porn and other negative sexual behaviors. The audience is mostly Millennials and Generation Xers along with some Generation Zers and Baby Boomers – mostly men but with some women with a large part of this group being straight males along with minority groups from the LGBT+ community and beyond.

A study had found that not ejaculating for 7 days increased testosterone levels – by 145.7 percent to be exact (Jiang 2003) and  fueled the 2011 Reddit discussion that started a chain reaction and created a legitimate movement that is now counter to pornography. Some members of that subreddit went on to not masturbate for a week (or more) and shared other benefits that included mental and physical improvements as well as spiritual gains. These included awakenings and epiphanies and over-time, words such as NoFap, Fapstronaut, Monk Mode, Hard Mode and fapstinence came into being.

The community is growing large ever since its inception. Hundreds of thousands of men and women from all over the world – from varying religious to non-religious beliefs, are experiencing life changing benefits by getting rid of porn consumption. The best thing about someone being skeptic to this trend is that they can experience it for themselves. Just stay focused, be patient and simply don’t masturbate. If it doesn’t works for you, well. Go on, mind your own life and continue masturbating to whatever you like to masturbate, no judgement made.

But, there is ever increasing scientific evidence about the downside effects in the neuro-endocrine system regarding porn over-consumption as seen only in the traditional substance abuse addicted brain. We need to realize that porn distribution is a never seen phenomena of the 21st century – further studies must be made. Science is just on the tip of the iceberg right now and it will be interesting to see how and if the epigenetics are affected by these behaviors.

Of course, masturbating is natural – bonobo chimps do it and so as other animals – it is part of our biological behaviors. But what is not healthy is the use of an augmented reality that produces super organic stimuli that hijacks your brain and rewires it – paving the way to a vicious circle. 

Ever heard of the chaser effect?
The chaser effect is a PMO or MO binge you go on when you orgasm after a while on no fap. This is commonly done after a relapse but not limited to it. It can also happen when you engage in sex and fall into a desire to receive more pleasure and gratification.

If you fall down the rabbit hole then you’ll keep having an orgasm until you are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. People fall into the trap where they feel as if it is now okay to binge since they have already relapsed. But this is not okay and is just re-enforcing a negative behavior.

DO NOT reinforce negative behaviours.

But, the chaser effect goes beyond NoFap and it’s practices since it is a characteristic of many compulsive addiction and disorders. The chaser effect can present itself in any compulsive disorder you can think of, such as the alcoholic going on a bender after a relapse or the cocaine addict just wanting a small minute hit after going months without one. But once he or she gets a taste then it is over, they are back to full addict mode.

Since an addict is always an addict, if they are clean only because they are staying away from their vice(s). The junk-food addict on a diet can go on a binge-eating journey after eating just a burger. There has never been any concrete scientific research done on the “chaser effect.”

But if you ask any addict, they will tell you all about it. They will tell you their struggles, their ups and downs and what their addiction coupled with the chaser effect has done to their lives.

The chaser effect is real and so is the addiction to porn.

I still can’t believe some people these days still don’t believe one can be addicted to pornography. It is the equivalent of saying one can’t be addicted to alcohol or pain killers. The fact is, anyone can be addicted to anything at anytime – all that needs to happen are the right factors at the right time.

This is why many fappers turn to NoFap:
It may not be an implicit cure all but it helps. For many it is a life saver and for many more a life changer. For many of these men (and women) NoFap is the change in mental mindset that they need.

It is the push to turn their life around and make something of themselves after struggling with a serious addiction. This life change can be slow for many and rapid for some – but however long that change takes, it is still a change for the better.

Many people know something is wrong. One of these people can be you right now reading this. If you are on the fence of trying a NoFap challenge or just diving head first into the practice then why not do it?

People do the NoFap challenge because they want to do it to challenge themselves, improve their health and better their futures.

So, if you are curious about NoFap practice and the challenges then read below.

You are here because you have heard about NoFap, maybe even have started or tried to practice it. No matter what stage you are at – the main goal is to have a better life for all and for many to kick a really bad porn addiction.

Many get frustrated and confused when they read articles that NoFap works and then read other articles that it is fake or doesn’t work or has a placebo effect.

Once again, if you are confused or on the fence about this then just try it for yourself – this is the best way to do things. Learn first hand if it is real or fake.

YOLO – you only live once, so why waste it on maybe? If you start NoFap and it is ‘fake’ then at least you know. But, if you don’t try it you will always be wondering “what if”. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. So take a chance on NoFap so that it can change your life.

Watching porn can cause issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). There is even ‘Porn Creep’ that is caused by excessive pornography in combination with frequent masturbation. There no scientific research that says excessive masturbation causes any harmful effect on your health but we still don’t know the long term effects of an augmented sexual reality on the human mind.

This is the age of sexual dysfunction – more men that ever, especially Millennials and Generation Zers are having erectile dysfunction issues. For most, having this kind of disability is shameful especially in a hyper-sexual age where sex and sexuality is open discussed, and performed.

The best thing to do is start, continue or try the NoFap challenge again. Your future self with thank you. Through anecdotal accounts, many people have claimed that NoFap has cured their ED. Many others have always claimed that they are seeing a link between a weak immune system and pornography, though the scientific backing towards this claim is lacking.

I personally have experienced NoFap benefits on many levels, on my mental health, physical health and spiritual health and you can experience these too. All you have to do is try.

There has been countless times I have looked back at my past self and wondered what would have happened if I didn’t start NoFap? Even the thought of not knowing about this practice scares me because it has changed my life for the better in every way.

Here are the NoFap benefits I have experienced:
Your bad habits will fall to the wayside. Your confidence and eye contact will improve while your self image becomes increasingly better. You will be cheerful and helpful to family and friends – be it an intellectual task or a physical one. Your skin, posture and general health will improve while women of all ages and looks will be drawn to you because you are exuding sexual energy. How? Well communication is a seduction – if you can communicate well, you are seducing through words whomever you are interacting with. Remember, every interaction between one person with another or a group of people is a seduction. You are wooing people over with your eloquent and concise thoughts.

You won’t even have to try any more – all you have to do is desire, plan and succeed. Manifestation and synchronicity start to happen and manifestation occurs not because you want it to happen but because you need it to happen. Furthermore, to convince others of your idea, you will just have to state your argument. Your way with words will be a seduction. You will then understand how easy and simple life can be as compared with your previous self. You will become humorous to those around you and lose the habit of judging others. Your humour will not be forced but natural with a seductive charm. You will become more creative not just logically or with a master memory but because your mind will be sharper and with keen intellect. People around you will admire this which adds to your sense of self. You may even come off as intimidating to highly educated and successful people.

Your fear of death will disappear – while life is seemingly perpetual. People will want to please you and even go out of their way to do this. They will do things to get you involved because of that natural gravitational pull that you have. You will always be noticed. Your presence will heat the room, not only because of your mindset, body language and mentality but that seductive charm and sexual energy that you exude.

By just experiencing life – you will orgasm multiple times per day. Time will seem to move slower for you and you will achieve a lot more than others do in a day. Gender roles and stereotypes will disappear from your mind and you will naturally love both men and women equally. Your love for others, even animals will increase exponentially and you will start to see multiple viewpoints. Your body will be full of life and energy as if it is producing cocaine. This is the state of being where you are at your optimal, you are full of positivity and you are able to manifest your needs. You will find it hard to be in any other state. You will see women as human beings and not objects to conquer while seeing men as friends and not competitors. Life will be all about positivity.

Your will become a gravitational pull for people – even children. People will want to be around you for unexplained reasons at times. You will seem like a breath of fresh air – an aura of plain positivity that everyone wants to inhale. Your body language will be stoic, assertive, quiet, laid back and heroic. You will be assertive without having a domineering behavior – you will be stoic without heartless sensitivity – you will be ambitious without unbridled avarice and you will be competitive without having outright sociopathic aggression while all feelings of confusion will become alien to you.

You will finish projects and tasks with ease because your general stamina and clarity of mind will be improved. You will become beautiful in mind and body so much that people will stare at you in streets. Your dreams will change and take shape into reality. Sleeping will become meditative while insights will come after every sleep. Your mouth will only utter what should be uttered in a situation such as facts in a clear, concise and non-offensive tone. You will be able to show up in any meeting or gathering trusting this ability with firm confidence. Furthermore, you would always feel as if you have found true love – love of yourself, love of your family, love of your friends, love in people and love of the world.

Where will NoFap go in the future?
There is no telling where research on the long term effects of readily available porn will have on the human mind. What needs to be understand is that porn in moderation can have positive and negative effects on a person – but porn in excess will always have a negative effect on the human psyche.

The key argument here is to realize that many people can regulate and watch porn in moderation, but for some it becomes an over-bearing addiction. That addiction to porn is no different that a person addicted to drugs and has very deleterious effects.