NoFap can help you in terms of self discipline and success. NoFap helps you detoxify  your life from the chains of pornography and/or PMO. With NoFap you can enjoy this phenomenon known as a dopamine detox aka a dopamine fast. If you want to know how to do a dopamine detox then learn about NoFap and its practices then try your hand at a challenge.

Can you reset the neurochemicals in your brain? Yes you can.

As I have said many times before, we don’t know the long term effects of an augmented reality on our brains. But we have seen the positive benefits of dopamine detoxing.

 Countless people have used detoxes to de-influence their brain’s reward system so they get away from negative energy and situations and focus on positive ones.

 During your dopamine detox avoid social media, and porn – which at this time in society, porn and social media are two things that go hand in hand. There is so much sex and sexual innuendos on social media that it has basically become intertwined with the sex industry. Therefore, we need to lower or eliminate anything that stimulates your brain in a negative way and replace that with something positive such as learning a new language or skill.

Dopamine is commonly framed as a feel-good chemical of the brain, but your brain’s relationship to dopamine is a lot more complicated than you think. Furthermore, dopamine has established itself as the driving force behind wants and cravings. Dopamine compels you to do whatever you want to do regardless of the short-term and long-term effects. Imagine this, you’re in the middle of your shift at work or studying for school when your phone dings – suddenly your brain will give you a rush of dopamine and the compulsion to check your phone, coupled with a burst of excitement and enthusiasm. Your reward is hearing that ding which means someone messaged you, or liked your photo or video or left a message on any multitude of social media posts – which can be so thrilling. That is what drives pornography to become such an issue in modern day society and is forever fueled by a very open and sexual modern day culture.

Now imagine what kind of havoc porn and/or PMO is currently doing to your life or someone you know. Many of you are here because it is wreaking havoc on your life, your friends and your family. Many men even complain of being alienated and isolated from common everyday life.

This is why NoFap is a serious issue and movement:

NoFap is a serious movement and practice to address the issue of porn addiction. Many of the men trying to adhere to NoFap have Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) and this causes a detriment to their lives.

Yes, some men do blame the watching of porn to every negative in their lives but for many, this is actually TRUE. Pornography can take over anyone’s life at anytime as long as the right factors are presented. Once this happens then addiction and dependency set in and solidifies itself in that person’s life.

Their addiction may be so over-arching that it affects their work, their relationships and every single aspect of their lives. This addiction is fueled by the dopamine rush they get each time they PMO and that need for more increases each and every time.

Thus, the one thing that many NoFappers have in common is that they suffer from a pornography addiction and compulsive masturbation habits albeit for various reasons.  Many feel that there is shame in this fact and as such that they anonymously seek solace and help as well as acceptance in like-minded online communities which pursue the abstinence of pornography and better relationships and opposes porn-masturbation-orgasm [PMO] as the solution.

In general, NoFap actually wants you to have sex as long as its with someone you truly love! What masturbation does is the opposite, it just makes you lonely. That’s why NoFap is serious.

The over use of porn in society has come to the point that it ceases to excite many and has become a serious problem that more light needs to be shed on.