Semen retention and NoFap aren’t the same thing – although many people will use them interchangeably in the same context. Their end goal modus operandi may be the same but the start and reasons to start can be vastly different.

Semen Retention is sometimes called sexual continence or coitus reservatus. It is the act and practice of retaining your seminal fluids. With Semen Retention, you can do this by abstaining from sexual activity altogether or by learning how to orgasm without ejaculating. This might all seem like a new thing but the practice is as old as humankind itself. People from all over the world and all walks of life have different reason for practicing and these reasons typical lay in 3 categories: physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Many people claim that semen retention improves fertility, sexual pleasure, and physical health and believe that sperm retention helps redirect sexual energies and desire to other areas of life such as motivation and the ambition to accomplish one’s goals. Others feel it improves emotional health and spiritual growth. And for some, it’s the ultimate journey and tool of self-control.

NoFap is a website and community forum that serves as a support group for those who wish to give up pornography and masturbation. Its name comes from the slang term fap, referring to male masturbation. The movement started on Reddit in 2011 during an online convversation between individuals who’ve given up masturbation for varying reasons. What started as a casual discussion is now a website and organization that promotes quitting not just masturbation, but also porn and other sexual behaviors. Their target audience is predominantly straight males, with smaller groups of women and LGBT+ community members. Proponents argue that adopting the NoFap lifestyle offers a range of benefits, from mental clarity to muscle growth. 

NoFap has become a legitimate and is a serious movement to address the issue of porn addiction. Many of the men trying to adhere to NoFap have Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) and this causes a detriment to their lives. Many men do blame the watching of porn to most of the negativity in their lives but for some, this is actually TRUE. Their addiction may be so over whelming and over-arching that it affects their work, their relationships and every single aspect of their lives. The one thing that many NoFappers aka Fapstronauts have in common is that they suffer from a pornography addiction and compulsive masturbation habits albeit for various reasons with many men (and women) feeling shame from this fact. Many  anonymously seek solace, help as well as acceptance in a like-minded online communities which pursue abstinence of pornography and better relationships towards porn-masturbation-orgasm [PMO] as the solution (i.e. to not masturbate).

In general, NoFap actually wants you to have sex as long as its with someone you truly love! What masturbation does is the opposite, it just makes you lonely.  The over use of porn to the point that it ceases to excite oneself has become a serious problem in society and more light needs to be shed on the issue. That’s why NoFap is serious.

They are two sides for the same coin. A Semen Retainer and a NoFapper are both holding semen for the same end goal – the betterment of their lives.

The only difference is – the individual that practices Semen Retention may watch porn with impunity. Furthermore, the practice of Semen Retention does not hinge on the deleterious effects of pornography and with Semen Retention – you can avoid ejaculation while still enjoying sexual activity and orgasm.

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence within the NoFap community. Many members are happy to share the rewards they’ve reaped from giving up masturbation or porn. And by all means, that is an amazing thing but take care to note that some people may read and expect a certain outcome and tailor themselves until that comes to fruition – making the journey a type of placebo effect. That does not mean there is anything to take away from that person or their experience. The bottom line is moving away from pornography and onto bigger and better things.

NoFap and Semen Retention share common end goals but the journey, starts and reasons may be different. Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation and NoFap is the practice of avoid pornography. NoFap and Semen Retention offer both the same mental, physical and spiritual effects. With Semen Retention, people might adhere to different schools of thought. Some feel it is a waste of energy to even orgasm while others feel it is necessary in order to continue the practice and not relapse. There are many forms of Semen Retention such as Karezza, Non-ejaculatory Orgasm (NEOs) aka Non-ejaculatory Stimulation (NES), and Edging. In order to practice what most consider more advanced forms, you need to have a good understand of your body as well as serious muscle control – where you learn to flex your pelvic floor muscles as well as perform kegel exercises to help you master an orgasm without ejaculation.

Over-all, if your end goal is happiness, productivity, better relationships, being on a high vibrational plane and having a life full of energy, then both NoFap and Semen Retention are both vehicles to get you to that destination.

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