For those seeking a relationship:
Virtual dating has become popular because of the pandemic. These days, a lot of first dates are taking place on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype before people take the leap to meeting in person, such as a socially distanced walk or having lunch or dinner on totally separate tables. In fact, many daters are saying that virtual dating is not as bad or awkward as they originally imagined.

Video dating features or services weren’t popular before the pandemic. But now, people don’t want to return to in-person first dates because virtual dating is so much more convenient — people don’t have to dress up and go somewhere plus there are no costs to these dates if you use the free services.

For those in a relationship:
In the quarantine many love repercussions have been seen. Some couples find a stronger bond and coexistence in their relationship while others are fighting a constant battle.

But… Why?

Long before quarantine, there were relationships that seemed to be ending, but thanks to the isolation, confinement and world instability, they have resurfaced from the ashes of presumable doom and a new bonding experience has been created.

The fact is, the quarantine has affected all of us. Young or old, black or White, healthy or sick – it has had an impact on all of our lives. If your relationship is strong with a good foundation then the pandemic can only make it stronger. Though, many couples are on the opposite end of this spectrum where they are finding it hard to have and maintain a relationship.

There is a formula for strength in couples: They should make good use of their time together to talk, play, spend time with children, have quality time together as well as apart – that’s where a couple’s strength and creativity lie.

Another very important factor that influences relationships can be the dynamics of cohabitation that was maintained before the pandemic. If, for example, a family member traveled a lot, but now because of the pandemic they are confined with their loved ones then this can allow them to be open and talk about any and all problems that have been left unresolved in the relationship. This allows everything to be put on the table and for the healing to begin.

Finally, what the confinement did was promote communication, problem solving and improvement with inter-sexual dynamics as well as certain intimate situations – since there is more time to be together and communicate.


If you are currently dating…

Then you need to have the Covid talk. Especially before meeting in person. Each party needs to understand what the other person is doing, their attitudes toward mitigation measures including mask wearing, disposition to testing and/or quarantine, before meeting.

If you are already in a relationship…

The confinement has been an order from the Government and that generated chaos that took everyone by surprise. There are many couples with whom confinement did not work in their favor (and this is to be expected). For some people, the pandemic has left them on a battlefield.  The first thing to realize is that each and every relationship is unique and nobody was prepared for this confinement with all the negative (and positive) events it presents.

The situation in which many previous couples found themselves before the confinement was not a positive one. It is recognized that those couples who began to do so badly have to see, first of all, what their antecedents are and confront them plus understand that confinement confronts them with their own problems head on and if there are no appropriate communication channels, then those problems generally lead to anger, aggressiveness, rudeness, silence, indifference, and a break up if things get worse.

Many times, the problem with confrontations has more to do with a person being conflicted, sad, frustrated or upset, and that makes intimacy less than pleasant and seldomly occurring. This makes the relationship uncomfortable to where people start to say that they don’t want to be cohabitating with each other and don’t want to be in a relationship at all. Thus, if there is already a personal problem with confinement and the pandemic then those problems will end up seeping into the relationship and affect it as well.

Relationships and the pandemic

If you are dating during the pandemic then there can be more time to communicate. Couples who met during lockdowns say they have had more time to talk to each other with fewer distractions, which led to deeper conversations. This is why video dating is taking off. Health experts recommend virtual dating as the safest way for people to engage with each other, especially for singles who have health conditions. It’s also the best time to discuss people’s routines and interactions, given the pandemic. Thus, virtual dating has become popular because of the pandemic.

If you already in a relationship then the main thing in a relationship or marriage is that it requires work, communication and honesty. Before giving up on any relationship, it is best to work through the issues in a healthy way – talk about the problems that are affecting the relationship and see if there can be agreements and compromises. Once all other means are exhausted then it might be best to leave the relationship in order to end the toxicity.

Also, it is wise to speak up and ask for forgiveness since everyone makes mistakes and each partner needs to be respectful, especially when the other partner is acknowledging their mistake and is sorry for their actions.

As stated, respect is an integral part of every relationship. Couples must always desire to be with each other and if they do not, each partner needs to understand what the issue is and whether that issue is with the relationship or themselves. The importance of prudence, and saying things in the right way and at the right time, can also be emphasized. Finally, it must be clear on which direction the relationship is headed in order to remain in sync with your partner.

What is love like in the times of Covid?

Millions of couples around the world have entered into distant relationship with each for months due to Covid-19. Some are in the same towns and cities, yet have not seen their significant others for months while others are from different countries, thousands of kilometers away from each other when the virus broke out and now have to deal wit border closures and the cancellation of flights.

The virus has caused many strifes and schisms in the lives of many people across the globe. There is not only a triggered a crisis but a toll in the lives of families and their health but also in the economic, emotional and social aspects.

The main situation that the pandemic represents is the challenge for parents or caregivers due to their relationship with the academic environment of their children.

For many generations, adults have been used to leaving the responsibilities of education and school supervision to schools. However, the issue of the pandemic, parents or caregivers have been immersed in the educational and academic processes of their children which can bring a heaven burden and emotional toll on the parent(s).

Many adults have been faced with the need to self-manage and control themselves in order to overcome conflicts between parents and children, and previous relationships from the point of view of care and parenting.