Unfortunately, we live in a world where looks do matter to a certain extent.

Looks might get you the initial attention you want, but they won’t help you maintain a long term relationship. Not a healthy one anyways.

Some people were born with good looks, these people won the genetic lottery as they say. And that is okay, we won’t hate on them because whether you believe it or not, you can increase your physical attraction and if you can only increase your attractiveness slightly, that’s still a win.

Most people typically date 1 point above or below their attractiveness level. So, if you are an 8 on the scale, you can date 7s and 8s  while easily bagging a 9 and even possibly a 10 if you play your cards right.

Here’s the thing: If you know you can increase your physical attractiveness, if you know you can get to the point where the opposite sex starts showing interest without you trying, isn’t that confidence in itself?

The thing about confidence is that it’s a feeling constructed on a foundation of logical and structured reasoning. “If this, then that.”

You can’t “fake” confidence. Your mind needs proof. It needs reason. It needs something palpable, or real.

“But I’ve done it! I faked it until I made it.”

No, you didn’t. You took action that ultimately guided you through the steps of becoming a confident individual. And once you got those steps right more than once, the fear started melting away. Confidence isn’t something you can pull out of your ass. It requires the knowledge to create the steps necessary to get there. Hence the age-old adage: “Knowledge is power.”

In other words, this disgraceful wall of text can be summarized into one paragraph: if you know that you could eventually get what you want, is it really that important? The answer is almost always no. This satisfaction of desire then becomes the gateway to becoming more confident and attractive, because you no longer need what ever it was that you wanted. Most people who get what they want end up moving onto something new. That’s why you see so many married men cheating on their model-looking wives, why the excitement of a new car wears off, and why your new job eventually becomes boring.

So how do you become more attractive? 


Your mental and spiritual being is just as important to physical attractiveness as your physical self. People can sense when you don’t feel attractive, irregardless of how attractive you really are. Furthermore, going to the gym to build musculature and eating healthy is always a good thing. Third, your wardrobe can and will increase your attractiveness. Don’t believe me? Check this article out for more details.  Where you maximize your SMV through self care, fashion and photography.

Over-all, if you feel good, look good and have an excellent mental state and spiritual outlook you can notch up on the ladder of attractiveness.