People conflate confidence with money because a lot of men are confident only with money. They feel that when they have a lot of women then they can walk up to any woman and have a better chance when compared to not having much money.

A lot of guys don’t have the confidence to walk away from women. They feel they need to have the backing of money to walk away and not tolerate the bad attitudes and bullshit.

They do this because a lot of men unfortunately measure their confidence and success by how much money they make. And as such, many good-looking men feel insecure because they only make $30K a year.

But, life is complicated and nuanced. Don’t parallel how much money you make with your confidence. When you approach a woman, she doesn’t know how much money you make, what you do as a job or how rich you are. You are just a guy, maybe in a really nice suit approaching her and that is all she has to go off.

The baddest girl is the most cooperative.
Most women buy into the bullshit more than you do – If a woman thinks she is good looking, then she feels you should bend the knee to her due to all the Simps bending over backwards and so on, so she feels she can do it to any man.

If you want a great relationship then the girl has to be consistent in putting effort to being co-operative.

If a girl is un-cooperative on the first date then it is a huge red flag for any future outings and interactions.

If you choose a venue and the woman has illegitimate issues with that venue then that is also a red flag. The venue is actually you, she is going out with you to get to know you, not the place – you are the venue. If she has issues with the venue then she is making the venue about her. She is saying she doesn’t give a damn about you, she cares more about you bringing her where she wants to go so she can waste your time and feel good about herself after. So, if there is protest that is unreasonable then it is best you re-consider future interactions.

Co-operative women become your new normal.
Once this becomes your new normal then you are the least receptive to women who want you to bend the knee to them. Furthermore, have women who aren’t influenced by money surround you. You can have money but any woman that is influenced by money at first is not the type of woman you want around you – the relationship dynamic will be different.

Only be in validating relationships where both partners value the relationship – you will find them a lot more easy than transactional ones. Cooperation is a pillar in any stable relationship, so why go into a transactional one? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Most men don’t experience this.
There are so many men out there that have not experienced a co-operative woman. They don’t even know women can be like this because they experience feminist indoctrinated women that feel they are better than you. They have a certain mindset of you and that mindset and attitude has given them results before and as such they maintain the behaviour.

When a woman really wants you in their life then they will let you know. When a woman wants you then she will ALWAYS let you know: through speech, actions or both.

Most men don’t experience a woman that is extremely attracted to them. These men often form warped, twisted and even toxic relationships with the opposite sex and then adopt a very black pill mindset because of this.

There are a lot of woman that think they are better than you (or any man).
It is your job to prove to them that they are not, not in a malicious way but make them understand that we all have ups and downs and just because you have a job and a nice house, 3 to 6 months down the road, that can all disappear because you have lost your job or what has happened to millions of Americans; COVID.

Covid-19 has destroyed millions of American’s lives and lively hoods. Furthermore, a bum on the street that you look down on can easily use a dollar, buy a lottery ticket and be a multi-millionaire the next day.

Yes, there are social classes but anyone can move up or move down depending on our circumstances. So, don’t look down on anyone because tomorrow, that can be you.

This is why I say…

Thank god for the down to earth girls. These women understand life, they understand that life is hard and just because a man isn’t rich doesn’t mean he should be disrespected. Furthermore, I always see the ones I know that will look down on me; dressing in furs, blond hair, movie star glasses that think they are hot shit.

Over-all, I have learnt to avoid women who don’t have a down to earth sense of themselves for YEARS, it is just better for my mental health and I have been way happier since this type of realization. This includes all the women looking to financially drain a man of his hard-earned assets.

It is a skill or will problem.
Money does matter in relationships but what also matters are your relationship skills and your willingness to be at the peak of your manliness or at least heading in that direction.

As I have said before, if you are lacking as a man for an extended period of time in any relationship then you will be replaced soon. You can see this at school, work or relationships – if you can’t meet your work commitments, then after a while you will be fired. If you are not prepared for a test at school then you get poor grades – this is just life.

A lot of men are lacking the skill and will when it comes to dating and relationships because they are in the midst of significant gynocentric movements in the past few decades. I am not hating on this but female centered movements have had a profound effect on the male psyche.

Men have become more mundane, apologetic, over-careful and timid. Thus, making the transition into dating as an adolescent and teenager much more difficult.

Be her guilty pleasure.
Interact with her to the point where you not only stimulate her mind but also her body.

Don’t be the guy a woman deals with while waiting for the guy she truly wants.

Just because you are with a woman, doesn’t mean she is with you. She might be around you but might feel as if she is not with you.

We all have our own guilty pleasures.

If you’re a man, your guilty pleasure might be video games, fruity cocktails, or even curling. Maybe you have some subtle or overt obsessions with the Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama or Bob’s Burgers.

But, if you’re a woman, however, there’s a pretty darn good chance your guilty pleasure is men: Hanging out with men, being with men, playing with men or having a transactional relationship with men.

Thus, as I have said before, money does matter in relationships but make it matter for the right reasons, not to be used and abused in a transactional relationship but to be used to build the foundation of a strong family.