A lot of men feel that having any feminine traits or tendencies is a bad thing. But, the thing is, they have been lied to.

If you want to be a complete man in a masculine frame then you must learn to embrace both positive male tendencies as well as positive female tendencies. A lot of men go wrong by embracing both the positive and negative male tendencies only. And this can and may come off as male machismo or toxic male energy. 

The key to life is to have a duality, where you embrace both positive male and female aspects; where you leave out the bad and take in the good. This would give you a complete ying and yang aspect.

As a man, you should be able to protect your family. That is what it means to be a man in the traditional sense. But, if you have mastered that then also master taking care of your family as well. Once you learn traditionally female roles such as  care-giving, emotional intelligence, support of a significant other as well as cleaning then you have mastered both your life and yourself. You will be an independent and unstoppable force. You won’t be dependent on anyone to have things done for you or take care of your loved ones since you won’t have the inability or lack of knowledge to do so.

Be the unstoppable man that can provide, protect and care for his family and friends. Be the man that can master a masculine frame yet have feminine energy. Be the man that can empathize with  as well as advise others.  Be the man that has mastered himself by being independent and having the ability to not only know how to provide for himself but can see past traditional gender roles and incorporate within himself the best of both.

This, would truly be wisdom.

Remember, having a masculine frame simply means that you’re able to walk through life as a man. You can be calm when needed, or take aggressive action when needed.