If Jeff Bezos gave everyone a piece of his billions; I wonder what people would do. Many people would buy a McDonald’s meal, go watch a movie, or just get some ice-cream.

Not many would sit back and ponder that one man has enough money to give to every single human being on the planet and everyone would get $17.50?

This goes back to the article of having the right mindset towards money is critical to understanding how to circulate and multiply money.

People prioritize things that should not be prioritized and make things an options that are the foundations to their success.
For instance, if someone wins $2000. They probably would spend it as if they did not earn it (because they didn’t). In my mindset, that $2000 was easily got but will not easily go. I would invest it into the markets or hire writers for articles to expand my online marketing business. This is how I would use money to make money. That is a key factor, make your money work for you.

As I have said before:
It is not being cheap it is having the RIGHT MINDSET.Minimize your losses and maximize your gains.


A lot of people these days expect society to hand things to them. This is what people think of my generation (Millennials);  we all have such an attitude. Not hard working, lazy, wanting handouts and expecting things for free.

From my experience, this attitude is seen through-out all generations, even with Baby Boomers. The key identifier here is that people are having a first world attitude towards life and are always wanting freebies.
This first world attitude some say are softening the younger generations and are creating the collapse of North America and the rest of the first world.


Society expects good, hardworking and upstanding people. Those that are sick when they call in sick and not just to party or have a long weekend.

Society expects to give you an equivalence to what you are worth in the world i.e. you provide a certain amount of value then you get the equivalence in merit and monies.

Society expects you to do the right thing and not do the wrong thing then expect a bail-out. Society expects you to be a wise and kind person. We all make mistakes but do not keep doing the same mistake and then ask for forgiveness each and every single time.


Most people squander opportunities given to them. Especially ones that are small or they feel are insignificant. My father always says, “A dollar today is a dollar you did not have yesterday.” That statement always rings true in my life and remains true for not only me but for a lot of other people.