Your social skills and willpower are needed when you cold approach any woman. You need to be quick and witty with your replies and you need to be invested in the outcome. Intelligence is sexy and with your wit, you can be ahead of the curve. 

FIRST, pass the shit tests: When a woman throws a shit test at you, it usually means she is at the very least a bit interested. Therefore, shit tests should always be welcome. It also gives you a chance t show how secure, grounded, quick-witted and self-confident you are. Read this article if you don’t know how.

Why do girls give shit tests? Shit tests show a woman whether this confidence you’re portraying is the real deal. And since you don’t need to tell a woman you want to make love to her to be sexual, you can show your intentions more subtly – with your eye contact and the energy you project.

NOW, proceed to start building attraction: This is done through building trust and comfort and escalating wisely when the situation permits. Be sure to be interesting, watch for signs of interest and desire and be a gravitational pull.

Once there is interest. You need to not end it with a number and/or contact information but to transition into an instant date aka INSTADATE.

Why transition to an INSTADATE? Because you need to stand out, if a female gets hit on 5, 10 or 20 times a day. You won’t be any different from the couple of guys she gave her number to.

Some guys might say: Well, I have a luxury car. Well, so do most of the guys that have her contact information.Some guys might say: Well, I am super attractive. Well, so do a lot of the guys that she gave her number to.Some guys might say: Well, we really clicked and got along great. Well, so do most of the guys she decided to exchange Instagram handles with.
Get it? You need to build a connection, instead of being guy 27 of 140 for the week where she can’t remember your name since so many guys hit on her. Be Mike with whom she went to get ice cream when you two met at the beach. She will remember you like vanilla and she likes cherry. She will remember your name, and your physical features and this is all because you made a human connection.

This is important: To truly be seen as a person instead of a number then you have to not only cold approach and transition well to a conversation but you must also stand out in her head by transitioning into an INSTADATE.

Remember, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. You don’t want to disappear into the ether by just getting a number and then being on the defensive once you contact her and she doesn’t know who you are.