Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation. This is typically done through abstinence of sexual activity or by learning how to  orgasm without ejaculating. This is a practice that had been around as old as humankind and is now being shun in the limelight. People all over the world try abstinence for many different reasons but typically do it for physical and/or emotional and/or spiritual well-being.

It is common belief that regular masturbation is healthy. We see this belief shown to us through movies, television as well as social media. But we have all been fed incorrect information from people who call themselves experts. We all trust experts and do as they say but there are times when you need to take a step back and get a second or even third opinion.
If  you are abstinent or have ever been abstinent you have a first hand understanding of all the wonders and benefits that this entails.

Let’s explore these benefits below.

The way I look at semen retention (SR) is the same way a lot of people look at religion. It is a way for me to simplify and add purpose to my life.  Many people do not know for sure if there is an afterlife yet still abide by the rules, tenets and commandments of their respective religions. The same goes for semen retention, there are no facts proving semen retention and there are no facts disproving semen retention.

Semen retention is just a way to add purpose to my life by following rules that are effective and has made my life full of success and purpose. The fact is, at this point it does not matter if SR is real or not. It has already and still is fulfilling it’s purpose. It has created goals, limits and shaped my life into the man I am today. It has created rules, motivation, accomplishments, assertiveness, ambition and stoic behavior that has helped me at school, work, with family and in my dating life.


More confidence and self control:
Sexual continence has given me confidence due to the mastery of my own self and has allowed me the ability to advance my life in ways I never imagined. Be the person you want to be and see yourself as in the mirror. The first step towards more confidence and self control is the decision to change your life.

Less anxiety and depression:
If you are the restless sleeper or you are a very anxious person then try semen retention for less anxiety and depressive episodes. Sperm retention gives you the results of  increased confidence, removal of depression, anxiety, and fear coupled with less social awkwardness.

Increased motivation:
Those that have done sperm retention have reported receiving huge increases in motivation for life and success, they suddenly want to do more than lay on the couch and watch television all day. So, get the motivation you need in life whether it is to get a better job, getting into better shape or finding a better mental place.  Coitus reservatus will help you accomplish your goals.

Better memory and concentration:
Get better focus, attention, concentration and memory through seminal conservation aka semen retention. Stop losing your load and use all that life energy towards mental alertness, superior memory and amazing concentration powers.


Greater vitality:
With sexual continence you have greater vitality.The ability to create life flows through you so save it and change that life energy into vitality for yourself. You may even look 10 years younger.

Increased muscle growth:
Semen retention helps in muscle building. Abstinence peaks testosterone levels and thus builds more muscle mass and strength.

Thicker hair and a deeper voice:
The more testosterone you have from sexual continence, the thicker your hair is and the deeper your voice gets.

Improved sperm quality:
There will be a significant improvement in sperm quality from your coitus reservatus


Deeper relationships:
More thoughtful relationships await while you are abstinent. You will be more positive, be happy with yourself and learn to listen and understand.

Stronger life force:
It takes a lot of energy to create sperm and is one of the main reasons men live shorter lives on average than women, It is said that when a man produces sperm in order to create life, that sperm production takes part of our life with it. Therefore, ceasing to ejaculate will result in you living longer, aging slower and looking better in appearance.

Better overall happiness:
If you are a restless sleeper or you are a very anxious person then try semen retention for less anxiety and depressive episodes. Contribute to your over-all happiness by gaining focus towards your goals.

Semen Retention is something to learn about and practice if you want to stay clear of a life where your days are dedicated to counter productive deeds. Semen Retention is about having a purpose, a higher vibrational frequency, it is a about transmuting life energy into a purpose exclusive to you. Semen Retention is about introspection, it is about finding yourself and once you find yourself you can find your reason to live a purposeful life. It is also about manifestation; where you manifest a life that you want to live for yourself.

Do you want to change your life? Then try Semen Retention.  What do you got to lose? Except your anxiety, depression, social awkwardness, and negative energy. Semen Retention is no longer about an ancient superstition made up by illiterate farmers who had no idea how biology works or science for that matter. Semen retention (and NoFap) are now a way of life for many modern day men and women and a way for them to focus themselves. No more is Semen Retention about equating, “if semen is required to create a baby, that must mean semen possesses some kind of inherent, magical life-energy.”

There is life energy associated with Semen Retention but that life energy being spoken of is spirituality and manifestation. It is about placing yourself on a high vibrational plane and staying positive while manifesting your goals. No longer is Semen Retention about the laughable non-sense that “if you release semen, some of your life-energy must be leaving your body. And if you don’t release semen, you have more life-energy in your body.”  So join the movement! Change your life for the better –  all you have to do it just try.

Find your best life and purpose through semen retention.

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