Right now there are some men who think that they can’t get women because of their looks.

Because of this mentality, your body language changes and you start to avoid eye contact and keep your head down while conversing with anyone. Your poor attitude and sense of self-uncertainty will make you look unattractive to women and further your negative sense of self in your psyche.

Let’s say you think you’re an average looking man, but you still look women in the eye, you speak to them with certainty and you show interest without being cringy. You will look more attractive because of your confidence shown through your body language.

Don’t think of yourself as an ugly man and start to think of yourself as an average-looking man. Your attitude at the end of the day will decide if you are weird, creepy and cringy and women can and will sense this.  But, if you’re cool and confident, you’ll fall on the attractive and “interesting” end of the spectrum.

The more you normalize women, the more confident you’ll become. The more you don’t pedestalize them, the more attractive you become. Women are attracted to men who tell it like it is and aren’t afraid to put them in their place.  Have you noticed that unattractive women (not in just physicality but attitude) are usually attracted to you? That’s because you don’t put them on a pedestal. You may even seem smooth and confident around these women. The moment you like a woman, you act needy and you put her on a pedestal then you are at her mercy. You will fall right into the category of men she finds unattractive.

Try being indifferent to a woman.  Not in a “she’s out of my league so I won’t try” kinda way. More like, “she’s hot, let’s see if she’s worth my time. If not, I’m not afraid to walk away from her”. The moment you start thinking on these lines, your attitude will change. You’ll feel like you have power in the interaction. You may notice that she will try to be on her best behavior or start showing signs that she’s interested in you. Remember, women are typically creatures of emotion while men are creatures of logic.

This new mindset will take conditioning, but once it’s a part of your personality, you’ll see how much success you’ll have with more attractive women. The more you value yourself, the more she will value you. If she does not value you, don’t get involved with her and save your mental energy for someone else.