So you have decided to start your NoFap journey or you have just relapsed and you are starting over.  You are either curious as to what NoFap is or you are curious to see what you did wrong and what you can improve upon.

 Being in the NoFap lifestyle is about learning new things that will change your life. This journey of Fapstinence will make you a better person, whether you are a man or woman.

NoFap has many stages where you will start to see certain changes and results. These stages all have their own challenges and difficulties and many NoFappers can relapse at any given point.

Face each stage with positivity, a game plan and a way to not relapse. Do your research, read articles on NoFap, dopamine, semen retention and abstinence to better prepare yourself.


STAGE 1 (DAYS 1 to 7)
The journey always starts off easy because guys have either just PMO’d or had some sort of sexual interaction so the need or want to satisfy yourself is at a minimum. But after 3, 4 or 5 days, the need and intensity to PMO will be at an all time high. This is where many guys relapse, after a couple days, especially those that are extremely addicted to porn or those that are on their journey for the first, second or even third time.

What can you expect?
When you are on Days 1 to 3, you typically feel amazing and think you can finish the journey on a roll and with ease – until the sexual urges start to over-take your thinking. This is a do or die moment and where people relapse by not making a game plan.

You’ll have to defeat your urges by taking your mind off of them, try taking a cold shower, try learning something new, try doing your favourite hobby or try meditation. The number one think NOT TO DO IS WATCH PORN. If you watch porn you are pretty much done! DO NOT EDGE, do not keep thinking how this sucks, do not keep wanting to watch porn!

 If you will edge then you will relapse for sure in just a couple of days and it will be depressive.

Try limiting your cell phone usage, go outside and enjoy the weather and just try to keep yourself busy. Use your time wisely and be productive. Remember, this is about changing your life.

STAGE 2 (DAYS 8 to 30)
Many people face the flatline here or in stage 3. The Flatline is ANY negative symptom associated with the removal and recovery from pornography addiction. During the Flatline you might feel a wide rnage of emotions such as anger. You may also experience a wide range of emotions such as insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, numbness and irritability. If you are currently in the Flatline then your brain is re-balancing itself and that is what is causing the NoFap Flatline. Just remember to NOT WATCH PORN! 

Also, remember this is all part of the reboot process. I know it can be very scary and many guys resort to trying to get their libido back by jerking off and watching porn but that is the worse thing to do.

Don’t sweat the Flatline, that will only make the problem worse. Be strong and discerning – the NoFap Flatline stage is hard and for many they get disheartened but if you can get through this stage then you can get through pretty much anything. At the end this you will find enlightenment, a new sense of self, tonnes of vitality and the ability to manifest your hopes and dreams. You will be on a high vibrational plane and full of energy.

What can you expect?
The flatline of course – check out this article to learn more about the Flatline here.

From my experience, the urge to fap is very strong here, as strong or stronger as it is at days 3-5. You need a gameplan, check out one here for the REASONS for doing NoFap.

The two important things to worry about at this stage are the flatline and the urges/cravings. If you can resolve both then you will be ahead of the curve and be able to enter the next stage of your NoFap journey.

*BTW, when I say resolve the flatline, I don’t be cure it, I mean be okay with having a flatline. You may be able to get out of it at the stage but for many that is very unlikely and the Flatline will continue into stage 3.

STAGE 3 (DAYS 31 to 90)
It is not easy to get pass 30 days of not doing PMO, especially if you are porn addicted or a habitual fapper. The urges will be intense, as intense as someone addicted to drugs.  What is not healthy is the use of an augmented reality that produces super organic stimuli that hijacks your brain and rewires it – paving the way to a vicious circle.  At this stage you start to see some benefits such as mental clarity, more energy and more self esteem. You may also come to realize your complete lack of control in your past self and how certain behaviors and activities were just a complete waste of time and energy.

 This is where you start to focus and concentrate on shaping a better life for yourself.

What can you expect?
Expect a complete 180 degree change in your mindset and expect these benefits now and over-time:

• Self-confidence and a notable boost in courage

• Attractiveness to the opposite sex

• Energy and focus

• Mental clarity and awareness, including social situations

• Motivation, to do things that are good for you – gym, create, think, date, socialize.

• Groundedness, calmness, significantly reduced anxiety

• Sex drive, including harder erections and loss of any erectile dysfunction (ED)

• Deeper voice

• Weight loss

• Increased muscle mass

• Better sleep

• Clearer skin / no acne

STAGE 4 (DAYS 91 to 180)
At this stage, you’ve passed your 90 days of NoFap and going into 6 months. You know what it is like to crave PMO and how to stop the urges. You have experienced mental clarity and massive changes in your attitude. You ave a game plan to stop any close call relapses and you know how to keep your mind busy.  Congrats, a lot of men and women find it hard to even reach this stage due to society and open sexuality, instant gratification and aggressive porn addiction. At this point you have mastered many things that make you a natural gravitational pull for others. You radiate energies that people can pick up on including sexual energy – the type that makes women attracted to you without knowing why.

Most people don’t even get to this stage or even pass Stage 3 – find out why here.

What can you expect?More confidence and self control:NoFap has given me confidence due to the mastery of my own self and has allowed me the ability to advance my life in ways I never imagined. Be the person you want to be and see yourself as in the mirror. The first step towards more confidence and self control is the decision to change your life.

Less anxiety and depression: If you are the restless sleeper or you are a very anxious person then try NoFap for less anxiety and depressive episodes. Sperm retention gives you the results of increased confidence, removal of depression, anxiety, and fear coupled with less social awkwardness.

Increased motivation: Those that have done NoFap have reported receiving huge increases in motivation for life and success, they suddenly want to do more than lay on the couch and watch television all day. So, get the motivation you need in life whether it is to get a better job, getting into better shape or finding a better mental place.

 Better memory and concentration: Get better focus, attention, concentration and memory through seminal conservation aka semen retention. Stop losing your load and use all that life energy towards mental alertness, superior memory and amazing concentration powers.

STAGE 5 (DAYS 181 and beyond)
The journey can be long and very intense for many. There are ups and downs, failures, restarts and relapses. But if you don’t give up you can make it to this point. At this stage I would feel you have mastered everything to continue on your journey. You will feel a sense of enlightenment and enjoy all the benefits of NoFap on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Practice healthy habits and enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. This lifestyle is not focused on taking away from you, your family or your friends but adding to your life as well as the life of your loved ones. The lifestyle is about being positive, having a positive outlook, removing negative aspects from your daily routine and adding things that make you feel good and fulfilled.

The hardest part of the journey is starting. But once you start, you will feel the benefits after a week or for some, even after a day. Be part of a community that promotes manifestation, high vibrational energy and being on a high vibrational plane. Press the mental start button in your head and begin your journey – you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.