Having the right mental mindset towards money is a crucial aspect in training yourself, specifically, your mind to not think of money as a negative tool to have a good life but as a positive tool.


Having the right mindset towards money is critical to understanding how to circulate and multiply money.

I remember a specific instance of this. I had a girlfriend back in 2003, she saw a shirt that she wanted to buy and I noted to her that the same shirt is $10 less at the other mall 5 minutes away and we should just buy it there. She scoffed and decided to buy the shirt that was marked up $10. The thing that bothered me at the time was, she is the same woman to freak out at gas prices.

If gas goes up 1.5 or even 2 cents, she freaks and always wants the best gas deals. Considering how much she can fill her tank up with compared to the shirt price. She would be saving maybe $1 on gas? And might even be wasting time if she travels a considerable distance to buy cheaper gas because she would be using gas to ravel and more importantly to some, she is wasting her valuable time. 

This is one of the factors I will talk about. Her mindset was skewed. It would have been more effective back in 2003 to buy the shirt at $10 less than freak out about $1 more in gas.

It is not being cheap it is having the RIGHT MINDSET.

Minimize your losses and maximize your gains.


Let’s talk more about my girlfriend back in 2003. Her mindset was skewed, but where did she learn this from? It was from her family members, she learnt it all socially because they would complain and gripe about gas prices. So she learnt to do the same. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong about saving money on gas but when you can’t realize a better deal or gain by using a couple minutes of your time then your mindset is OFF.

Especially back then when I had to work 2 hours to even make $10. That was alot of money for me.

Even social media is doing it.That Ariana Grande song talking about shopping. TV shows and movies with frivolous spending.

Here is another STORY:This one is about the perception of those with money. Titanic was a great movie. One of the best in my opinion and catapulted it’s stars into the limelight.

The scenes involving the differences between rich and poor for me was very contrasting. Rich people were seen as vile while the poor were seen as good people. I am not saying that poor people aren’t good but not all rich people are vile. There are many rich and wealthy people that are kind and generous.

The misconception comes from what we have been taught and indoctrinated with in regards to money. Not all rich people are Mr. Scrooge.

Money is neutral and a multiplier of our inherent behavior. As I said in my post about money HERE.

“If you are a jerk, then a jerk with money is multiplied to a super jerk with money.”

If you are a good person, then a good person with money is equivalent to a saint.





To truly understand money is to rewrite your skewed misconceptions about it. You need to understand how money is made and how people do not make money by faults of their own.

For example, some people would rather buy a designer outfit than pay their bill(s) on time. They think the only negative repercussion is a late payment charge. They forget that it also gets reflected on their credit score for YEARS. Many credit cards look at if you are bale to pay your bill(s) on time for a full year or two before they approve you.

Not having good credit leads to higher interests and more money to be paid and an over-all worse bargaining position than someone with excellent credit.


Second, you need to learn how to circulate money effective. Such as building credit, paying bills ON time, establishing lines of credit and so on.

In time, you want the back to offer you loans, credit cards, lines of credit etc etc etc.


Once you know how to circulate money then you will have the ability to multiply your money. Those that can multiply money are in such a great financial position.