RULE 1: If you are constantly initiating a conversation just move on, there is no interest.If you are in a situation where you are constantly initiating a conversation by text or online; then you need to stop. You are wasting your mental space and energy on someone who isn’t very interested. Either there interest level is low or is declining because you keep messaging.

RULE 2: Setting up a date through text or online apps is okay. But, stop there. If you continue constant conversation then you will do/say things that either remove mystery or is taken in a negative manner i.e. a turn off or she will see you as beta. Thus, you get ghosted. Don’t remove the mystery or spill all the beans through text. If a woman sees you as high interest and you keep texting or messaging her you will inevitably lower her interest by saying something that she may not like. So, just don’t do it.

RULE 3: Stop texting and messaging back right away, it shows you have nothing better to do.Women want a quality man and mystery. If you keep messaging back, you remove that mystery. You need to be on your purpose in life and a man that is on his purpose isn’t able to message back right away. When you message back, you will show that you are low value and without purpose. Your sexual marketplace value (SMV) will be low.

RULE 4: Online dating apps are filled with guys messaging the same women.There is way too much demand and not enough supply. Plus along with beta males inflating women’s heads, it just makes it all worse. Attitudes change when people are online, they feel more relaxed and feel they can remain anonymous, thus they are more open to reveal who they truly are. The only gauge for women online when hundreds of guys message them is to look at your pictures and judge you solely on your looks. Don’t be one of the hundreds of guys messaging the same girl online and just meet people in person.

RULE 5: If you are alpha, or seen as alpha, disregard rules 1 to 4. Women have rules and add to them for betas and remove rules for alpha. This means that she sees you as alpha, you may or may not be. If she feels you are alpha then she removes rules until she sees you as beta. The other way works as well, beta to alpha but that is extremely rare to go this route.

ADDENDUM: Have you ever had a relationship with a woman that went so smoothly? You text her, she replies right away. You ask her over or you want to come over, she says yes immediately. You can talk to her about anything. You can do anything. That is when you are seen as alpha.


  • Too many fish in the sea. It’s easy to disengage and start talking to someone else at the least sign of a mismatch.
  • Low response rates. Women are bombarded with more messages than they know what to do with. That pretty girl that you’re thinking of messaging already has 100 messages like yours. She got bored months ago and only checks her messages a couple of times a month.
  • People lie about their appearance. I don’t know why they do that. It’s the biggest complaint a lot of men have about women. It’s shallow to refuse to talk to someone because they don’t look like your ideal of beauty. But physical attraction matters, and people should be making their decision to go out with you based on what you’re actually like. Let me give an example. I am Black. Some people don’t date Black people. Imagine there was a way for me to pretend to be some other race, engage with such a person, and get her to agree to a date. Wouldn’t she be justified in getting mad if she saw a Black man show up rather than the person she expected? Is she a racist? Quite possibly. But suppose that she is, isn’t it her right to avoid dating people of a certain race? And why would I, knowing that I am Black, want to waste my time with such a person anyway?
  • Online chemistry doesn’t always correspond with face-to-face chemistry. Sometimes, you really like someone intellectually. You’re into the same stuff. You have a great conversation. You might even think they’re physically attractive. Then you get together and… nothing. You don’t feel a thing. They’re a great human being. But you’re just not into them, and you can’t make yourself be. That’s the absolute worst. Before online dating, you would have known not to ask that person out. But with online dating, you had to go meet them before you realized that something about them didn’t do it for you romantically. What, then? You’ve gotten there. You know within seconds that you’re not into them. Do you tell them? I don’t have the balls to do that. So, you have an evening with them and maybe you don’t text again. Or maybe you get excited about them and text… only to hear nothing back. That really blows.


Dating has come to become a place of anger for many since they are not getting the things they are actively seeking. 

If you have been on date after date after date and you feel you are getting worn down and it is hard to find a ‘good match’ – you can come to the point where you feel frustrated and begin to get angry. At this point, the anger may make sense to you but it does not work – it will just alienate you, turn people off and push you further down the rabbit hole. Even the best of  men and women can become a little bitter, angry and frustrated at a process that is tiresome and grueling.

With online dating, when you start to get angry, you  start to not believe what people day on their dating profiles. You feel that they are all lies and you may get very defensive on dates based on your previous experiences. Furthermore, you may ask questions or make comments as if you’re testing the other person and you may secretly fear that everyone you go on a date with is already being intimate with several other people. The problem with this is that you are gravitating around negative energy and this negative energy will push good people away and alienate you where the only people that will be in your life are other people with negative energy that are attracted to you like a gravitational pull.

The first step in healing this behavior is honesty – you need to be honest that you’ve become bitter about the whole dating process, and create a plan to improve your state of being  so that you attract good and sane people into your life. Ask yourself what kind of relationship you want in your life and start a plan to help yourself accomplish said relationship. Be clear about whether you want to casually date or whether you’re ready to set up house soon if you meet the right person.

Sometimes it is best to work on yourself first and foremost before trying to date again. Try mixing things up by being in a  new social scene where you can find new and different types of people to date than previous attempts. Sometimes if you continue to go to the same places week after week, there’s a good chance that you’ll either become bored or bitter because you’re not varying your social routine enough and you are not working on yourself enough. 

Many say the best form of revenge is success! So go  out and do just that – get revenge and be successful.

Start by improving yourself. It is essential to give yourself an edge in life through a good diet, going to the gym and being physically active, working on your wardrobe and having a positive mental outlook towards life. 

In this modern world, we all hit a point where our emotional gas tank is runs low and we start to get emotional, anxious, fearful or angry. But we should remember to not get angry and transmute all of that emotional energy into something else – GETTING BETTER!