For many of us – in dating we often find ourselves in this grey area where we don’t know what to do anymore.

This can be due to the  current state of dating in the new millennium where people are very direct – A lot of Millennials can and will be direct about there intentions in the dating scene. Such as guys telling a girl they are only looking for fun a few seconds or hours after talking. Or women telling men they are only looking for a sugar daddy in their dating profiles.  There is dating fatigue – where getting a date or two is the equivalent to a part time job if you are doing this online. And with the typical success rate of a second date hovering at only 10%, it’s a recipe for fatigue. Add this unto the culture of ghosting and flaking then this is all a recipe for disaster. 

Yeap, people can be super rude and shitty. It can definitely be not worth going on a date with someone if you have met someone else and both parties are taking it to another level. This type of behavior just comes with this era of dating.  Furthermore, rejection is a normal part of dating. And it’s not even that bad in the end, because it prevents both parties from wasting time on someone they are not compatible with.

The important thing though is to take it as a learning experience in the current dating scene and move on.

Some examples of this dating grey area are as follows:

  • Your date is not texting back after what you thought was a great night.
  • The girl or boy from school that you like texts you and says, “Sorry, I can’t make it today, but let’s do it another time!” But she/he never says a word about it again.
  • A guy you are interested in says he’d call you but never does
  • The girl who was so into you at the club got your number, was all over you at the club, texted you all that weekend and now it is ghost city
  • The cute red head that you like invited you to her party but didn’t even talk to you when you were there.

What is best is for you to not waste your time, energy and sanity chasing after someone who clearly isn’t as into you as you are into them?

From now on, you should follow a simple rule: only pursue friendship and romantic endeavors in which everything seems to flow naturally:

  • Go for the lover who calls you in the middle of the night after your date because he couldn’t stop thinking about you, opposed to the guy who barely remembers who you are.
  • Go for the girl or boy that wants to see you and date you and not the one who leaves you hanging in neverland between colleague and date.not ever knowing what happened
  • Go for the cute red head who invites you to her party, welcomes you with open arms, and introduces you to everyone there.

Life is short. Spend it with people who want to be with you.