There are a lot of young men and even older guys that feel they want a relationship when they really don’t. They want sex and think they can get regular sex by finding and being in a relationship. But this train of thought only gets men into unwanted marriages and trouble.

Get into a relationship only because you want to – if you are starved for sex then improve yourself and your mindset, talk to more women, and interact with women that want sex as well. Understand that there is a divide between sex and a relationship because a relationship means a lot more than just having access to regular sex.

A lot of men just want sex, not a relationship, and this is okay and normal. But a relationship and sex are two different things. Don’t ever think that a relationship will give you consistent sex because it doesn’t. Most men will experience a decline in sex when they are in a relationship for a multitude of reasons. Thus, if you are looking for sex, it is easier and better to remain single to get consistent sex. A relationship gives you a relationship, this relationship is an experience and a journey between two people that can bond and experience life together. Sex is different, sex is temporary and in today’s day and age, sex is easy to get and cheap. The bottom line here is to not use a relationship to have sex because that dynamic will not end well.

Recognize a pattern of how women relate to you. Know what you can improve and enhance about yourself first. Develop an identity and trust that identity of yourself. A woman has to respect you to follow your lead. If you don’t even know yourself then how can a woman respect and trust you to handle a household properly? Get respect by having respectable and upstanding characteristics while knowing what you want out of life and taking actions to get it if you truly want a relationship.

The sad part of all of this is that there are a lot of unhealthy women out there. It is mostly these unhealthy women that are giving all the men a little slice of the pie. And will even feint wanting a relationship for nefarious purposes. This is why dating intelligence and experience is important. The fact is, you cannot google experience. You can’t just type into google “experience” and relatable knowledge comes up as opposed to many other things.

Furthermore, a man loves with logic while a woman generally loves with her emotions. Thus, a woman’s love for a man can change as quickly as the weather. It is best to date a woman for one to two years before you make her your girlfriend and another three more years before you make her your wife. I say this to help you not get into a situation where a woman will ‘keep up an act’ to fool you in order to get what she wants. As Rollo Tomassi says, a woman can keep up an act for about a year and a half at maximum.

If you want sex then things become easier, just get sex. More people are shying away from relationships and living the bachelor and bachelorette lifestyles.

Covert conversation.
Many women undertake covert conversations – where they minimize confrontation by communicating covertly. Since women are on average, 30% weaker than men; they do not want to get into a physical confrontation so the playing field becomes the mind and mind games. They fight by way of words and manipulate by way of words.

Be bad for the economy.
In a good way. Don’t let the blue pill culture push you into debt by bringing girls out on dates, buying unwanted chocolates, unneeded flowers and expensive dinners. Men are constantly pushed this blue pill narrative where big box business and big pharma profit off of by men buying, getting nowhere in the dating landscape and then becoming disillusioned and depressed.

Most men still don’t have a real understanding of the proper dating dynamic to have when it comes to relationships. The blue pill lens is pervasive and a lot of men get exposed to red pill truths yet deny them. I am not here to push blue, red or black pill narratives onto you but I will say that understanding the dating ‘game’ is key to finding the right relationship.

Know what you want from life, and be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday and be an even better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today. Keep improving yourself and figure out if you truly just want sex or an actual relationship since they are completely different things.

It is okay if a man just wants sex because there are many women who just want sex without a relationship as well. Just don’t seek out a relationship to supplement your sexual desires because that is not being authentic and will only lead you to ruin.