Derrick Jaxn is the ultimate hustler. Because this man has built a platform on being one of the good guys, he has built a platform on being the type of man that woman should go for…. BUT IT WAS ALL A LIE.

Since Friday, March 19th, after being exposed by Tasha K (unwinewithtashak on YouTube), he has come under a lot of fire.

At first, he denied it, then on his Sunday livestream, blamed Jesus without admitting his faults and cheating. Then, Tasha K followed up with another accuser that same night after his livestream. Thus, on Monday night, he had to come clean due to all the fires he had to put out while trying to save his brand.

This man used to laugh and ridicule Tasha K when she talked about his cheating accusations in the past, but, who’s laughing now Derrick?

There has been two live streams from him on Monday, March 22nd showing that he’s narcissistic and she’s unfortunately codependent. With blame not being centered on Derrick himself but on anyone and everything else, including God…. This was all a recipe for a toxic cycle of abuse that his wife needs to remove herself from.

He has completely humiliated his wife (Da’Naia) [duhh nay ahh]  by bringing her on his YouTube channel to help him stop the bleeding. He is using her as a tool to repair the damage his hypocrisy has caused to his brand. His livestreams wasn’t about the marriage, it’s about his money and the loss of it. Plus, I think she’d have left for good a long ago but she’s most likely reliant on his income and hasn’t formulated a solid plan yet. She just looks like a woman who is exhausted & defeated.

Derrick Jaxn writes books for woman on how to avoid men like HIM. Seriously, his wife should be reading his books about how to avoid men like him.

This man was using his YouTube and Instagram as a P sleeve trap. For the longest time, he wouldn’t post his wife on his Instagram for that very reason. He would get messages from women asking for relationship advice and any women that he would find attractive, would be responded to and interacted with for the purpose of meeting up and eventually hooking up with.

I couldn’t believe the farce I was watching on Monday night, asking his wife questions such as, ”Who’s idea was it to do a live stream? And she replying that it was HER idea. NOOOOOO Derrick, it was YOUR idea, how can you expect people to believe you are sincere and honest when you can’t even be real about you trying to save your own brand?

This man’s wife was on his live stream talking as if SHE victimized him while it was the other way around.

She is still pissed (I know it) and not over what he has done because whenever she gets the chance to really go in on his actions, she will and she does. She even had to catch herself using profanity on the livestream, that is how pissed off she is with all this embarrassment.

You know what….

Previously, my relationship with Derrick Jaxn was a “tolerate and appreciate” one. Since I didn’t hate the man for his views, and I tolerated them. Plus, I appreciated a good hustler – when it comes to talking the talk and taking full advantages in inconsistencies in the dating market.