I don’t have a problem with strong black women but I do have a problem with women equating bad behaviour and miseducation to strength.

These women with bad behaviour then think black men can’t handle them because they are too strong and bold and black men just can’t handle this type of strength.

Being ignorant and having a bad attitude isn’t strength but the lack of it.

In life, women need security as one of the main things a man can provide. No woman wants a whining and complaining man that is seen as weak. If you look in the wild, most females of any species cannot survive without a male counter-part and in the wild, a human female is not an exception. It only feels as an exception because of the structure of society.

Now… I keep hearing talks about black women fed up with black men and black men fed up with black women yet a black women or man will still couple with a black man or woman. There is talk about mysogynoir behaviour by black men, yet most black men still date and marry black women. Statistics show that most people, whether they are Black, White, Asian or Hispanic will couple with another person of the same race.

As I have said before, a man has to prove himself by gaining knowledge and worth to increase his value and as Theodore Hesburgh has said, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

There is a lot of hate in the black community, a black man’s hate against a black woman and a black woman’s hate against black men and if you add in the self hate, it is all a big mess. This has to stop and the best way is to educate and halt all the negative behaviour.

The family structure is messed up due to some of our black men not BEING men and building up the community. A positive family dynamic is what progresses us in society. The dysfunction that’s happening amongst Black men and women is definitely by design and we can transcend this by being honest with ourselves, taking accountability, tackling the issues and working together to make things right.

Social engineering is a real thing and there is social engineering to drive black people to destroy their own communities.

The lack of value in the family unit is now a real thing and this type of momentum is gaining strength with young men and women being taught that is okay to be single, and it is, but it is better to have a family and build your community so future generations can succeed as well as prosper.

The statistics don’t lie, children turn out better when they come from homes with both a father and a mother raising them.

This is why I am against level up culture and defer people to have a strong familial bond instead. Leveling up works, but only temporarily. In the long run, a woman who levels up will always loose because deception can never be the foundation of any relationship.

Level up game is just that, a game where you deceive another person for your own benefit. Now, how can you ever think to get a real relationship out of that?

If a man told you after being with him for 6 months or 6 years that he was deceiving you from the beginning, how would you feel?

Would you still stay with this man or would your feelings change about him? Think about this and you will be able to relate how a man would feel about you doing level up game against him.

Now, if you have been on YouTube for a while, you know there is a war going on. There are sides in this gender war within the black community where some individuals feel black men are trash and others feel black women aren’t cutting it.

Some say that once a woman is in her late 20s to early thirties, then she is in the “danger zone”. This is factual. But it is also just a part of the bigger picture.

Remember, that a woman’s value is still based on their beauty but this doesn’t mean the rule doesn’t have exceptions. There are exceptions everyday. If you are a woman in your 30s and 40s, you can still find a partner, it isn’t nigh impossible. There ARE high value men out there that will couple with women they deem worthy to partner with. As much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is anyone’s worth. The market might set the value for the most part but we are always free to choose what we feel is best for us. So, don’t dive deep and be miserable when someone spouts facts on you because human beings are complex creatures and anyone can see lower or higher value in you at any time. The  best thing to do is always present your best self and improve yourself everyday.

You are wasting your time fighting with someone that has a different view point than yours especially when they are entitled to it. What must be understood is that marriages don’t stop even when people reach in this so called “danger zone” because people are getting married in various points in their lives such as their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Don’t let statistics discourage you from your goals, because as a black man, I never let systematic discrimination discourage me. I never let the fact that my white male counterparts get 20% less jail time than I would get, and I never let racism stop me from my goals and dreams.

Speaking of the facts… The facts also show that black women are more educated and out earn black men based on education in America.

Ladies, strength is different from ignorance. Have a balanced view of the world. Be open to constructive criticism.We must ALL take accountability for our actions.

Now, I won’t say there is nothing wrong with black women, because that would be a lie. If you want that type of praise with accountability then go to Derrick Jaxn. Constant praise won’t let anyone mature properly and will only make them self absorbed.

The bottom-line is don’t equate bad behaviour for strength. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you need to hustle men in a level up kind of way.