As a man, I feel there are just some things you should do and some things you must not do. There are many common mistakes a man can make in his life when it comes to the opposite sex.

So, let’s have a discussion on some of them so you are no led astray.

Underperforming at home.
This will make a woman want to be single very quickly and already start looking for your replacement. This replacement can be one of her guy friends, one of her ‘work hubbies’ or any guy on a dating app.

We can’t always be at our peak but not being at your peak for an extended period of time outside of serious issues such as sickness will make a woman leave you with haste. Heck, some woman will even leave their sick husbands on his last days even though he treated her like a queen the past 50 years. That is just how cruel the male-female dynamic truly can be.

A woman is never tired of having sex.
When a woman is attracted to you then she wants to please you and have sex with you. Her being ‘too tired’ to have sex is her saying she is just tired of having sex with you but still wants to hold you to some sort of a commitment such as a relationship.

Women typically seek commitment while men typically seek sex. There are a lot of men in the world that are in committed relationships yet not having any sex. This boggles my mind that a man can settle into such a position but this is happening all the time in every city in the world.

Why is that?
Well, I will say this, I am aware of multiple women in this exact situation. Having a husband or common law partner at home that she doesn’t have sex with yet randomly meeting up with practically any guy and having sex with them.

These men have gotten too comfortable and complacent with being utterly broken and placed into a submissive position. Don’t become like these men but rather learn from their situation on ways to not be placed in any condition similar to theirs.

Relationships are about you and not about women.
Don’t change because you think changing X,Y and Z will get you better dates, change because you want to or find someone who will like you for you.

No matter if you are short or tall, fat or skinny, loves Star Wars or Star Trek – there is woman that is wiling to respect you and be with you. The thing is this, most guys go after girls that are looking for transactional relationships, think they are better than most men, don’t want the guys who want them and can’t take any instruction.

When you date these women, it always leads to a transactional relationship that for the most part ends poorly and abruptly. Never go for the low hanging fruit of a transactional relationship but earn a validating one by having a woman who wants you for you and sees you as the best she can get.

Don’t be outcome dependent.
If you want to cold approach a girl then just do it. Don’t think about her turning you down – that is outcome dependence. The fact is, you will be turned down 7, 8 or 9 times out of 10. But, even if it is 9 out of 10 times, that one girl that gives you a chance is worth it.

If a woman’s desire is more than her fear of what can happen with you then she will be down to do whatever. If a woman’s fear is more than her desire for you, then she will flake, stall, want to be friends, be indecisive and even send mixed signals.

Mystery in his book has said by the time a relatively attractive female is about 21 years old, she has had 21,000 interactions with men. Don’t you think by this understanding that she knows what you will do or say already when you approach her? If she likes you then the vibe will be good, if she doesn’t then she can easily make the interaction difficult.

Just don’t be outcome depending and think about it, just go for it. Don’t think of all the excuses of why you shouldn’t do it such as you are too short, or you are over-weight or you don’t make enough money.

After-all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The economy depends on SIMPS.
Our economy is driven by men and women buying things. Men will buy flowers, candy, valentines day cards and more just to talk to a woman. Guess what, you are helping the economy and businesses know this. They want to keep the wool over your eyes by promoting a blue pill narrative.

Plus, nothing is more dangerous than a young, successful single guy with a lot of resources that doesn’t know how to interact with women.

Women loving the dad bod is a myth, girls say they love the dad bod to throw you off and to make you not push image standards unto them.

Now, I am not saying to not buy flowers and candy but to buy them for the RIGHT girl. The girl who respects you, the girl who looks up to you and the girl who follows your lead and thinks of you as a strong man in her life.

Anything else, you will just be part of the machine that is the blue pill economy. Thrusting more and more men that aren’t aware into that same machine that grinds guys up and spits out broken and angry men that are complacent yet seething with anger at what their life has become.

Talking to women isn’t about talking to women.
This might sound strange but follow my train of thought. Talking to women is about confidence in yourself. If you talk to women and you are not confident then they can hear it in your voice, see it in your body language and they can read in your actions like a book. Talking to women is about you seeking a partner to compliment your life, not be your life. If you seek a woman as your end all and be all then that will only lead to ruin. You should seek out a woman as a partner and not the end to your means.

I say this because: A woman will come into your life with one foot out the door. Understand that men are generally expendable, or seen as expendable – this is a reality – understand this so you are better capable in your dating ventures. Sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive – if a woman makes a bad choice in who she settles down with, that typically spells the end of her. Thus, woman are ruthless when it comes to dating and relationships.

Remember, talking to a woman isn’t about talking to women but about finding someone to compliment your life.

Men have to earn their manhood.
As a man, your manhood is never given to you, you have to earn it. A beautiful woman never has to earn her beauty. She might have to maintain it in her 20s and 30s but she was born the way she was born so she never had to earn it.

You will always have a different mentality to life when you have to earn something rather than it being handed to you. If you have to work your way up in a company or spend 4 years at college then another 2 years doing a Masters degree then you have a very different viewpoint when compared to the boss’s son just being hired with no credentials or degree what-so-ever.

When you attain something through merit, you see a lot of value in it and you appreciate it more. If you are born with looks, then you just are. You didn’t have to work for it yet it gives some many advantages in dating, the workplace, and everyday life. This is why a lot of good-looking women can be so brutal and cruel to most of the men that approach her.

Get unplugged.
This might be cliché right now but we all need to get unplugged from the matrix that is by having an understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and how it is happening. This understanding will help you in all the faucets of your life.

Remember, life is complicated and nuanced but preparation is half the battle.