Dating without disrespect.
These days, it seems you can’t date without being disrespected.

People will try to use you for money, rides, attention and time. Guy after guy will be given a girl’s only fans account page without asking and she will not continue any conversation with said guy unless he signs up for a subscription. Plus, you will be used as an emotional pillow with the girl having zero intention of meeting or even taking you seriously.

Then there are the investment scams, where everything is great and perfect; then you are hit with constant talks about investing in this alt coin or that alt coin or this stock or that pyramid scheme – it all goes downhill from there. I haven’t even mentioned the free taxi dynamic yet – it seems she only wants to talk when she needs to get somewhere and she doesn’t have a car. If there is a party across town tonight and she can’t get there by herself, all of a sudden, she is friendly and talkative while casually mentioning the party and wanting you to come with her.

Many guys tolerate it. 
There are too many men who tolerate this disrespect. Some because they don’t have much self confidence and others because they equate their SMV to how much money they are making. I see this many times, attractive guys who don’t make 6 figures a year feel they are lesser because of their income. Over-all, there are some women who will not date guys that don’t make good money but there are a lot more women who don’t find income a disqualifier for a relationship.

The reality is, if you make $30K/year or $300K/year, if you don’t have the self confidence to approach and talk to women then money doesn’t matter. What needs to be worked on is your sense of self and your self confidence. The reality is, in this economic downtown, many men out there don’t even have jobs and are still getting laid so there isn’t any magical barrier stopping you from dating and relationships.

Sex isn’t a reward. 
You don’t get rewarded with sex because you are a good boy. It is only used to punish and control by with-holding it or giving the illusion that you will get it. Women don’t exchange sex for money unless it is tricking. As in, straight prostitution, pseudo-prostitution, or sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships. Women have sex when they want to or feel like it or at the very least feel they need to because they want to keep a man committed in some way or another.

Women won’t give you sex because you have been a good SJW or a male feminist – it isn’t a reward. They won’t give it to you because you have been an excellent emotional pillow or a great free taxi for them. Furthermore, even getting sex through these situations can lead to accusations years or decades later because these interactions are transactional and are the worst type of dynamic to be in.

Don’t be the guy that hops from transactional relationship to transactional relationship only to find success outside of the dating realm only to get accused of something later in life when you are successful.

Be on your purpose.
A man on his purpose is a man seen. Your mindset is different when you prioritize what you are good at that also makes you a living over everything else. Men that focus on dating take their focus away from things that really matter in life.

Don’t be in a sorry scenario and look back at all the years or decades wasted at chasing women when you finally smarten up in life but it will be too late. Build confidence and be stoic. Don’t let all the dating negativity bring down your vibrations and maintain a manly frame.

You will get lied to, hustled, manipulated and shit talked. All of that doesn’t matter as long as you know your self-worth and you know why you are being insulted – that is because you are not getting in line and getting with her program.

Put your foot down. 
Let any girl you interact with know and understand that you will not tolerate shit behavior. As in, once the mistreatment begins or even any sense there-of, she will be automatically culled from any further dating and your entire life.

We are in a society of disrespect but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it. When you are tolerant of it, you are making a nonverbal statement that you are okay with it. As soon as it flares up, you should address it.

If a woman tries to leverage sex against you for compliance or refuses to have sex with you for punishment then it is time to move on. The dynamic of the relationship at this point is being reset and you have or will lose the dominance in the relationship.

Relationships are dynamic.
Yes, a relationship is dynamic, as in always changing but there is always one partner that has either a significant or subtle dominance in the relationship. We see this in traditional male-female relationships as well as female-female relationships where one female assumes the ‘male’ role and sometimes even dresses as a man. We even see this in trans-male-cis-female relationships where the trans-male (originally female) assumes a male role, clothing, dress and dominance.

Understand that this balance can be easily shifted over time and a female will constantly shift the power dynamic in her favour, either slowly or quickly depending on how you react and interact with her.

If you want to maintain a relationship then you need to maintain a validating relationship – one that involves validating sex. You also need to hold a manly frame in your relationship. This is extremely important because over time, there will be numerous attempts to break you.

Just understand that relationships have changed in the past 10 years and even the past 5 years. What used to work 5 years ago will not work now and what works now won’t work in the next 5 years. Adjust your dating and relationships strategies to the times or you may end up just like my uncle.

In Closing.
I give respect to people and expect the same. I also won’t hesitate to call a chick out in public when she is being disrespectful. And I suggest all men to do this to assert their value in the world and to the universe. If you don’t check any disrespectful behaviour then you are in turn accepting that disrespectful behaviour and this will never end well.

Furthermore, female and male dating strategies are different and asymmetrical, i.e. what men want from women are not the same as what women want from men. Plus, men date while rooted in reality and facts while women want to be served a fantasy. Plus, women typically tend to refuse to change regardless of the advice they are given.

Never-the-less, the start of any relationship will dictate how that relationship proceeds and how it ends – if you let a woman walk all over you and shame you then she is not going to learn to stop but actually learn to get worse.