Taking facts rapidly evolving in front of you when you are dealing with a woman and making decisions that is best conducive to your success with that woman while not placing yourself in a vulnerable position is what dating is truly about.

There is nothing wrong with taking women out on dates in the chance that a long-term relationship blossoms but she has to earn it. Not earn it in a negative sense but earn it through merit: being co-operative, and complimentary to the man that is courting you.

Because there is nothing stronger than a man that knows his worth and doesn’t allow a woman to leverage her sexuality against him in a negative way.

So, how do you date?
Well, before that you need to know why you are dating.

We live in a cause-and-effect world – you do the cause and you get an effect. In dating you search for a great partner and you get a good relationship.

In dating, you can either find ways how to date better or find ways how to not date properly aka excuses. The thing is, whether you think you are right or you think you are wrong, you are right. This is a concept where your mindset on things really does matter. For example, if two cobbler (shoe makers) walk into a village and no-one in that village wears shoes then one cobbler will say, “crap, I won’t make any money because no-one here wears shoes” while the other cobbler says, “amazing, I will make so much money here because no-one wears shoes”. They are both right – based on their mindset.

Why would you want to date?
To make a family, to preproduce, and to find a life partner that will be a positive in your life and not a negative.

You may come at dating with the perspective of being hopeful but that hope can be easily exploited. Just look at all the love scams in the world. Now, there is nothing with hope but also apply some caution to your venture. I am not saying leading with your heart/emotions won’t work but it can lead to a lot of ruin. Take a logical approach to dating for best results.

Do you want to win or just look good losing?
In this day and age, everything is digital. People put up a wall or screen and show you what they want you to see and this can be very different from perception. There are many Instagram models with 50k+ followers but that is all they have. Just followers and men that cater to them in a sugar daddy sense and that is it. Once their Instagram is gone then their world falls apart. I bring this up because many people will date for all the wrong reasons. This can be a tricky yet slippery slope since the sharing of a home and resources are best to secure and raise a family yet you do not want to shack up with someone because one or both of you are financially stretched.

When you have a lot of money – there is a chance to mismanage relationships.
Because… Money is an amplifier and it gives you access and chances – the chance to talk to and access a social circle of high value women. You must understand that there is a difference between a girl wanting to have sex with you versus just letting you have sex with her. This is the difference between sexual attraction and relationship attraction. If a girl wants to have sex with you then she is attracted to you sexually, while a girl that will let you have sex with her without any attraction is most likely because of your resources.

This is why I say the way you get sex and a relationship is way more important than the sex and relationship itself. If you Simp out and let a woman walk all over you then you set a precedence for your interactions with her and ultimately your relationship.

What I mean by this is you have to make your partner know and understand that there are boundaries and crossing those boundaries have consequences.

Furthermore, society has made many behaviours women exhibit as okay and even encouraged, but these behaviours aren’t conducive to a relationship for the most part. You can’t have two chefs in a kitchen – a woman can be head-strong but understand that only one person can lead in a relationship.

A woman can go on foodie dates and it is okay but if a man does it, he goes to jail. Why is it that a woman can use men to go to restaurants that she would normally not be able to afford but it is frowned upon when a man does this? Aren’t we all wanting an equal society?

To many men, society has become a very feminist world filled with toxicity.

When should you date?
You should date because you want a partner to compliment you and not solely because of sex. Only date when it is an option that is viable at the time, not because you feel there is a need without the proper preparation(s). As in, dating when you don’t know where your next month’s rent is coming from? I don’t understand how some men (and women) do this. Go out on dates, spend hundreds of dollars yet can barely afford their rent. This line of thinking is just too absurd to me.

If you are horny, go on Tinder and find another person who also wants sex. Plus understand that sex and a relationship are two different things.

Remember, as men, dating women should compliment your life and lifestyle and should not take it over. The mistake most men make is to over-extend themselves in the dating world. They take women out on dates: lunches, dinners, day trips etc etc etc. And when they have over-extended themselves, these women leave! Why? Because the relationship ends how it starts. So, if you start a relationship by doing things of which you cannot financially afford, then your relationship will end that way. And you will be broke, with no female companion.

If you work on yourself and make gains in life then people see the results and will want to partner with you. It can encompass everything, eating healthy, working out, starting a business, investing, getting a raise or a promotion at work. As long as you are making gains then you will be more attractive to more people and thus, a relationship will happen when you least expect it.

Where should you date?
Find love in places that are congruent with high value woman. This means no clubs or parties. I am not saying you can’t find great women in these places but more times than not a party girl is not going to turn out to be a great partner, just ask the last 2 or 3 generations of men.

I remember a lawyer friend that told me this, I always ask my clients where they met their wives and usually that tells me why they are getting divorced. There have been so many times a client meets his wife at the strip club and bar and then wonders why he is getting a divorce after she is cheating and/or the marriage just completely collapses. They say hindsight is 20/20 but do you really think you can find a high value woman at a strip club?

Where you date is just as important as who you date and why you date them.

This leads into the least challenging question… what or better, who should you date?

What (who) should you date?
Date a good woman, whatever a good woman is to you. I can spew out examples of a good woman here but this aspect is so subjective across racial and cultural lines that it is best for you to elucidate what a good woman means to you.

To some men, a good woman is one that good and cleans, for others it is someone intelligent and for some, it is a woman that just listens and understands.

The understanding I will impart here to you is to find a woman that you can get along with and someone that shares your values or beliefs.

The mistakes.
Men, you need to recognize when you have a great woman in your presence. This doesn’t have to be the hottest girl but a very co-operative and respectful one. Once you get a good partner to date, treat her like a woman so that she can treat you like a man.

Many times in life, true character change involves challenging times and a change of one’s basic beliefs, leading to new moral action.

My experience with women have not soured me, they have taught me very hard and challenging lessons and my basic beliefs about dating have matured and changed into an understanding. This understanding is how to date properly.

You may also learn how to date properly by understand the how, why, when, what and where to date.