Consider the fact that when you see or meet an attractive woman, she has amazing social skills.

Why? Because of the amount of social interactions she gets throughout her lifetime. One very attractive female acquaintance of mine has said many times she gets hit on about 10 times per day (on average). Which, if you saw how attractive she was (both inside and out), this would seem reasonable.So, if a female (or even a male for that matter) constantly gets into social interactions and social skills are something that you work on and improve on over time then it would be fair to say that a female that gets many social interactions would be amazing with her social skills. Right?

When I say great social skills, I don’t mean she is a kind person (not that all attractive women are mean) but that she has good or great social skills in terms of her being able to know when to be nice to you, when to be mean to you, how to be nice to you and how to be mean to you. In fact, she would know who to be nice or mean to, where to be nice or mean to you (i.e. at a club) and why (as in the benefit) she is being mean to you. All facets would be covered, the why, when, where, how and who.

So, why not try and have some good social skills yourself? Interact with friends, family, and strangers. Have random conversations on the street, learn how to be quick witted and tailor your social skills to suit you. But beware, the worse thing you can do is use someone else’s pick up lines or “game” on a woman with good social skills, she can spot that you are not being genuine and you are just giving her a reason to rip you apart. JUST BE YOURSELF. Tailor what you have learnt from someone else to your own personality, that way you are just being you.

If you do this, you will be well ahead of the game.

In fact, check out what I mean by this HERE.

I had a friend show me all her messages she gets from guys and it was very eye-opening.

She showed me hundreds and hundreds of unanswered messages, and the 100+ messages she would get everyday from all types of guys.

She would get the offers from the millionaires, such as going on cruises, trips, the socialite parties and yacht parties. Some of the rich guys would even try and bag her by buying her a nice car. One man even offered to buy her a BMW and another offered to get her a Tesla.

Then there were the guys just below millionaire status but were also well off. These guys could do basically the same thing as millionaires with some differences. They could do nice dinners at private restaurants, helicopter rides, the yacht parties as well, and the private events etc etc etc.

And then there were the regular guys, but they would also try the same thing. The dinners, parties, trips and events but these were tailored or capped in parallel to how much they were making.

Over-all, guys would try the same tactic but through different means. And nothing is wrong with that, I am just solely pointing it out.

Furthermore, the messages she would get would be out of this world. It ranged from perfect English for some to incoherent horny talk for others. Some guys would write to her, “Get p*ssy over here! On cock now. F#ck!” These messages just made me laugh. These were sent in private and most of these guys would never think they would be shown around. But the thing is, most crazy sweet or crazy disturbing messages are shown to a woman’s friends, boyfriends, husbands and if serious enough, even the police. This should also come as a warning that whatever you send to any woman can always be read by someone else.

Can you just imagine all the interactions and engagements and offers this woman goes through? Can you imagine all the social skills instantly developed to say no nicely, to say yes and to say maybe in a polite way? How to say no to certain guys and how to detect when a guy might have a negative personality trait?

As a woman (my friend) that gets tonnes and tonnes of messages – you have to be fast and accurate as a surgeon would be.

Now the story I just shared with you wasn’t from a woman on Only Fans or Tinder. These were messages coming from plain ol’ Instagram. Could you imagine the types of messages that she would get if she was on Tinder let alone Only Fans?

Only fans and Tinder are propelling the decline of marriage and supporting the ‘hook-up culture’. Only fans and Tinder have permanently changed the landscape of dating while Only fans has gone further and changed the x-rated entertainment industry itself.

This is why social media is destroying relationships. They make the option of options more plausible. Get in a fight with your partner? Well, you can always just find someone else right?

Most relationships have never known real love within them and only know lust. True love is never experienced.  Furthermore, marriages only last for as long as you can bring food on the table. Once that ability is gone, even temporarily then the marriage is lost. Relationships are now determined by the amount of money someone has and not by the amount of love. Even unfaithfulness is now a personal preference rather than a sin. No longer is a relationship bound by what you can contribute but is determined mostly or wholly by how much you earn.

There is a blatant lack of communication amongst couples. We see this daily in our lives and even at restaurants where if you look around at ten tables, eight of them would have occupants that were glued to their phone. The only communication would be only to share a post. No relationship can last if there is no communication. Instagram is even giving a skewed perception of the world. Perfect videos and pictures of cute couples doing amazing things while you and your partner are sitting on the couch in pajamas and eating potato chips. These ‘perfect couples’ make people second-guess their relationship. After all, he could find somebody younger and thinner and she could find a rich guy with a six pack who is always showering her in gifts.

Any attractive woman has options because there will always be a gaggle of guys willing to play on her terms and rules. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot your shot but you should not have this woman dictate to you or talk down to you.

If you ever hear anything along the lines of, “Why should I choose you over the other guys?” That is a big red flag and a sign for you to evacuate the situation immediately. This woman doesn’t respect you. She respects herself and cares about herself and you are nothing more than an option and a number to her.

Believe it or not but there are beautiful women out there that are down to earth and looking for a good man to be their long-term partner. Though, these women are few and very far in-between.

Every interaction between a person with another or a group of people is a seduction. You are wooing people over by your eloquent and seductive thoughts.

You are using words to illicit a reaction from them. You use your words to seduce them not always in a sexual manner but a seduction none-the-less.

Many people are aware of this while most others haven’t even thought of the fact. The real seducers are conscious about all the interpersonal interactions they are involved in and know the importance of every interpersonal communication as a potential seduction.

An unconscious person who is not aware will take life as it comes, without actively participating in it. Seducers, on the other hand, see the world from a different perspective.

It’s like they have never left their bedroom, or the entire world is like a bedroom or a play arena for them and not always in a negative connotation – since to persuade someone in essence is to seduce them to your opinion and/or facts. 

It is at times even pleasing to be around seducers since their communication skills can be at the highest of levels. Have you ever heard someone speak where they are always so persuasive? That is a seducer in action. They know how to communicate their thoughts in a very effective way. They know when to say things, how to say things, where and why to say things as well as what to say. This is an art – an art of communication. Some people coast in life never getting it – but for those that get it know that seduction does not stop in the sexual realm but continues through-out every facet of life.

Thus, seduction is a very healthy and social phenomenon, for both the seducer and the seduced.

Your words are a seduction and through your social skills, you are able to seduce. In terms of men and women. The average woman has way better social skills than the average man. So, what does this mean? This means that guys should get better at their social skills.

Hope, Debra A. and Mindell, Jodi A. Global social skill ratings: Measures of social behavior or physical attractiveness?