1. Don’t always be available
Have something to do such as work, a side hustle, going to the gym, or just hanging out with friends. Make it a priority to have priorities and goals to complete each day. So many guys will switch their whole schedule around to see and hang out with females; especially women they have just met. But this is a mistake, doing this will only signal to her that you are low value because you do not have goals, boundaries and principles. A guy who will ditch work and/or his family to hang out with a strange female isn’t somebody that is seen as high value.

2. Escalate WISELY
Don’t escalate too quickly or you will run the risk of getting rejected and having to deal with an awkward situation.  Gauge her interest but don’t put her on a pedestal.  Lead the interaction when you are together and/or in a group and subtly suggest things. Such as new places to visit and explore, interesting conversation topics, or simple things such as talking about what happened to you during the week. If she maintains a conversation then she is moderately to very interested. Take your time and look for clues to further escalate and maybe get a date. But, before you do that, make sure she is comfortable with you.  

3. Build comfort and trust
The first thing to remember is, desire can never be negotiated. If you try and negotiate desire then said female will feint compliance. The best relationships are natural where there is natural desire and attraction. Relationships where a person does abc for xyz will never last and are mainly for beta bux. Therefore, you should be congruent at all times, where your body language matches your vocal tone and the words coming out of your mouth. Communicate more in an emotional manner, tell jokes and laugh. Be socially affluent and tease her. Also, be sure to get her used to your touch. Not in a creepy fashion but in a (public) setting: such as spotting her at the gym, joke about holding her hand while crossing the street, or having a friendly dance at the club or a venue. If she doesn’t like it, she will pull away BUT if she does, this will deepen the connection. and you may escalate further.

4. Be a interesting person with gravitational pull
Be a person that is interesting, talk about your goals, your future. Look her in the eyes like a man. Strong eye contact is known as a sign of dominance in the animal kingdom and we humans are no different. If you look a girl right in the eyes without flinching and with pure confidence, then she will start to see you as strong, dominant and powerful. Now, don’t be creepy and get into weird staring contests (unless she is into that). Be the person that is driven by success and have a life you are passionate about. The integrity and passions that you display will definitely pull her in more if you have escalated positively so far. And she will respect you and desire you even more. But remember, don’t make her the priority of your days, weeks or months but to compliment you in your journey of life.


The thing is… the girl would or should approach you.

Approaching a girl for casual sex can turn into an ugly situation if your proposal is not accepted.

Plus, asking for casual sex is a social and relationship faux pas. You don’t verbally ask for sex when you are a guy – it shows weakness.

There are many men who do ask for sex in their relationships – and they receive it but it sets a tone and narrative where the end result is a break up with their partner because these men are coming from a frame of weakness.

It is also still traditionally acceptable (for the most part) for women to ask for sex and for the man to initiate.

Now, casually approaching a woman for sex can be a tricky situation. I have seen it work out without repercussions but this all depends on the situation at hand. Check out my Chicago story below…

I remember I was in Chicago at a hostel and this young guy, around the same age as I. It was the middle of the afternoon and he just blurted out a question to this middle aged and attractive Asian woman. He said loud and clear, leaning towards this older woman in front of everyone in the lounge, “Hey, do you want to have sex?” It was so straight forward and filled with indifference and confidence. She retorted, “No thank you” with a bit of indecisiveness in her tone and body language so I know she was really considering it. But this just shows how open our society currently is when it comes to sexual relations.

Now, the Chicago situation can be considered an outlier for some people and for others, it may be considered normalized by modern day society. People will, can, and do ask for casual sex. Plus, the guy in the story wasn’t successful then but I am sure they probably hooked up later.

What I do suggest is that any man improves themselves to the point where THE GIRL WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU.

Be a genuine, honest, humble, interesting, candid person that is a great communicator. You should also be empathetic and true to yourself while knowing how to be wise with your words. Know how to carry a conversation, have impeccable social skills, know how to build comfort and trust while being an interesting person with a gravitational pull. Furthermore, know how to escalate situations wisely.

This might seem like a lot but trust me it isn’t, just be a man on your purpose, treat people kindly, have some manners and know how to navigate tough (social) situations and you will be most or all of these things.