Having the right money mindset.

The new way to look at money and having the right mentality towards money aka the right money mindset.

The Law of Attraction is like the tesseract – and here is why.

We are made up of protons, and electrons that have charges and attract or repel each other. Why do they attract and repel? Is this the Law of Attraction taking place? Why do quarks like to hang in groups? Quarks are combined together by their color charges. The smallest thing made up of the smallest thing is attracted to each other. So why is the Law of Attraction so strange?

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Sexual Continence, Coitus Reservatus, Semen Retention – Women can do it as well.

Semen Retention is a way to structure my life in a way as to remove myself from concentrating on relationships as a primary goal and to concentrate on making an impact in society. Everyone has goals, dreams, and desires. So, let your desires be your priority and not secondary or tertiary to dating/relationships. Now I am not saying relationships are not important but without the proper foundation, any relationship will crumble. There is no reason why a woman cannot practice SR and get mental, physical and spiritual gains. In fact, there are a handful of women who practice SR but would rather call it coitus reservatus or sexual continence.

Learn this in 5 minutes and it can change your life.

These are just a few of the things that can be learned in 5 minutes that will help you in a lifetime. Whatever decisions and actions you take each day shape and mold your life and your future. Many times, all the negative impact you have on your life, your family, your friends and your work colleagues are the result of an imbalanced thinking and the follow through of angry thoughts and feelings into actions.

NoFap and the Dopamine Detox: What you need to know

Dopamine is commonly framed as a feel-good chemical of the brain, but your brain’s relationship to dopamine is a lot more complicated than you think. Furthermore, dopamine has established itself as the driving force behind wants and cravings. Dopamine compels you to do whatever you want to do regardless of the short-term and long-term effects. Imagine this, you’re in the middle of your shift at work or studying for school when your phone dings – suddenly your brain will give you a rush of dopamine and the compulsion to check your phone, coupled with a burst of excitement and enthusiasm. Your reward is hearing that ding which means someone messaged you, or liked your photo or video or left a message on any multitude of social media posts – which can be so thrilling. That is what drives pornography to become such an issue in modern day society and is forever fueled by a very open and sexual modern day culture.

Goal Setting

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What percentage of women are seen as attractive by all men and for what reason(s)?

Most women are attracted to the top 10% or 20% of men. These reasons can range from people simple to complex but often involves sexual attraction and money.

Follow these texting and online dating rules for success.

Online dating isn’t easy, you can be ghosted, left on read, cat fished or people don’t turn out to be who they really are. Follow these texting rules for a higher rate of success in modern day dating.