Here are some good first date tips.

Here are some really good tips for you to have a great first date, and the likelihood to have a second one as well.

This is the right way to touch a woman.

To know when and how to touch a woman should be one of the many things a man should know. I say this because the power of a touch is strong and can elicit many strong feelings and desires in any woman that receives your touch. Touching a woman the wrong way can lead to accusations, rumours, job loss and even jail time. While touching her the right way leads to a strong relationship, desire, and a lifetime of commitment.

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Do you really want a relationship?

There are a lot of young men and even older guys that feel they want a relationship when they really don’t. They want sex and think they can get regular sex by finding and being in a relationship. But this train of thought only gets men into unwanted marriages and trouble.

NoFap Warrior Mindset: Relax a relapse does not mean a complete reset.

Many NoFappers feel like it is the end of the world whenever they have a relapse. But, if you are well into your NoFap journey then a relapse or even two doesn’t mean you have to start over at square one.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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Having the right money mindset.

The new way to look at money and having the right mentality towards money aka the right money mindset.

How to approach and get that INSTADATE

Your social skills and willpower are needed when you cold approach any woman. You need to be quick and witty with your replies and intelligent to be ahead of the curve. Get the INSTADATE by passing the shit test, building attraction and then transitioning into something to do.

MIXED SIGNALS: Know what they mean and if she likes you.

I typically find that a woman will increase the choosing signal she gives to you either by increasing it or changing its nature. Such as, staring at you more or coming up to talk about something if you didn’t get that her staring at you was a choosing signal. Or she might just ask you out to talk or just be blunt and want a date. But, don’t get things confused with a nice woman that likes to engage with people for a female that wants hook up or date you. This is where your experience and social cues/social skills come in. Especially in this day and age.