Here are the top 10 benefits of NoFap and the reasons why you are not experiencing them.

Experiencing the multitude of benefits that come with Fapstinence is the reason why we are all here. I have read thousands of success stories, thousands of relapse stories and thousands of recovery stories. So I decided to give you the top 10 reasons to try and continue the practice of NoFap. Keep in mind that these benefits appear at different stages for everyone, and some may have certain benefits while others experience different benefits altogether.

What to expect when trading stocks and bonds?

Don’t get hyped up or FOMO over trading stocks and bonds. Many YouTubers hype you up and make it seem as if trading is easy but the reality is that most people (90%) of traders fail.

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Karezza to help treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Indeed Karezza can be used on a level for healing, such as PTSD where a practitioner holds, hugs and/or cuddles with a partner. Feelings of euphoria and safety arrive and thus initiates the healing process of trauma victims.

How to deal with a girl flaking on you.

If a girl flakes then don’t take it to heart. You have better things to worry about, be carefree, non-judgmental and indifferent. A man that is on his purpose won’t let a flaked date get to him but make sure this is not a habit. Reschedule the date, but if she flakes again then move on.

How to know when to give up on a business?

Giving up on a business is hard for many of us, especially when that business was once profitable. Here are some tips to consider when giving up.

How to control your lust.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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She will break you if you let her.

You see, my uncle was always a strong guy. I remember growing up, he used to lift me and my cousins up, 2 on his bag and one in each arm with zero effort.
But as he and I grow older, and I matured as a man – I could tell that he was broken. He went through relation after relationship time after time until he was a shell of the man I once knew him to be.

NEED MONEY FAST?! Then do one or all of these.

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