NEED MONEY FAST?! Then do one or all of these.

If you need cash fast then try any one or all of these opportunities. Anything from part time to temporary part time jobs to one time gigs.

Follow these texting and online dating rules for success.

Online dating isn’t easy, you can be ghosted, left on read, cat fished or people don’t turn out to be who they really are. Follow these texting rules for a higher rate of success in modern day dating.

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The truth about dating when it comes to money.

Men need to have both game and money in order to date effectively. Having just one or the other is only have of the dating scene. You should have both and make them compliment each other and several different levels.

Transmute and Manifest yourself on a high vibrational plane

High vibrational energy is linked to positivity, compassion, peacefulness and love. This contrasts with low vibration that is linked to anxiety, sadness, fear and depression. Be on a high vibrational plane where you manifest positivity and bring it into this world. Stay focused on the good and positive things in your life and you will automatically attract more good and positive things. You can manifest things with the Law of Attraction. LOA allows you to attract into your life, anything you focus on. But remember, you need a good and positive vibrational mindstate to get the energy to transmute your thoughts, dreams and desires into being.

The power of sexual energy: Transformation

Transform your sexual energies into non-verbal sexual tension and desire. Learn to display desire and tension on a sexual level without being over-bearing or creepy. Stop making interactions between women mundane and mechanical.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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The BEST tips to not relapse if you are doing NoFap.

Semen Retention is a way to structure my life in a way as to remove myself from concentrating on relationships as a primary goal and to concentrate on making an impact in society. Everyone has goals, dreams, and desires. So, let your desires be your priority and not secondary or tertiary to dating/relationships. Now I am not saying relationships are not important but without the proper foundation, any relationship will crumble. There is no reason why a woman cannot practice SR and get mental, physical and spiritual gains. In fact, there are a handful of women who practice SR but would rather call it coitus reservatus or sexual continence.

Having feminine traits/tendencies is not a bad thing.

You have been lied to if someone has told you that female energy inside of a man is wrong. What they should have said is that negative female energy inside of a man is wrong or bad. You will be a complete man if you have both positive male an female energies flowing through you.

If Jeff Bezos decided to share his Billions with everyone, what would you do with your $17.50?

If Jeff Bezos gave everyone a piece of his billions; I wonder what people would do. Many people would buy a McDonald’s meal, go watch a movie, or just get some ice-cream. Not many would sit back and ponder that one man has enough money to give to every single human being on the planet and everyone would get $17.50?