Dating without disrespect.

These days, it seems you can’t date without being disrespected.

People will try to use you for money, rides, attention and time. Guy after guy will be given a girl’s only fans account page without asking and she will not continue any conversation with said guy unless he signs up for a subscription. Plus, you will be used as an emotional pillow with the girl having zero intention of meeting or even taking you seriously.

Three (3) mistakes I made when I first started with Bitcoin:

The top 3 mistakes I made when starting out in Bitcoin was following gurus, fearing of missing out on all the hype and random instances of theft because I was not careful.

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How to look better online: Why you may look good in the mirror but bad in photos.

Well for one, your brain makes yourself look more flattering (You Are Less Beautiful Than You Think). Next, both your eyes see the world in a three dimensional aspect, while a photo is two dimensional. Your brain will combine both images your brain sees from the mirror into a single image. Also, you are so used to seeing yourself in the mirror in a reversed manner that when you see yourself in the captured images thus, we tend to like a mirrored version of ourselves more than a true image and we sometimes may not even recognize ourselves in photos that do not capture a reversed image. Which brings in my next point – in a now famous 1970s experiment (APA PsycNet),

OHH COOL! You’re getting chicks, what’s the difference?

In the new world of dating, being in a transactional relationship is a big no-no. The kind of relationship that is best is a validational one. Don’t become a beta simp and be tossed around in a relationship. Be the man you should be and create a relationship for yourself based on validational love and not transactional.

How an Alpha Male should date an Alpha Female

An alpha female is a successful, driven woman, strong and smart woman that is not afraid to compromise with a strong man and is willing let her man shine when needed as well as take a step back and be in the background or foreground where appropriate. Alpha females also tend to be more competitive, outgoing, and ambitious compared to her beta female counterparts.

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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The power of sexual energy: Transformation

Transform your sexual energies into non-verbal sexual tension and desire. Learn to display desire and tension on a sexual level without being over-bearing or creepy. Stop making interactions between women mundane and mechanical.

This is how MONEY works.

Not talking about money doesn’t make your money problems go away. You should speak about money and how to better your situation; which is drastically different from fighting about money. Find solutions and not fights.
Talk about money with your family. Learn from family members and friends that have made smart and successful investment ideas.

Karezza to help treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Indeed Karezza can be used on a level for healing, such as PTSD where a practitioner holds, hugs and/or cuddles with a partner. Feelings of euphoria and safety arrive and thus initiates the healing process of trauma victims.