How the Law of Attraction saved my life and can save yours.

Manifestation and the state of being. This is how manifestation works: much of the reality we experience is internal where reality itself is the manifestation. If we control our perception(s) then we can control our experience(s) of reality.

Understanding women: Single women are never single (PART 1)

If there is any moderately attractive woman in the world then she is never single – there will always be Orbiters, Beta Buxes, and Simps willing to wine and dine, date and wife her up.
She will claim she is single yet she has FWBs. She will claim she is single yet has regular casual sex with one or multiple guys. While she stays on dating apps or has a Facebook account with the status as “single”.

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This is the right way to touch a woman.

To know when and how to touch a woman should be one of the many things a man should know. I say this because the power of a touch is strong and can elicit many strong feelings and desires in any woman that receives your touch. Touching a woman the wrong way can lead to accusations, rumours, job loss and even jail time. While touching her the right way leads to a strong relationship, desire, and a lifetime of commitment.

Learn this in 5 minutes and it can change your life.

These are just a few of the things that can be learned in 5 minutes that will help you in a lifetime. Whatever decisions and actions you take each day shape and mold your life and your future. Many times, all the negative impact you have on your life, your family, your friends and your work colleagues are the result of an imbalanced thinking and the follow through of angry thoughts and feelings into actions.

If Jeff Bezos decided to share his Billions with everyone, what would you do with your $17.50?

If Jeff Bezos gave everyone a piece of his billions; I wonder what people would do. Many people would buy a McDonald’s meal, go watch a movie, or just get some ice-cream. Not many would sit back and ponder that one man has enough money to give to every single human being on the planet and everyone would get $17.50?

Goal Setting

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Stress Management

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Getting better dates online – the power of a name.

Most people don’t put much thought into various angles whenever they interact with people online. Especially when they are interacting with someone and not paying much attention to that person’s name.
I have seen guys go on dates with women that at first glance, I would avoid like the plague due to the number of red flags being displayed.

The Law of Attraction is like the tesseract – and here is why.

We are made up of protons, and electrons that have charges and attract or repel each other. Why do they attract and repel? Is this the Law of Attraction taking place? Why do quarks like to hang in groups? Quarks are combined together by their color charges. The smallest thing made up of the smallest thing is attracted to each other. So why is the Law of Attraction so strange?

How to attract Women and a Great Social Circle

Meet people that are ambitious and want to get places in life by upgrading your social network and using your social skills to their peak.