Three (3) mistakes I made when I first started with Bitcoin:

The top 3 mistakes I made when starting out in Bitcoin was following gurus, fearing of missing out on all the hype and random instances of theft because I was not careful.

What percentage of women are seen as attractive by all men and for what reason(s)?

Most women are attracted to the top 10% or 20% of men. These reasons can range from people simple to complex but often involves sexual attraction and money.

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Here are the 5 stages of NoFap and what to expect at each one.

So you have decided to start your NoFap journey or you have just relapsed and you are starting over. You are either curious as to what NoFap is or you are curious to see what you did wrong and what you can improve upon. Being in the NoFap lifestyle is about learning new things that will change your life.

How to know when to give up on a business?

Giving up on a business is hard for many of us, especially when that business was once profitable. Here are some tips to consider when giving up.

The best way to make three hundred dollars ($300) fast!

This is the best way to make money in cold hard cash. Sometimes in an hour or two or three and all you have to do is share your opinion(s). Just talk and get paid, that’s it!

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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Love during the pandemic: The dark side of dating during Covid-19

If you are dating during this worldwide pandemic then you know it is not easy. There are good and bad and even dark things to know.

Dear men, don’t do this.

As a man, I feel there are just some things you should do and some things you must not do. There are many common mistakes a man can make in his life when it comes to the opposite sex.
So, let’s have a discussion on some of them so you are no led astray.

Understanding Women: Single women are never single (PART 3)

There are so many guys out there that don’t understand that the game has changed. They won’t listen to Uncle Montego when I say shit isn’t the same as it was years ago. This means that if you haven’t been in the dating atmosphere for a while then it is totally different from what it was 5 years ago.

Plus, I am NOT hating on women. I am explaining that TODAY, if ANY woman has any social media then there is at least one guy online talking to her with interest. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I am just explaining the reality of the matter. If she is single online, then there is a guy or guys hollering.

This is how MONEY works.